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Bright Ideas in Solar Lead Generation: How to Outshine the Competition

Jeffrey Lambert
Nov 15, 2023 8:11:35 PM

Dear solar company owners, we've mixed the magic formula to light up your solar lead generation game! We're not talking about a simple illusion but bona fide, actionable steps known to revolutionize solar business growth and outshine the competition.

Just sit back, relax, and let's unravel the nitty-gritty of winning solar marketing techniques together. 

“In the rapidly expanding world of solar, those who can attract qualified leads are the ones who will truly shine."

Right, we know what you're thinking. Easier said than done? Generating effective solar leads may not be a walk in the park, but it's not rocket science either.

It all boils down to understanding the simplicity of innovation creativity, and putting your audience first. 

A Quick Overview 

  • Solar Lead Generation: The process of attracting potential customers interested in converting to solar energy and nurturing them until they become paying clients.
  • Importance: You can have the best product or service, but without effective lead generation strategies, it's akin to winking in the dark—only you know what you're doing!
  • Solar Marketing Techniques: These are tried and true methods of reaching your target audience, increasing visibility, and driving sustainable solar industry sales.

By the end of this guide, you'll have a backpack full of bright ideas for revamping your solar lead generation game.

And remember, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is NOW.

So, let's get those solar panels catching more sun!

Sections in this Guide:

  1. The Sad State of Solar Lead Generation Right Now
  2. The Starting Point: Understanding Your Solar Customers' Journey 
  3. Powering Up Your SEO Strategies
  4. Getting More Out of Paid Marketing Efforts
  5. Using Artificial Intelligence for Generating Leads
  6. Why Off-Line Marketing Still Matters (and how to do it right)
  7. How to Leap-Frog Your Competitors in the Next 24 Hours

The Sad State of Solar Lead Generation Right Now

Let's face it. You’re not alone if solar lead generation has become far too complex, ineffective, and exhausting. With increasing competition in the solar industry, you need to swim against the tide and spotlight your solar business with top-tier lead generation strategies. 

There’s an unpleasant fact that needs confronting. Many solar companies use outdated tactics for generating new leads, expecting their tried-and-true methods from years ago to deliver the same results.

Spoiler alert: they often don’t. If the phrase "we have always done it this way" is tossed around regularly in your office, it might be time for a hard reset. 

Turn On a Fresh Light: Adopt Innovative Strategies for More Solar Leads 

Here's the good news: the solar industry is ripe with opportunities to attract and engage potential customers in new ways.

We'll look at a range of innovative strategies, some perhaps ‘brighter’ than others (did somebody say dad joke in a professional setting? Yes, we did!), that can help maximize your solar business growth. 

The Growth Potential for Your Solar Company is AMAZING

The solar industry is growing, and nothing is going to stop it. Just look at these recent statistics:

But here's the scoop - with growth comes competition, and for your solar company to stay ahead, high-quality lead generation strategies are beneficial and essential.

We've seen various companies testing new waters with innovative solar marketing techniques, and it's high time you joined the party. 

Now, don't worry! You won't be left fumbling in the dark. We're here with some bright ideas to help your solar business grow more radiant than ever. 

2. The Starting Point: Understanding Your Solar Leads' Journey 

Before investing time and resources into getting more solar leads, clearly understand your ideal customer's journey.

Delving deeper into the solar customer's journey gives us invaluable insights into their behavior, preferences, and decision-making process. This information plays a crucial role in building effective solar lead generation strategies. 




At this stage, potential customers realize they have a problem or need - in this case, the need for solar energy - but are still determining how to address it.


Having acknowledged their need, buyers start comparing different solutions. They begin researching the solar industry, checking various service providers, and reading product reviews.


They've done their research and are ready to make a decision. They might be contacting solar companies for quotes or finalizing their negotiation topics.


Once a purchase is made, the relationship doesn’t end. Companies must provide ongoing support and incentives to keep customer engagement high, encouraging them to become repeat customers.


Satisfied customers become your brand advocates, spreading the word about your services and indirectly working towards future solar lead generation.


Pain Points: The Dark Clouds of Solar Customers 

There’s no gain without first understanding the pain. Your potential solar leads face challenges and expectations that influence their buying decisions.

Some common pain points for solar customers may include high electricity bills, the desire for energy independence, environmental concerns, or a basic need for more understanding of solar technology. Do any of these sound familiar from conversations with commercial solar leads?

  • "I can't find good info on tax breaks for solar energy. It's tough to figure out if it's even worth it financially."
  • "I don't know if solar panels are reliable and will last long enough to be a good investment. It's a gamble.
  • "It bugs me that I'm still stuck using old-school energy sources. I want to go solar, but it's all so overwhelming."
  • "The upfront cost of going solar seems high, and I'm still determining if I'll save money in the long run. It's a big decision."
  • "Picking a company for solar installation is stressful. I don't want to end with a bad deal or shoddy work."
  • "All the technical stuff about solar energy goes over my head. Makes it hard to decide if it's the right move."
  • "I need clarification on how going solar helps with local clean energy efforts. I want to do my part, but it's confusing."

Create Lead Magnets - Your Solar Flares 

Let's focus on your customers' journey in the residential solar industry. By comprehending their pain points, you can tailor your solar marketing techniques to address these hurdles directly.

This marketing strategy is not just about flaunting a shiny new product; it's about illustrating how your solar solutions can effectively eliminate their problems.

Shameless plug: GoRizen has a complete message testing and optimization system for solar companies like you. We'll find the right approach to grab people's attention and convert them into customers. Learn more by checking out our SmartLeadGen program.

3. How to Power up with SEO for Solar Business Growth 

Investing time and resources into a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can boost your solar industry sales immensely.

When potential leads search for solar solutions on search engines, you want your company to outshine the rest on the results page and generate leads. Effective SEO can help achieve just that. 

  • Keyword Research: Identify the keywords individuals use to search for solar opportunities and integrate these keywords into your website content.
  • Link Building: Building inbound links from reputable websites can strengthen your domain's credibility, contributing to better ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Content Optimization: Optimized content includes relevant keywords, is readable, engaging, and provides value to your audience, subsequently improving your website's visibility.

Looking for specific tips you can try NOW for generating solar leads and stronger search results on Google and Bing? Check out our full article on SEO tips for better solar marketing.

4. Tips for Getting More Out of Paid Marketing for Solar Companies

As we shine a light on the solar business growth, paid marketing inevitably demands attention. It's about more than just setting up ad campaigns and seeing the leads stream in, though we wish it were that simple.

But fret not. We are here to provide a booster pack to your paid marketing strategies to help you outshine the competition and avoid buying solar leads (NEVER do this.)

Maximize Your PPC Campaigns 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is like solar energy - when optimized correctly, it can produce incredible results. So, how exactly can you supercharge your PPC performance? 

Is Your Audience Too Broad? Too Narrow? It Matters!

Practical paid marketing efforts are like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You need to find the audience size that's "just right" for your efforts.

Getting the right size of an audience for your paid marketing campaigns can pose a significant challenge. Your audience should not be too broad or too narrow, but it should cater effectively to your solar business's needs. Let's dive a little deeper to understand this better. 

When Your Audience Is Too Broad...

When your audience is too broad, you may be casting your solar leads net into an ocean filled with different prospects, many of whom might not be interested in solar energy or need help to afford it. It's like trying to harness sunlight with a magnifying glass on a cloudy day. Yeah, that's not going to work. 

When Your Audience Is Too Narrow...

On the flip side, take a moment to imagine a scenario where you've narrowed down your audience too much. It's like attempting to power your entire sky-high headquarters on a pocket-sized solar panel. High-quality solar leads may enter your sales funnel, but the volume would be less than desirable, leading to lower actual conversions. 

To learn more about finding the right size audience when planning paid marketing campaigns, check out our Goldilocks Method for Paid Advertising Success.

5. Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Solar Leads While Sleeping

When you think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you might envision scenes from a sci-fi movie. Still, AI is transforming how businesses operate and grow - including in the solar industry.

Utilizing AI isn't just for high-tech companies anymore, and it certainly doesn't require sending Sarah Connor back in time to prevent Judgement Day. So, how can your solar business leverage AI for solar lead generation, and why might this work while you're still in dreamland? Let's illuminate the subject. 

AI in Solar Lead Generation: A Ray of Light 

AI empowers solar businesses to analyze large data sets and make actionable insights - far beyond what any human team could do within the same timeframe.

AI collects data from various sources, determines patterns, predicts trends, and provides valuable forecasts. All these activities can be used to enhance your solar lead generation. 

How AI Can (Really) Optimize Your Solar Marketing Strategies 

Imagine this scenario. A sales rep just completed an in-home consultation. The qualified solar lead wasn't ready to buy. Your employee could spend the next two weeks calling, emailing, and texting the lead and hoping to re-engage. 

Or - AI could fill in the gaps and send the right information at the right time to convert a lead. It's not science fiction. Here's how the scenario would work in real-time:

  • Twenty-four hours after a consultation, an AI-powered SMS message goes to the solar lead asking if there are any further questions or concerns. A recent study shows that follow-ups, particularly those done swiftly and with a personalized touch, can increase lead conversion rates significantly. 
  • Three days after the consultation, a sales rep's AI assistant could email targeted educational content to a solar lead based on the notes entered about interactions thus far. This strategic outreach shows that your solar business is invested in the prospect's particular needs and concerns and positions you as a valuable resource in their decision-making process.
  • The lead finally agrees on a package and is ready to sign the contract, thanks to your sales rep's phone call check-ins in between AI-powered outreach. With a simple command, AI can help your sales rep generate a personalized contract and send it to the lead's email address on file.

As we said, it sounds futuristic, but it's an example of how artificial intelligence is being utilized NOW to boost qualified solar leads. The question is, will you start adopting these time-saving tools before your competition does?


GoRizen has a fully automated sales android that qualifies leads 24/7. Engage with qualified solar leads around the clock, answer their queries, and ensure no potential customer goes unanswered. Try it out yourself right now!

6. Smart Ways to Keep Doing Off-Line Marketing

Although we live in an era where digital marketing dominates the scene, consider the power of tried-and-tested offline marketing methods for commercial and residential solar.

By integrating digital strategies with traditional ones, your solar company can widen its reach and resonate with a diverse audience. Here are some effective methods to consider: 

Sponsor Local Family Events 

Associating your brand with local community events can put your solar business in the spotlight. There are so many to choose from, though! Skip the competition by sponsoring family-oriented events. Why? 

While setting up a booth at community events puts you in the limelight, sponsoring such events can make you the star of the show. You could support local sports teams, charity runs, or community festivals.

As a sponsor, your brand will be more noticeable with special mentions or larger displays. Plus, it reflects the commitment of your residential and commercial solar business to the local community, increasing your credibility and goodwill.

Remember, the approach to solar lead generation isn't only about doing something new or high-tech. Sometimes, outshining the competition to generate solar leads also means returning to basics, being visible, and establishing solid and genuine connections with your community.

Use Direct Mailers 

Direct mail may be traditional, but it can lead to high conversion rates if done correctly. Invest in high-quality materials, use engaging messages, and target households that would benefit the most from solar energy. 

Are you looking for even more offline marketing ideas for solar lead generation? Check out our guide on local advertising ideas that work - now!

Are You Ready to Leap-Frog the Competition? Just Give Us 15 Minutes

As we wrap up, it's become clear that effective solar lead generation is not just about casting a wide net but utilizing innovative strategies and tools to engage potential customers. 

The solar industry is no longer a sleepy sector. It's growing and evolving, so your lead generation tactics need to do the same. Adaptability, innovation, and a commitment to stellar customer service are the keys to towering over the competition in the solar realm. 

The takeaway? Bright ideas in solar lead generation can outshine the competition. Then, combined with action, it's your pathway to monumental solar business growth. With this rich insight, are you prepared to take your solar lead generation to the next level? 

At GoRizen, we're armed with the expertise and resources to help enlighten your solar lead generation strategy and leave a powerful, lasting impact on your potential customers. Why wait to shine brighter than your competitors?

Explore our free solar leads and services, or contact us today, and let's ignite your solar lead generation success!

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