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What Is the Best CRM for Roofers?

William Avila
Feb 10, 2022 12:07:41 PM

Modern technology is moving into the roofer market. 65% of roofers are thinking about investing in modern tools like virtual reality. One virtual tool that could help your roofer marketing is a CRM for roofers.

A CRM is a Customer Relations Manager, and as more people are using the internet to shop, it could be your top business generator. Imagine not having to walk a neighborhood handing out your card to get leads.

Let's find out what a CRM is and what you need to look for to take your roofing business to the next level!


What Is a Customer Relations Manager?

The CRM solution came out of the need for businesses to attract customers and keep them in this noisy world. People are busy and don't want to be bothered with over-the-top advertising.

A good CRM helps you focus your interactions with customers. You can coordinate how you reach out to them so you stay connected but don't overwhelm them.

Your CRM does all of this while collecting data on your customers. This data helps you understand what is working and what isn't when it comes to customer outreach and connection.

CRM software for roofing can help you with all of your sales, customer service, marketing, and customer support. All of your information will be in one place, saving you time.

CRM uses for roofers

What Types of Things Does a CRM Do?

CRM's come in all sizes and shapes, and you want to find one that has the integrations that fit with your business. Here are some of the main areas a CRM has and how they can help you.

1) Sales

A quality CRM should help you organize your sales work. It should tell you at a quick glance where things are on any specific deal. It can also show you the normal cycles of sales from the data you have for future projections. 

2) Marketing

A good CRM should help you with your home service marketing. You want one that gives you the tools to put your message out and helps you track what marketing works best.

You can also use marketing to build a base of potential clients. If you put out information as an expert that helps people build a connection with your brand, they will call you when they have a roofing need.

3) Customer Service

CRM's build customer service connections to help you take care of your current customers. When you do this well, they become raving fans and help you get more business.

Through effective follow-up and regular connections. You can make sure that your customers are happy and stay happy. Plus, you keep your business in the front of their minds so they tell others about you.

4) Flexible Support Options

The best CRM will have multiple options for you. Their products can be tailored to your needs right now and give you other options as your company grows and needs them. This puts you in the driver's seat of customizing your CRM.

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What to Look For in a CRM for Roofers?

Your roofing business lives and dies by your customers. You want a CRM roofing solution that helps you stay organized and take care of your customers. 

1) A Customer-Focused Approach

Any CRM for roofing contractors needs to make it easy to focus on customers. You don't need more jobs to do to take care of people. You want a system that will automatically do things to connect and care for your customers.

You want to maintain a good relationship with old customers, so they speak positively of you. Plus, you want to build a relationship with new potential customers. Your CRM should make that easy for you and your team.

2) Complete Solutions for Your Roofing Company

The best roofing CRM should provide everything you need. In today's cluttered market, it is easy to have five different software programs you have to work with. You want to eliminate the unnecessary and look for one solution.

This saves you time and money. Plus, you won't have to reinput data multiple times because everything is in one place. 

3) Competitive Pricing

The one constant for roofing contractors is prices never seem to go down! You want a CRM that doesn't add unnecessary expenses to your bottom line. Look for a CRM that gives you options with their products.

They may have some things that just don't fit your business or the size of your business right now. Why should you have to pay for parts of a program that you won't use? Find a CRM that offers price levels based on what you use.

which roofer crm to choose?

Which CRM Should I Choose?

The biggest question you should ask first is "What do I need?" What are you currently doing for your customers that a CRM could make easier? Also, you want to look at what you should be doing but aren't.

A CRM should help you take care of what needs to be done, but also give you options for things that grow your business. Two of the best CRM's out there are Salesforce and HubSpot

The roofing marketing experts at Rizen recommend Hubspot. Why?

1) Strength in Simplicity

Hubspot was built from the ground up by people who used to use Salesforce. They know what the pain points are for smaller brands that needed a management platform.

Hubspot is incredibly easy to learn and navigate from the get-go because it’s designed more for small businesses with limited resources and experience using such tools. While the deep customization tools are there, they stay in the background for when you get more comfortable using Hubspot.

2) A Focus on Content Creation

While Salesforce prides itself on helping people track their own activity, Hubspot is about automating the marketing process. You have an entire suite of tools focused on attracting and converting leads through creating content.

You can string all those efforts together and let Hubspot do the tracking and follow-ups.

3) Affordability

As mentioned before, Hubspot is an SMB tool first, enterprise tool second. The pricing is designed to get the entrepreneur or startup going strong with the goal of staying with them as they grow. Their free entry model and scaleable pricing illustrate this difference from Salesforce.

With that said, a company's size and needs will help you decide which one you need. Overall, we feel that HubSpot gives companies the best options to grow as they do. Its pricing is based on what you need, so you aren't paying extra.

Roofer Hubspot Ad 1

Let's Build Your Roofing CRM Advantage

As you engage and fully develop a CRM for roofers, you will find a significant advantage over your competitors. You will create raving fans who do your advertising for you, and your company will be more efficient.

Rizen is an onboarding partner with HubSpot. We can help you find the advantages of this powerful CRM. We help businesses learn and implement HubSpot so they see immediate benefits.

Contact us today about how we can show you the power of HubSpot as your roofing CRM.

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