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Which is Better? Paid or Organic Marketing?

William Avila
Nov 4, 2020 9:49:22 AM

Organic or Paid Hero

In a world where starting a business has been made easy, finding customers remains the most challenging part. That’s why marketing remains an integral part of any successful business. About 71% of marketing professionals believe that marketing strategies are vital to the growth of a business. 

Marketing tends to consume the resources of a business. It is, therefore, prudent for firms to analyze their financial capabilities before engaging in marketing activities. The good news for companies is that they have a choice when it comes to these strategies. Paid marketing will cost the business financially, but it has its benefits. On the other hand, organic marketing will not cost a lot financially, and it also has its advantages. 

Businesses can leverage using both strategies to drive sales. Read on.

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Organic Marketing (and Requirements for Meaningful Growth)

Organic marketing, also known as inbound marketing, is the modern form of word-of-mouth advertisement. In this digital era, firms utilize social media platforms to spread the word about their services. These companies formulate relevant content that targets a specific group of potential clients.

The goals of organic marketing are diverse. First, it aims at educating audiences about your unique service. This is possible in several ways. One popular method is SEO. Search Engine Optimization improves your content for better search results. In essence, it makes the business's online presence stronger. The strong presence in the virtual space is a great stepping stone for attracting new clients.

Organic growth is all about building a long-term relationship with customers. The idea is to promote your brand as a leader in your industry. SEO alone cannot achieve this. The business will have to partner up with affiliates such as social media influencers and bloggers. These individuals have a significant following on the social media platform. You can set up a campaign with them to mention your brand on their platforms. They could also share links on their sites that redirect to your services. Doing this can help businesses access niche markets.

The Results of Organic Marketing

Organic marketing attracts website traffic to your site. This means more people are developing interest in what your business is offering. Some of these traffic results in direct sales, boosting overall revenue. This form of marketing will improve the firm’s search result page rankings. A higher ranking increases the business’s visibility in the virtual space. This, in turn, boosts the client-confidence in the company as time goes by.


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Paid Marketing and What Is Required to See Actual Growth

Think about billboards, posters, or print adverts. A business had to pay up to get their product into these spaces. These are some of the conventional forms of paid marketing. In the digital area, marketers can also pay for online traffic. Pay per click is the most common form of this advertisement.

Paid marketing involves distributing ads on search and social media platforms. Marketers pay the publisher of the platform whenever someone clicks on the ads. These ads redirect social media users to the firm's website. It is only when the users end up on these sites that marketers can pay up. The higher the conversion and engagement rates, the more successful the campaign is.

Paid marketing offers a faster and direct way of reaching potential clients. This form of marketing is ideal for attracting traffic to a new website. However, sustaining this advertisement will eat into the firm’s resources. There is also the possibility of social media users ignoring the ads altogether. Consumers may feel the ads are intrusive.

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Combining Paid and Organic Marketing Approaches

Paid marketing can get you access to clients fast. But you are never sure if these clients are there to stay. Additionally, if you stop paying for your campaign, your clientele diminishes. Organic marketing will take time before it can help the business establish a formidable customer base. 

However, the company will spend minimal financial resources to get to this point. Content for organic marketing is educational and helpful to customers most of the time. This can increase customer loyalty to the brand.

Brands should use both approaches simultaneously as they are complementary. For instance, a brand can use landing pages to attract customers. At the same time, they can embark on a paid campaign to drive traffic to these pages to hasten the growth. 

Using both approaches in tandem yields more benefits than relying on one approach. If you have to rely strictly on one strategy, go for organic growth. Organic growth will help the business develop a connection with the customers on a long-term basis.

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Scale Your Marketing Efforts With Rizen

Rizen embraces the results-driven culture. The company understands the dynamics of modern consumers. This enables us to formulate viable marketing solutions for businesses. We perform data analytics that helps in generating unique content to power your organic and paid efforts. 

Our marketing services get results that can propel your business to the next level. Visit for more information and solutions to successful marketing.

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