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Improving the Quality of your MSP Sales Leads from your Website

Nichole Mena
Sep 1, 2015 12:02:00 PM



High quality MSP sales leads, convert to more sales, allowing your business to grow and succeed. Therefore, increasing this quality is is the key goal of any website dedicated to selling a product or service. The main points to keep in mind when aiming for a higher quality, is to keep things straightforward and easy for an interested buyer to make a purchase. Your website should be the prime tool in educating buyers on what the product is that you are offering, why they need it, and how they can get it. The best system is one that is stream-lined to encourage the purchase process. With this in mind, here are a few ways that you can work to improve the quality of MSP leads and sales on your website:

  • Clear Call-to-Action. Word your call-to-action in a way that makes it easy for the audience to see what you're selling and how to obtain it. If your wording in your CTA is confusing or unclear, you may be losing the attention of your potential customer, or even attracting the wrong audience for your service. Clearly describe the service or product, why a client would want it and link to the landing page for the product, creating an easy flow for the audience.
  • User Friendly. Make it easy for potential clients to find your service. Place important information, such as links and the CTA, near the top of the page where viewers can find it instantly, without scrolling and searching the content of the site. Just this simple step can drastically improve the quality click-through rate.
  • Contrasting Colors. Use color and images to distinguish your CTA from the rest of your site content. By carefully using contrasting colors and relevant images, you can draw the eye to this important area of the page. An image can also help to instantly convey information.
  • Quality Design. Consider how your website looks and behaves. High-quality design reflects a quality brand and products/services. Make sure that your site works properly, and is visually appealing and looks current.
  • Functional Content. Creating content can be a great way to draw viewers in to your site, but it may not help improve your MSP sales much unless you keep a CTA handy on these pages as well. Depending on what aspect of your business you are writing about, choose a service or product to link to from the post page.
  • Clear and Concise Landing Pages. On the landing page for the product or service, be sure to keep things simple. Provide clear text on what is being sold, the benefits of the product and how to obtain it.
  • Simple Forms. Keep any forms and purchase processes as hassle-free as possible. Once a potential customer has committed to filling out a form, the sale is nearly made, but you don't want to deter them by requiring an excessive amount of their time to complete the sale or request. Ask for only the bare minimum of information needed, and always check to makes sure that the form or process is bug-free and working properly. You can have the perfect system in place, but if your form or purchase page is broken, all of your effort is wasted, and potential customers will be frustrated.
  • Placement of Important Info. Place the landing page form above the fold on the page. This makes it easy to find, saves your customers time, and speeds up the purchase for repeat customers, who no longer need to read all of the information on the product.
  • Provide Relevant Links. Whether you are crafting a new blog post, adding a call-to-action, or sending out a promotional email, make sure that there is an appropriate link back to a relevant landing page or section of your website. A link provides customers with the clear next step and doesn't leave them hanging, wondering where they can find more information.
  • Avoid Confusion. Ensure that the headers or titles of landing pages that a link or call-to-action leads to matches what the customer is expecting.

At its core, improving the quality of your sales leads is dependent on clear communication of what your product is and does, and a simple system to allow the customer to buy the product as painlessly as possible. Keep in mind how you can make things easier for your customer, and let this guide how you set up your website. Finally, always remember to test and make adjustments to find what works best.

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