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Write Your Brand’s Best Mission Statement in 5 Minutes (or less)

Jeffrey Lambert
Jul 1, 2020 5:14:13 PM

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Who are you as a brand? What is your “north star?” If your supporters, both employees and customers, don’t know who you are and what you stand for, they’ll be less likely to support you.

Help people understand your purpose and reason for being by creating an impactful mission statement. Don’t waste your time with long-winded guides. We’ll help you create or improve yours in 5 minutes or less! 

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What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a statement of your brand’s fundamental purpose. It answers the question, "Why do we exist?" This important cornerstone lets both your employees and the public understand you on a deeper level


Why Are Mission Statements Important?

Mission statements should reflect a company’s commitment to being a productive member of society. 

  • How do you contribute to the common good?
  • How do you play a positive role in your community?

When people see your brand as authentic and transparent, it matters - especially in today’s value-driven economy.


How does a strong mission statement impact how your organization runs?

  • Organizations that build trust are 2.5 times more likely to function as a high-performance organization with stronger revenue growth. (Forbes)


How does a strong mission statement impact how customers perceive you?

  • 34% of customers tell other people about a brand when they display honesty, fairness, and responsibility. (Mintel)


Show everyone your brand’s soul. A strong mission statement is how you accomplish this goal. It’s worth your time to do so!


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Examples of Effective Mission Statements

The companies that succeed in today’s economy know their core values, constantly revisit them, and make sure to weave them into everything they do - both internally and externally. Employees and customers want to be associated with companies they are proud to be connected to. 


Here are some examples of brands that crafted superb mission statements - helping them achieve both meaningful growth and deep customer loyalty. Notice the simplicity of the messages. In one sentence, these companies use strong wording to share their vision.


Google Logo


To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.


Uber Logo


Ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.


AMR Logo

American Red Cross

Alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.


Spotify logo


To unlock the potential of human creativity—by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.


Tesla logo


To accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass-market electric cars to market as soon as possible.”


How to Craft Your Own Amazing Mission Statement

The Internet is full of how-to’s and guides on how to craft a perfect mission statement. You’ll even see full downloads featuring templates to make the process easier. 


Don’t waste your time. There’s a simpler formula.


“To __________ by __________.”


To lead by example. To empower businessess by providing an all-in-one plaform. To empower chicken farmers by making poultry tastier. The best mission statements are simple and direct. By filling in the blanks with your own brand’s specific language, you’ll have an affirmation both employees and customers can support.


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Mission Statement Tips to Remember 

When crafting your mission statement, remember to keep the following best practice tips in mind:

  • Keep the group small - main voices in your company. 
  • Make the statement short - two sentences at most!
  • Think long-term. Are you crafting a statement that can help guide your big decisions five years down the road?
  • Set a date to re-visit. Gather feedback from employees and customers over time. Change your statement if your company pivots its product or service. Make the review process part of a semi-periodic review process.


Need Assistance With Your Brand Messaging? 

In just five minutes, you can set a meaningful statement that your employees and customers can gather around. There’s so much more to accomplish once you’ve taken this step! Company vision statements, editorial style, and brand guidelines are additional goals you need to pursue.


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For assistance with developing a unified brand identity and strategy, the team at Rizen can help. We are a new breed of marketers built for the digital age. Together, we make sure your brand sees results. It’s our passion. 


With dozens of testimonials from satisfied clients we’re confident we can help you grow your brand. Contact us today to begin a conversation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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