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How Roofers Can Use a Google Business Profile to Attract More Leads

William Avila
Jan 10, 2022 9:50:45 PM

It's estimated that Google has a whopping 98% of the search engine market share. With such dominance, it's no wonder Google has become an essential marketing tool for any roofing company.

Google Business Profiles are one way to get your business onto Google and attract more customers through their platform. Read on to learn about why you need a Google Business Profile and how it can help your roofing digital marketing efforts!


Why You Need an Online Business Listing

Your roofing business needs to be where potential customers are looking. Using physical media to advertise your roofing company has its benefits, but it should be your secondary strategy, not your main one!

Digital visibility is king in today's economy. Having a website is a great start, but it's getting lost in a sea of other options. When potential customers search for items such as"roofing companies in [city]" or "roofers near me" are showing up in the top results? Your competition may have a stronger SEO strategy, meaning you may be stuck on page two (the place where no one looks.)

So if your roofing business needs more digital visibility, and you already have a website, what more should you do?

Claim a Google Business Profile.

What is a Google Business Profile?

You know Google. It's the site where more than 98% of online searchers look for local businesses. Since the company is such a major player in the digital advertising world, you need to be on Google if your roofing company wants to get new customers!

In fact, Google has made integrating local businesses into its ecosystem a priority - it gives business owners more control over how they appear. What's even better news is Google has made it incredibly easy to create an online business listing. These listings are called "Google Business Profiles."

A Google Business Profile gives you a presence on Google Maps and Google Search. It also includes important information like your business hours, contact info, and even customer reviews! This one listing can help customers find you quickly and easily online.

Is a Google Business Profile My Best Option?

As previously mentioned, Google is the place where today's customers go searching for answers. If you want maximum visibility, Google is the best option for promoting your local business.

While other online directories are available for discovery and review management, we believe Google provides the strongest and most complete set of tools to attract, engage, and delight potential customers.

Google Business Profiles are just one of many Google marketing tools that your roofing company can use to boost its digital presence. The Google My Business dashboard allows you to connect with customers and manage all aspects of the Google platforms in a single location.

If you want even more control, then Google Ads is another option for harnessing the power of Google's massive search engine. Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is an advertising platform that allows you to boost your digital presence with one of the largest search engines in existence!

Google Business Profiles are helpful, but Google My Business and Google Ads opens even more potential for roofing business growth. Alternatives such as Home Advisor, Angi don't have that same product diversity. Even Yelp, a well-known online directory for businesses, may not have all the features a roofing company needs for customer attraction and retention.

To see how features stack up between Google and Yelp, access our free comparison guide here.

How a Google Business Profile Can Help Your Roofing Company

Now that you know all about Google Business Profiles, it's time to learn how your roofing company can the platform to its full advantage. Here are some ways it can help your roofing company:

1) Manage Profile Information

A Google Business Profile makes managing information about your business easy! You can change hours, add pictures, list popular services, and more. This information will show up on Google Maps and Google Search, so make sure it's accurate!

2) Get Visual About Your Business

Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to your roofing business. Adding good quality images of your work (and team!) can help customers see what they're getting if they choose you.

Show your business’s personality with photos, a cover image, your logo, and more to stand out to customers. You can even embed videos!

3) Show Your Company's Soul

Add attributes like Black-owned, women-led, veteran-led, and LGBTQ-friendly so people can learn more about your business.

4) Create Posts, Offers, and Events

Creating brief, interesting posts to announce special discounts, events, and news so that consumers stay informed.

5) Respond to Reviews

Google Business Profiles make it easy for Google users to leave reviews. Build trust with new and returning customers by responding in the right way, though! Check out our guides on how to get more positive reviews and our secret formula for dealing with negative reviews.

6) Send and Receive Direct Messages

A Google Business Profile allows roofing companies to message customers directly. This can be incredibly helpful for creating a comprehensive business messaging solution via web browser, across Android devices, and through Google Maps on iOS.

7) Get Your FAQs in A Visible, Interactive Place

They have questions, you have answers! But those answers should just be on your website. You can now add them directly to your Google Business Profile!

List your most questions up front and save time by posting answers to common questions. Even let customers answer questions, too.

How to Claim Your Google Business Profile

Now that you understand the importance of having a Google Business Profile, it's time to claim your profile! You can do this in just a few simple steps:

First, search for your business on Google. Once you've found your business listing, click on "Manage this page."

On the next screen, you'll be prompted to claim your business. Click "Claim this listing."

Enter the required information and Google will verify that you are, in fact, the owner of the business.

After verification, Google will send you a welcome email with all of the great features your Google Business Profile has to offer!


You've Claimed Your Google Business Profile. Now Grow it!

As you can see, there are many great reasons to create a Google Business Profile for your roofing company! Not only will it help you manage information about your business online, but it will also give customers a snapshot of what they can expect if they choose you as their next roofing company.

Need help creating and managing your Google Business Profile? Make sure to sign up for our workshop "The Roofers Guide to Building a Sales Boosting Google Business Profile." This FREE resource will ensure that you're getting the most out of your profile and helping your roofing company grow online.


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