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4 Signs Your Internal Marketing Team Isn't Performing Well

Rogelio Rodriguez
Mar 10, 2022 10:19:43 PM
You’ve entrusted the growth of your home services company to an internal marketing team - but how do you know they’re doing their job well? 
As this group works alongside your other employees, how can you evaluate their effectiveness? It can be easy to assume that they’re simply doing their jobs without any problems or hitches. That may not always be the case, though. This lack of oversight could be costing you money and stunting business growth.
Here are five signs that your internal marketing team isn’t performing well, so you can address any issues before they get out of hand and affect your company’s overall brand image and reputation.

1) Team Members Never Seem to "Have Time"

Your internal marketing team often just doesn't have time to do their job. Why? One culprit could be they lack the proper digital tools to do the job effectively. Your employees may not be accurately managing their time. Who is in charge of which task? When are the due dates? How much money does each step cost? When confusion exists around "getting things done" it will create wasted time for everyone in your company.
You need a better tech stack to unify and streamline your team's productivity. 

2) Your Marketing Department Stays Isolated

A home services marketing team that’s not speaking to and aligning with every department is of little use to the organization. Marketing success relies on identifying goals and remaining in constant communication with other teams. 
The marketing department should reach out to sales, operations, and support teams to help them succeed.
Once a marketing team takes time to know the needs of each department, they can develop ideas to help each meet their goals and get everyone "on the same page."
A platform like Hubspot could serve as the foundation to keep everyone organized and on track.
Aligning every employee towards one goal - the customer's journey - is easier said than done. Hubspot provides one place where everyone can see the results of efforts to move people from "I found you" to "I'm ready to buy from you."
Hubspot benefits chart

Marketing Team Effectivess Evaluation Template Offer

3) The Playbook is Outdated

Your current marketing playbook has probably been around for decades. That's right. The strategies being used to reach today's customers are probably over a decade old. So what's the problem? That's enough time for technology and customer behavior to change significantly. 
If your marketing team isn't keeping a continual eye on customer behavior and purchasing trends, you may have strategies that do not reach today's customers effectively. 
So what's the solution? Internal marketing teams need a new playbook based on what works now. They need to be willing to let go of old habits and be willing to grow, too. That is sometimes easier said than done!


4) "Gut Feelings" Determine Success

Gut feelings are an important part of being a business owner—but intestinal sensations shouldn’t be the main thing guiding your marketing strategy. You need hard data to measure the success of your efforts and make sure your marketing team is actually performing well. 
Without data, you may have no idea if your new customer acquisition efforts are actually paying off or why people aren’t responding to those promotions. It’s time to bring hard data into the picture by choosing relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) to truly measure performance.


happy home services owner

What Business Owners Can Do

If your internal marketing team is underperforming, there are ways to improve! We recommend taking three steps:
1) Improve your tech stack. Streamline performance by getting everyone on the same page with the right digital tools. 
2) Align marketing & sales departments (to start).  You're going to want your in-house team to work together with every part of your organization.
3) Identify your target customer.  You'll get better results if you can focus on a specific audience and understand what their needs and goals are NOW.
4) Start using hard metrics to measure marketing performance.  This will allow you to make data-driven decisions as your business grows. 
If all else fails, outsource! Running a small business is tough! Why not let Rizen help? 
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