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Top 7 CRM Options for Window and Door Companies

Nichole Mena
Jan 17, 2023 10:39:24 PM

Window and door companies can benefit from utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) software system. It helps organize the different sales, marketing, and customer service operations so you can provide 24/7 customer-centric services. Here are our five CRM options specifically designed for window and door companies.

If you're wondering why your business needs a CRM, you can check out our article outlining the top 5 benefits.


1) Salesforce

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a complete CRM solution for window and door companies. It allows you to:

  • Keep track of customer interactions, manage customer service cases, follow up on leads, and use automated marketing campaigns.
  • With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities like Einstein Predictions and Analytics, you can gain more insights into the customer journey and make data-backed decisions to improve your processes.
  • In addition, Salesforce allows you to set up custom fields and automated processes based on your window and door company's unique workflow.
  • You can also quickly build detailed customer profiles with the help of features like account segmentation, lead scoring and grading, geolocation tracking, and 360-degree customer view.
  • Finally, Salesforce gives you access to various collaboration, communication, and customer engagement tools, including tasks, chatbots, surveys & polls, and omnichannel notifications.

Schedule a free demo with Salesforce by signing up here.


Hubspot2) HubSpot

HubSpot CRM is an excellent choice for window and door companies who want to streamline their sales processes. Hubspot provides:

  • A comprehensive view of customer information, including contact details, communication history, purchase history, deals, meetings, tasks, and more.
  • Get insights into customer behavior, such as when they’re most likely to convert to paying customers.
  • With the help of HubSpot’s powerful automation capabilities, you can nurture leads and follow up with customers quickly and efficiently.
  • For window and door companies, using HubSpot’s CRM can reduce time spent on manual data entry and help you focus more of your energy on relationship-building activities. It provides a range of communication tools, such as email sequences, personalized emails, automated notifications, and reminders that you can use to keep customers engaged throughout their journey with your company.
  • With Hubspot's integration capabilities, you can bring all the data from various sources together in one centralized place for easier access.
  • Finally, the platform's reporting features let you monitor campaign performance and track ROI to make informed business decisions backed by facts.

Get started with Hubspot by signing up for a free account or schedule a demo on your schedule.

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leadperfection logo3) LeadPerfection

Since 2004, LeadPerfection has been helping window and door companies simplify their sales processes with its easy-to-use CRM platform. It provides powerful yet intuitive tools to help you keep track of customers, manage leads, and close deals faster. With LeadPerfection, you can:

  • Schedule all sales representatives for the coming weeks so that appointments can be booked accordingly. You can define up to six timeslots per day. The scheduling process is as simple as checking the boxes for each timeslot which each sales rep plans on being available to run appointments.
  • LeadPerfection has a built-in engine that estimates the driving time from one appointment to the next. This feature allows your call center staff to book the most efficient time for a given appointment based on other appointments being run in the given area earlier or later in the day.
  • This CRM offers multiple ways to view your scheduled appointments. You can view them for one day in detail, for many days in summary, in tabular format, or graphically as a function of fulfilling sales rep requests.
  • LeadPerfection allows you to specify “milestones,” which are significant dates in the lifecycle of a typical project. It can organize and analyze work-in-process so that, at a glance, you can quickly identify cases where jobs are running past due while there is still time to recover.

You can schedule a software demo to discover how its features can help you manage your window and door business more effectively.


Acculynx CRM logo4) Acculynx

While AccuLynx bills itself as software mainly for roofers, this CRM also provides a robust platform window and door companies can use. Specific benefits you'll enjoy include:

  • With AccuLynx, you can stay on top of all stages in the sales process - from a promising lead to an authorized contract. Not only that, but it also captures absolutely anything necessary to close the deal, like activities, documents, and conversations.
  • Capturing high-quality photos of a job? No need for extra apps. With AccuLynx, you can easily snap pictures, add annotations and share them with your team - all without the hassle. Plus, we store everything in the same place so it's always easy to locate later!
  • Create estimates quickly and easily by selecting from a vast selection of company templates, adding materials and measurements, and automating taxes, discounts, and profit margins - all with one click! Check out what estimating can do for you today.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry by automatically importing lead information from web to lead forms, external websites, and landing pages.

You can sign up for a walkthrough of the software today here.


5) MarketSharp

marketsharp logo finalMarketSharp is a CRM specifically tailored to window and door companies that want to improve their lead management, marketing capabilities, and customer service. This solution helps you:

  • Increase lead conversion and convert more leads to sales with automated appointments and follow-ups, immediate lead responses, sales opportunity tracking, and built-in closing tools.
  • Use the mobile app to easily find job packets, missing production, and deadlines. Always have on-demand access to lead, customer, and job information from anywhere.
  • See your company through your customers’ eyes. Automatically initiate post-job communications with your customers to determine satisfaction levels, issues to be resolved, and more. This CRM currently integrates with HomeAdvisor, GuildQuality, and Listen360.
  • Strengthen your online presence in a cinch with MarketSharp's automated post-job triggers. Transform satisfied customers into solid, shining reviews without any effort on your part!

You can learn more about MarketSharp here.


improveit360 logo6) Improveit360

Improveit360 is an all-in-one software solution for window and door businesses. This CRM allows you to:

  • Quickly create targeted call campaigns to reengage your previous customers and drive more sales.
  • Automatically track all of the individual costs added to a job and easily report on the profitability of each project, estimate future work more accurately, and learn how to be smarter with company money.
  • Monitor cash flow, performance, and activity across your unique business operations in real-time. 

Schedule a personal demo to get an in-depth look at the features today.


JobNimbus logo7) JobNimbus

JobNimbus is a cloud CRM designed to help window and door businesses increase sales and manage operations more efficiently. This CRM allows you to:

  • Use the mobile app to start something in the office and pick it up again while you’re on the go. Create an invoice, collect a customer’s signature, email an insurance company, and more right from your phone.
  • JobNimbus is your go-to software, no matter where you are or your device. All data syncs in real-time across all devices, guaranteeing the accuracy of the information at any time.
  • Enjoy endless automation capabilities for easier, more consistent work. Create your own automations or use contractor favorites prebuilt into the software.

Get started with JobNimbus here.

Which CRM is Right for Your Window and Door Company?

window and door owner

Choosing the right CRM for your window and door company is essential to ensuring customer satisfaction and maximizing performance. Zoho, SharpSpring, and GoHighLevel all offer different features and benefits that can help you manage a window and door business more effectively.

Ultimately, the best CRM for your company will depend on your specific needs, budget, and existing software setup. Take the time to evaluate each platform and determine which one best suits your business for optimal results. Doing so will help you get the most out of your window and door business, delight customers, and achieve success.

At GoRizen, we're big fans of Hubspot and recommend it to all of our window and door clients. Hubspot is the leading CRM and marketing automation platform and offers an extensive range of features to help you manage your business more effectively. Hubspot has everything you need to succeed in the window and door industry, from automated lead tracking and contact management to robust reporting tools.

This post explains why we think Hubspot is the best CRM for window and door professionals. Also, make sure to check out our free guide on how to sell windows and doors in today's competitive market.


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