Take These Steps BEFORE Interviewing Potential Marketing Agencies

Rogelio Rodriguez
Dec 30, 2020 6:55:05 PM

interviewing marketing agencies


Partnering with an effective marketing agency is all about asking the RIGHT questions.

Not only do you need to ask yourself the right questions, but you also need to know the right answers. Take time to understand your own organization's current state and future plans. Only then will you have a firm grasp on what you need and how any potential partners can help.

Remember, becoming a leader in your industry is a marathon, not a sprint. So, how can you win the marathon? By pacing yourself. The first step is committing to ongoing marketing efforts.


Cycle with batteryWhy Commit to Ongoing Marketing Efforts?

In today's business landscape, revenue growth is a complex formula. It isn't easy to craft the right marketing strategy.

The modern customer has changed. What worked 20 years ago isn't guaranteed to work now. In the same vein, attracting customers 20 years in the future will be different from today.

As you strive to find the right strategy for attracting audiences, building relationships, and improving the customer experience, it's essential to keep in mind that any sound approach depends on:

  • Diversity
  • Data
  • Speed


There are various types of strategies and methods for reaching audiences and scaling revenue growth. Simply using one marketing or advertising method isn't enough. A multi-faceted approach is key

Solely relying on paid advertising, for example, may provide you with some immediate benefits, but the long-term value will falter. Diverse marketing campaigns— including buyer personas, content generation, lead nurturing, conversion rate optimization, training, and professional development (and more!) — provides long-term, continual growth. Connect with prospective customers on a much deeper level when you use an assorted approach. 


The right agency will help you better understand what Google calls "The Zero Moment of Truth" and how this affects your marketing funnel. Finding the right combination of effective outreach requires knowing how to collect, interpret, and act on data.


Today's amazing product or service may not have the spotlight tomorrow. Audiences face constant saturation from every brand vying for attention. The key to staying in the customer's mind is a steady, consistent presence. Waiting 90 days for a single video ad to complete, or 6 months for a fully-developed website ensures other brands pass you by.

Instead, partner with a marketing agency focused on speed. Get your name out there, discuss your unique benefits, and show a continual cycle of growth and improvement. Audiences will want to join that same journey with you!


HandshakePartnering With the RIGHT Agency

Partnering with the right firm isn't easy. You need to make sure it has 3 critical features:

  • A strong track record.
  • Current successes.
  • A future-focused attitude.

Finding the right levers to attract audiences requires the knowledge that only comes with years of experience, current successes, and a focus on finding and integrating tomorrow's marketing approaches.


Bullet Points IllustrationWhat to Prepare Before Beginning Your Search

Once you've made that commitment to ongoing marketing efforts, you'll need to take time to understand what YOU need in a partner agency.

There is so much information out there, and various companies will make lots of promises about delivering results. If you're not prepared for their pitches, it may seem like a dream come true! That is...until you overspend and get very little return on your investment.

To help you prepare for finding the best agency to meet your goals, it is essential to understand the meaning behind the "CGPTCBA" acronym (challenges, goals, plans, timeline, consequences of inaction, budget, and authority).

This acronym can help you take a self-inventory of where your brand currently stands and what you need from a marketing partner.


Here are a few questions to help you get started:


Company Overview

  • Who are your target customers? 
  • Who are your main competitors? 
  • What is your “secret sauce?”
  • How do you fit into your industry? Do You serve as an all-in-one solution? Are you a broker?

Current Challenges:

  • What obstacles do you think will keep your plan from working?
  • What’s going to get in the way of hitting _____ (state goal)?

Future Plans

  • What did you do for sales and marketing last year? What worked and what didn’t?
  • What marketing activities do you have planned for the future?
  • How many people do you have in your sales department? 
  • What does the sales team think of the leads generated by your marketing efforts?


  • What specific marketing and sales initiatives are you doing currently to achieve your goal(s)?
  • What is your plan to get there?
  • For your overall timeline to happen, what needs to happen in the next 2 months?

To be fully prepared, you'll need a full inventory to complete with key employee voices. Download Rizen's FREE Marketing Partnership Readiness Inventory containing over 50 questions and suggested best practices for your team. 

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