Local Marketing Strategy

Nov 1, 2014 4:59:00 PM


Are you looking to grow your local business? There are millions of searches performed on Google every day; after a considerable amount of research Google has a tool they've created specifically with local business owners in mind. Google themselves have released some staggering numbers when it comes to this local this local marketing strategy. Google shows that 97% of consumers search for a local business online! So with that being said, there is a lot of opportunity for a local business to grow from utilizing this tool.

Google places works very similar to the normal organic listing that shows up if you were to type in a keyword like (Custom Web Design), the only difference is that Google pulls the top 7 local businesses nearest to you that are registered with this tool. Also interesting to note is these same top 7 listing are pulled up if you were to do a search from your smart phone.

Essentially if you own a local business and you’re not in the top 7 listings on Google Places you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to receive more business and new customers. Since Google Places works very similar to organic search it’s only natural that you will need to optimize your listing in order to rank in those top 7 spots.

Google has over a 120 different algorithm check points that decipher who will rank at the top of the search engines. Our marketing team has been helping local businesses through the Places listings for years and we have the expertise to implement effective strategies to help grow your business online. Our goal is not to just bring traffic to your website but rather ensure you’re receiving new customers and competing effectively in your niche.

No doubt in today’s economy many local business owners are looking to take advantage of any avenue that will ensure a sense of security for their business. A local marketing strategy can easily be implemented if you have the experience and expertise to put together an effective strategy. Let our marketing experts show you how we can ensure the longevity of your business today.

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