How to Overcome Customer Price Objections

Jeffrey Lambert
Oct 13, 2023 1:40:05 PM

Ever been told something's too pricey? Hearing that a product or service is "too expensive" is common in sales. But don't worry! This blog post is here to help.

We've answered some big questions about price objections and will give you tips on handling them. So, let's dive in and turn those objections into sales!

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Our Tips for Overcoming Price Objections from Home Services Customers

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Q: What should you do when faced with a price objection during a sales conversation?
A: Address the objection head-on, provide value, and bridge the gap effectively. It’s essential to understand the customer’s perspective and communicate the unique selling propositions of your product or service.

Q: How do objections play a role in sales?
A: Objections, especially price objections, are often the first step in a sale. They allow salespeople to differentiate their company and clarify their value proposition.

Q: What’s the primary reason for price objections in the home services industry?
A: The main reason is often a misunderstanding between the price the customer has in mind and the value they’re receiving. This gap can arise from misconceptions or comparisons with competitors who might be offering lower prices.

Q: How can a company effectively communicate its value when faced with price objections?
A: Companies should highlight their unique selling propositions, such as the quality of their installations, the expertise of their team, and the additional services they provide. It’s also beneficial to offer real-life examples or incentives that showcase the company’s value.

Q: Should companies reconsider their consultation and education process if they face frequent price objections?
A: Yes. Frequent price objections might indicate gaps in the education and consultation process. Companies should ensure they’re effectively communicating the value and benefits of their offerings.

Q: How can salespeople foster trust with leads?
A: Building trust involves clear communication, transparency, and positioning oneself as a trusted advisor. Every interaction, from the initial call to email communications, is an opportunity to establish trust.

Q: How can companies deal with competitors who consistently undercut them on price?
A: Companies should focus on communicating their unique value propositions instead of entering a race to the bottom on price. High-quality products and services and excellent customer reviews can help differentiate a company from cheaper competitors.

Q: What’s the significance of reviews in relation to price?
A: Products and services with higher prices often have better reviews. A higher price can indicate better quality, and customers are usually willing to pay more for a product or service they perceive as valuable.

Q: How can companies reposition their brand against cheaper competitors?
A: Companies should emphasize their unique selling points, quality of service, and customer reviews. Repositioning involves shifting the conversation from price to value, ensuring customers understand the benefits they’ll receive.

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