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Marvin Windows & Doors Are Automating Its Operations - Should You?

Jeffrey Lambert
Feb 24, 2023 9:06:15 PM

Welcome to the weekly recap of the biggest news stories affecting the window and door installation, glazing, and fenestration industries. Whether it's a new product line, an important industry shift, or a major upcoming event, we have it all covered. 

The Big Story

Marvin Window and Doors Are Now Investing Heavily in Automation in Response to Labor Shortages

Marvin Windows And Doors- Discount Windows MN

Marvin is one of the longest-serving window and door manufacturers in America. In 1912, they were initially founded as a lumber company. The window and door producer is now a top-tier manufacturer in the fenestration industry. 

Marvin intends to invest heavily in automation and technology in response to the recent labor shortages in the past year. 

In Marvin’s recently released 5-year business strategy, automation and technology are at the forefront. The CEO mentioned that automation would help to reduce redundant or busy work, allowing the company to make faster and better decisions. 

However, they’re not giving up on their current employees.CEO and chair, Paul Marvin clarified:

“We are not going to build a factory of robots. That’s not appropriate.“ Automation is simplifying processes with technology and data.”

Marvin upped their starting pay in the past two years, with wage increases between 50 cents to $2 per hour.

How much will automation affect your business in the next 12 months? Email us your thoughts, and we'll read them on our weekly show!

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Other Industry News

1) Total Construction Starts Surged 27% to End 2022, According to Dodge Construction Network Data

new construction starts window and door

Towards the end of 2022, total construction starts were dropping heavily, with an 18% decrease in total construction starting in November. However, according to data released by Dodge Construction Network, they surged in December, growing 27% month over month.

However, construction starts weren’t precisely equal across residential and commercial sectors. In December, nonresidential building starts increased a whopping 51%, while residential starts only increased by less than 1%.

As the year wrapped up, total nonresidential building starts rose 38% over the year compared to 2021, while residential starts were down 3% overall year over year.


2) PGT Innovations & Corning Inc. Are Set to Release Two New Collaborative Window Technologies in 2023 

PGT Corning Window Technology

PGT Innovations is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of impact-resistant windows and doors in the residential industry to help homeowners withstand major storms.

Corning Incorporated is a technology company that specializes in glass and ceramic technologies for industrial applications.

The two companies have announced they’ll produce two new products in 2023: Thin Triple Insulated Glass Unit, otherwise known as “Thin Triple IGU,” and “Diamond Glass, " featuring Corning Architectural Technical Glass.

Thin Triple IGU consists of two outer panes of glass and an internal pane of ultra-thin Corning ATG. This product is aligned with the Inflation Reduction Act values and Energy Star version 7 guidelines. 

The second product, Diamond Glass, is an ultra-lightweight laminated glass that weighs up to 45% less than traditional laminated glass. Yet, despite being nearly half the weight, it’s three times more scratch resistant than traditional glass.

In response to the new collaboration, PGT’s senior vice president of customer strategy and innovation stated:

“We have been able to reach very large sizes of glass that achieve the outstanding performance required to meet Miami-Dade testing standards, while also substantially reducing the weight of the finished products. This reduction in weight translates to less fuel consumption during transportation, an easier install process for dealers, and less effort for homeowners to operate their windows and doors.”

Growing Your Window and Door Business

Why Your Window & Door Company NEEDS to Invest in a CRM

CRM Options Window and Door Companies

With the volatility in the window and door industry and labor shortages at hand, there’s no better time to lean into technology to fortify and expand your business. One of the most innovative ways you can do this is by leveraging a CRM or customer relationship management platform.

A CRM is a tool you can use right from your computer to collect, store, and organize customer data to easily track sales leads and manage relationships with customers in a straightforward place.

Here are just a few reasons why you need to start using a CRM if you want your window and door business to succeed in the technology-driven world:

  • A CRM can help you automate sales workflows
  • It can help you optimize lead management and qualification processes
  • It can help you customize communications with clients and prospects

These are just a few of the primary reasons for depending on a reliable CRM to grow your window and door business. If you want to learn more about why you can leverage a CRM within your business, check out our free guide that covers the five reasons why you should adopt a CRM.

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