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What to Do if Your Net Sales Per Lead is Low (4 Simple Tips)

William Avila
Oct 12, 2022 7:29:22 PM

 The window and door industry is booming.

According to IBISWorld, Between 2012 and 2022, the industry grew from 22,250 businesses in the U.S. to 33,876. This is a 50% increase in total window and door dealers in just ten years.

If you’re looking to capitalize on the opportunity in the industry, then you need to make sure you’re working on your business, not in your business. That means focusing on growing your clientele by optimizing your lead generation strategy.

Your lead generation is only as good as your net sales per lead (NSLI). If your NSLI is too low, you could be spinning your wheels without moving anywhere.

In this article, we continue our three-part series on how window companies can effectively measure their lead generation efforts by showing you what to do if your staff’s NSLI is low.


NSLI Calculation Recap

NSLI Graphic

Before we dive into how to bring your NSLI up, let’s quickly recap how net sales per lead (NSLI) is calculated:

  • Take your total revenue and divide it by the total number of leads. For example, if you bring in a total of 39 leads this month, and from those leads, you generate $593,700 in sales. You would take $593,700 divided by 39.
  • In this example, your net sales per lead issued (NSLI) is $15,223.


Why Is It Important to Keep Your NSLI High?

 Your net sales per lead issued is a crucial metric since it shows you the quality of leads your organization is bringing in.

If you generate 100 leads in a month, you might think your sales team is making progress. But if your NSLI is only $900, that means you’re only really bringing in $9,000 in sales.

By working on improving your NSLI, you’re really focusing on the quality of leads you’re bringing, which helps you optimize your sales funnel.


Follow Up Email Templates window leads


Why Does Net Sales Per Lead Drop?

 So, why do net sales per lead rates drop? While there are various reasons, we’ll take you through the most important factors so you can elevate your NSLI today.

 Here are four simple tips you should follow to bring your net sales per lead up:


1. Focus on Quality Leads

 If you want to increase your NSLI, then you need to step back and look at what NSLI really is: an equation. Two numbers are involved: the number of leads you have and your total sales.

To bring your NSLI up, you need to ensure that you’re focusing not as much on how many leads you’re bringing in but rather on maximizing the revenue from your leads. This starts by investing your time in the right leads.

Here are a few tips for finding better leads:

  • Track your NSLI
  • Set an NSLI goal
  • Create a universal lead definition—or ULD
  • Develop a lead generation system with your sales team’s input
  • Qualify your leads using your ULD
  • Connect sales and marketing data in a proven CRM

You’ll notice that the first step to bringing in more quality leads is to track your numbers and set a goal. This is crucial. If you don’t have a north star to work from, you’ll fall short.



2. Increase Your In-Person Contact

One of the main reasons sales teams deal with a low NSLI is that they don’t focus enough on in-person contact.

 In today’s day and age, it can be easy to sit behind a computer at home or at the office. But, when it comes to window and door marketing, there’s still nothing more powerful than reaching out to leads in person.

Your sales team needs to spend a good portion of its time hitting the streets and connecting with potential clients. If your team struggles with this, you should set weekly or monthly targets for in-person meetings.


3. Ensure All Decision-Makers Are at Your Consultations

Every salesperson has faced this. You’ve spent hours, days, or even weeks nurturing a lead. Everything’s going according to plan. You can taste the sale.

 So you set up a consultation to iron out your window and door services for this lead. But… at the end of the meeting, you’re left with an “I’ll have to ask my wife to see what they think.

 So, what do you do?

You should only finalize a date for an in-home consultation when all decision-makers can be there. This way, you’ll close more deals from the leads you have, and you’ll avoid unnecessary frustration.


4. Only Talk Cost As a Last Resort

Price is one thing that’s tough to avoid discussing with customers. However, if you want to increase your NSLI, you’ll need to increase your sales. And one of the best ways to do this is to only talk about the cost as the last resort.

Your sales staff needs to make a habit of not bringing up costs early on in a conversation with a lead. Rather, your sales team should work on redirecting the conversation on the quality of your service and the long-term ROI the client will get.

 For instance, if cost is unavoidably brought up, your sales staff should be ready to talk about the costs of not getting the windows or doors installed, such as:

  •  Increase cost from leaks and cracks in the material
  • Costs of repairing from robberies due to poor protection
  • Lower house value due to low-quality windows or doors

By focusing on the benefits of your service, you’ll be able to help your lead envision their home in the future with your windows or doors, increasing the likelihood of a sale. Plus, you’ll ultimately help raise your net sales per lead issued.


Bonus: Get Expert Help

Here’s a bonus tip for you. If you need a serious overhaul of your lead generation strategy, or you simply just want to speed your progress up, then you should reach out to lead generation experts.

Rather than trying to put all the puzzle pieces together yourself, one of the most effective ways to ramp up your sales strategy is to partner with trusted sales and marketing experts in the window and door industry.

If you’re a window and doors installer… and you want to increase your lead generation to grow your business, then reach out to Rizen today.

At Rizen, we’ve created a proven window lead generation system: SmartLeadGen. This program was specifically created for home services companies to help you:

  • Grow your business faster
  • Save 10 hours per week
  • Take two weeks off while your company continues to grow

If you want to take your Window and door business to the next level, contact us today!

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