Relationship Building Through Video Marketing, Why 2016 Is The Year For Your Videos To Generate New Clients For Your Business.

Posted by Klaus Rivera on Feb 3, 2016 4:01:01 PM
Klaus Rivera


Have you ever watched a sporting commercial where a well-known athlete is representing a brand's product but in an environment you haven't seen them in before? There's a certain level of emotional connection that's trying to be established between the athlete and the viewer. Take one of the Nike commercials that features Lebron James, for example. In the video, which you can view below, you'll see Lebron being represented, not as a glorified superstar, but as the down-to-earth guy who enjoys the world of sports and physical activity like so many others. The commercial intends to have the viewer feel more of a bond with the basketball icon because he's being presented in a more personable manner. This helps create an undeniable relationship with the viewer which, as a result, helps build trust in the product. 




Create the Important Emotional Connection With Video First

Now you understand how public figures in advertisement can reach your target audience, captivate them, and create an emotional connection with them through video content. But the real power isn't in the product or person used to convey the message, it's the person interpreting your message and the medium in which it's being transmitted.  That's why we use video. Video content can be  a marketer's most powerful weapon when it comes to creating the emotional connection that can persuade your audience to buy your product or service.

Here's why:

There is a study called the Theory of Multimedia Learning, also known as the “multimedia principle.” It states that people learn in a more in-depth manner if words and visuals are delivering a message together, such as in a video. Throughout this process, ideas are being gathered by the viewer in easier bits of content, separated into stored information, and the message is formulated if not in the moment, through time.  Video has a remarkable way of transmitting a message that can leave an everlasting impression on your audience. 

Here's an example from my own experience. When I first started my Graphic Design career, YouTube was my go-to teacher. If I had a question on Photo Manipulation, Typography or Compositing, I immediately went to YouTube. I became efficient in Graphic Design over a short period of time because of all the video content I was consuming on a consistent basis. Not only did I learn by viewing informative videos, I actually purchased a product announced on a video that was teaching skin retouching. I had viewed several of their videos already and felt I gained quite a bit of knowledge from them so I felt comfortable purchasing their product because the relationship with the brand was already built.

52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. (Invodo)”

Clearly the Theory of Multimedia Learning was in effect throughout this learning process . I was learning through more than one sense, processing the message, and building my own conclusion. If you have ever learned from a video, you probably encountered the same cognitive process as I did.

"Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. (Insivia)"

When producing video content, it is essential to keep the Theory of Multimedia Learning in mind and remember that visual and audio are essential to creating an emotional connection with the viewer.



You can see how effective video can be when it comes to cognitive processing and learning. Now you can focus your attention on how to best utilize video marketing to build trust with your potential business partners and costumers. Similar to the Lebron James commercials with Nike, we have to think of our message, who our audience is, the type of emotion we are trying to capture, and how we are going to reach them most effectively.


Why do you want to build trust with your videos and why is it even a concern?

People like to interact with the person they are going to do business with in order to get a better impression of them and establish some type of connection. This helps build trust. These interactions can be done in several ways through video. Essentially you should provide your viewer with value worth watching. Some examples can be sharing tips and tricks or insights, providing more information on your company and culture, and educating them; anything that will be valuable to them and impact their daily lives.  A few great video strategies to implement in your video marketing campaign can be Customer Testimonial Videos, Employee About Me Videos, Corporate Story/Company Overview Videos, Product Reviews, and Explainer Videos. Each video type is going to provide your audience with something unique while at the same time keeping your brand on the viewer's mind.


Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer Testimonials Videos are a great two-way channel process displaying appreciation and loyalty. Your business is appreciating their top clients and the clients are showing their loyalty to the company that treats them so well.  The best part about your customers talking about your business is because they don’t have to act modest or professional, they get the opportunity to express themselves however they feel and display their true emotions and feelings about your awesome business! If your costumers show their trust in your Product or Brand imagine how that is making the viewer feel about potentially doing business with you ?  Hearing the opinion of others always help impact the viewers belief of how good the product might be. 



Adelson Institute Client Testimonials

Video Production by Rizen Inbound Marketing Agency


Employee About Me Videos

Employee About Me videos are a great resource for any company that is not highly recognized or their field or job description is unique. It helps create an identity for all your employees and it gives your viewers a chance to get to know people on a more human level. With viewers seeing your employee personalities and body language they will quickly be drawn to them and the overall goal for About Me Videos is to make your audience feel comfortable with who they are going to be working with. Fortunately for us marketers we know how valuable it is to build trust with our audience in order to grow online.



About Me by Eric Huskey of Michell Consulting Group

Video Production by the Rizen Inbound Marketing Agency


Corporate Story/Company Overview Videos

Corporate Story videos and Company Overview videos are great video marketing resources to have under your belt when it comes to builiding trust online, the story and your companies day-to-day operations have a very impactful effect on your audience. These types of videos can showcase the history or your company/brand, values and ethics, day-to-day operations. These videos allow your viewers to witness your company culture first hand and they themselves can be the judge on whether or not they believe your business is providing the right service.


 Rizen Inbound Marketing Agency Company Overview

Video Production by the Rizen Inbound Marketing Agency


Product Review Videos

Product Review videos to go along with your  video marketing strategies work wonders because they allow your audience to view your products before buying them. Another advantage of having product review videos is because depending on the product you can educate your viewers about the awesome features and characteristics the product itself offers. This is valuable because by educating your viewer with your product you are also informing them of the different uses for the product as well as its versatility and how that will impact the viewers work efficiency with said product.


 What is HubSpot Review


Explainer Video

Is a short animated video usually using cartoon characters and some basic story telling principles, explaining or describing to your viewer in the simplest way possible what it is your business can do for people. Explainer videos are great for displaying client pain points and how your strategies will help them become more efficient at what they do if they chose to work with you.


Video Content by Rizen Inbound Marketing Agency

Consumer Behavior Changing the Way Businesses Build Relationships with their Audience.

In 2016 Marketers know that video is one of the most effective marketing strategies out, it is no longer a secret. But the real secret is what is it that our audience genuinely wants and how they want it presented to them. The power of Video Marketing is to deliver your message fast and make it easy to understand, with societies constant thirst for snap of the finger knowledge, marketers can only adapt their marketing campaigns and give the people what they want! The people have proven that what they want is videos that are explaining their message in a quick and well-spoken manner, eliminating deep thought thinking. The generation of today is seeking for instant gratification and quick fixes from the video content that they are viewing. If your Video Marketing campaign is not following those two principles you are probably not getting the results you are looking from your videos. Real advantages that are presenting themselves with Video content is the ability to market to potential clients 24/7. With more people watching videos from their mobile devices, more time is being spent viewing content. If you are owner or apart of a web based business, video marketing can help you sell or generate new leads while you sleep.  When making video content always have a target audience in mind and create the content accordingly, keep your content short and sweet and always lead your message with the end in mind.


Video & Brand Advocacy

Expressing to the world about what it is your business actually does is a great way to start your Brand movement, do it with video and now you’re really trying to get recognized. Businesses are gaining great exposure for their Brand and products via video content, but what is really getting people going is how comfortable and trusting the videos make them feel to the Brand or Product. If executing video properly you can have your audience speaking about you and your business in a “We” and not “them” tone of voice.  Successful videos are triggering emotions in their audience and in return businesses are getting great results from their Video Marketing campaigns. Educate, empower and building trust is the real power of video and the best way to have brand advocates proudly promoting your Brand, products and services without hesitation.


Video Production & Video Marketing with Rizen Inbound Marketing Agency

At Rizen Inbound we are taking 2016 by the horns and propelling our inbound marketing strategies by adding Video Production and Video Marketing services for ourselves and our clients. Working with the HubSpot platform and their integration of Wistia (Video Analytics Platform) we at Rizen can provide quantifiable metrics for clients and show them ROI on their video marketing efforts, our analytics involve more than just how many “Views” your video has gotten, we can capture leads using videos, track time spent watching the videos, track the bounce rate of web pages with videos vs no videos, as well as run A/B testing to see which video strategy is more effective with our audience.

Now after having a better understanding of the importance and different types of ways to build relationships with video marketing and generating new leads. You as the business owner or marketer have to ask yourself if you are doing everything in your power to maximize your Inbound Marketing Campaign. If you’re interested in hearing more about building relationships with Video Marketing or interested in the Inbound Methodology way of marketing reach out on our website for a free assessment.

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