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The Rizen Way: Our Origin Story

Rogelio Rodriguez
May 15, 2020 8:00:00 AM


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Where someone comes from can say a lot about where they’re going. Rizen is proud of our roots as a company.

As a growing organization, your marketing, sales, and training efforts need an experienced partner with a track record of happy customers. We're happy to say we provide both.

Let's show you all about where we’ve come from and where we’re aiming to be tomorrow.

The Beginning: A Commitment to Hard Work

In the late 2000s, three friends decided to be our own bosses and build the future we wanted. Two of us were US Marine veterans and one was a nutritionist. Our common bond was a commitment to succeed. Together, we decided to start a business on eBay selling car parts.

The Beginning


With a commitment to learning and a lot of hard work, we skyrocketed in revenue in just the first 90 days. By using search engine optimization strategies within eBay’s search function, our company was generating more than $80,000 in sales per month.

We always keep an eye on the future though and decided we wanted to shift with where we saw the market going. We sold our eBay business despite the looks of shock on friends and family’s faces.


Founders Working Hard

A Focus On Continual Growth

We used our earnings to launch a debt settlement agency. Using a mix of past and new cutting-edge strategies, we made over 2.8 million in sales in just one year.

It would have been easy to just spend the money and enjoy our newfound success in style, but we wanted more! Again we used our capital to launch a company in an industry that needed change - marketing.

We felt this space needed less fake egos and more genuine people to help businesses grow. So we started a digital marketing agency.
In a few short years, with that same dedication to continual learning, we experienced tremendous growth. By the end of our first year, we were overseeing over 200 employees from multiple countries, with 500 clients in the U.S. alone!


Even though we were making money, we all felt something was missing. We felt we could be doing more.

Our vision for marketing was to do more than just produce a TV commercial, website, or a digital ad. We wanted to help companies reach customers and keep them for the long term. We wanted all our efforts to work together towards meaningful growth - and to help our clients truly understand what was driving it.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 7.16.46 PM

Discovering the Inbound Methodology

That’s when we came across the inbound methodology. We immediately saw the value and knew it was where we wanted our business to go as well. It was the true solution to putting both the client and customer first!

At that time, we made a seemingly unthinkable choice to again start over. We had a dream in our minds, and that’s how Rizen was born - with a focus on placing the client first.


Our original logo.

The Birth of Rizen

Since 2014, Rizen has been exactly the kind of company we’ve wanted to build all along. We know our clients by name, we help them grow long-term, and we help them really connect with their customers. We’re choosy about who we work with and we make sure to emphasize quality over quantity in everything we do.

With a dedicated, multi-talented staff and a strong presence in multiple countries, we’re using the inbound methodology to provide complete and effective marketing, sales, and training strategies for our clients.



While we may not have the 10 thousand square foot offices and hundreds of clients anymore, we have built a company that truly embodies what we care about. At Rizen, our main goal is to remove the mystery of marketing and replace it with clear strategies and results for our clients. A client we know. A client we help truly grow.

We promise you we’ll always take your success personally. Learn more about Rizen by visiting our website today.

You can also follow our adventures on social media, listen to our podcast, or subscribe to our blog to learn more.

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