Are Your Window Leads Not Responding ? Here's How to Re-Connect

Rogelio Rodriguez
Aug 23, 2023 11:23:43 AM

Reconnecting with window leads who have gone silent can be a daunting task. If you're a window and door company struggling to re-engage with leads who haven't responded in over a month, you're not alone. But, fear not! This article will help you figure out how to re-establish communication and convert those leads.

We'll walk you through the best ways to restart the conversation, the upsides of having a dedicated specialist or call center, and how to tweak your messaging to draw your leads back in. 

Re-engaging with leads is not just about sending out another email or making another call, it's about understanding what your leads need and how you can help them better. Here's what you can expect from this article: 

  • Steps to re-establish communication with leads
  • The benefits of hiring a dedicated specialist or a call center
  • How to adjust the tone of your company's messaging

Let's dive in and explore how you can reconnect with your window leads and transform them into loyal customers!

The fortune is in the follow-up.
- Jim Rohn

Why Leads Drop Off in the First Place

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Understanding the reasons behind the disengagement of leads is crucial in re-engaging them. It's not uncommon for leads to drop off after showing initial interest in a product or service. 

Multiple studies support this pattern:

Here are the main reasons why window leads might have stopped responding: 

  • The lead was not ready to commit: Many leads are in the research phase when they initially contacted a company and may not be ready to purchase yet.

  • Lack of urgency: Unless there's a pressing need or an enticing offer, leads may not feel the urgency to make a purchase or move forward with a service.

  • Overwhelmed with options: With so many companies offering similar products and services, leads may feel overwhelmed and decide to take a step back and evaluate their options.

  • Distractions: Leads live busy lives, and other priorities or distractions can easily cause them to lose focus or forget about their initial interest.

With these reasons in mind, tailoring your re-engagement strategy to address these issues head-on is important. This means re-establishing communication in a way that reignites their interest, creates a sense of urgency, and distinguishes your company from the competition. 

Remember, the key to re-engaging leads is understanding their needs and concerns, and addressing them directly in your communication and offerings.

Reviving Dormant Window Leads: Strategies for Successful Reconnection

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44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up. People need more time and attention than that.

In fact, 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact. If you've found that you have window leads who haven't responded in over a month, don't lose hope.

You can breathe new life into these dormant leads. Reconnecting with them may not be as hard as you think. It's all about employing the right strategies to make your outreach effective and meaningful. 


1) Personalize Your Outreach 

Nothing brings a lead back from dormancy quicker than a personal touch. Instead of sending generic follow-ups, tailor your messages to each individual.

  • Reflect on the interests the lead showed when the conversation
  • Highlight parts of the unique conversations you've previously
  • Mention the specific window and door solutions they showed interest in. 

Remember, personalization goes beyond just saying their name. It's about showing you understand their unique needs and concerns. 


2) Offer Value in Your Communications 

Don't just reach out; offer something of value to your leads. Can you provide them with new information about windows and doors that might be relevant to their situation?

Or maybe a special offer that's too good to resist? When your communications offer clear benefits, they're much more likely to elicit a response. 

Some examples of value offers other window companies have used include:

  • Exclusive Discounts: Who doesn't love a great deal? Offering a special discount to these dormant leads may just be the incentive they need to re-engage with your company. Just make sure it's a strong enough offer to warrant their attention.
  • Service Updates: If there have been any recent advancements or updates to your products or services, this could be the perfect opportunity to share them. Improved energy efficiency or new design options might be just what your lead is waiting for.
  • Free Consultations: Offering a free consultation or estimate may help to break the ice again. It shows that you're ready to invest your time in their needs and concerns.
  • Partnership Deals: If your company has partnerships with other businesses that could benefit your leads, why not share these? It could be anything from discounts at local hardware stores to deals with interior designers.
  • Customer Testimonials: Customer testimonials are a great way to build trust and re-establish communication. Honest reviews from satisfied customers can be the perfect nudge a dormant lead needs to re-engage.

So, your window and door company has a few leads that haven't responded in over a month. No need to fret, my friends. It's time to dust off your keyboard and start crafting those killer follow-up emails. But what should you include to re-engage these quiet prospects? Here are some valuable nuggets of info and offers you might consider: 

New call-to-action

3) Consider Timing and Frequency 

When you're trying to reconnect with a lead, timing and frequency are crucial. You don't want to flood them with messages, but you also don't want to be forgotten.

What does the data say about lead contacting best practices?

Find a balance that keeps you in the lead's mind but does not become intrusive. 


4) Employ a Dedicated Specialist or Call Center 

Hiring a dedicated specialist or a call center can do wonders for reviving dormant leads. These professionals are trained in the art of re-engagement and are able to skillfully re-establish communication with your leads.

They can adjust their message tone, timing, and approach according to the lead's responses, making your outreach efforts more effective and efficient. 


5) Adapt Your Message Tone 

Perhaps the initial tone of your messaging didn't quite resonate with the lead. It's essential to be flexible and willing to adjust.

Don't be afraid to change your approach, whether you need to be more formal, friendly, or succinct. Remember, the aim is to make the lead feel understood and valued, so adapt your message tone accordingly. 

The most successful salespeople are those who understand human nature and use that understanding to build relationships with their prospects.
- Zig Ziglar

Don't Give Up on Lost Leads - Keep Trying!

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Reviving dormant window leads may require some effort, but with the right strategies, you can successfully re-establish communication and convert these leads into customers.

Be personal, offer value, consider timing, hire a specialist if necessary, and always be ready to adjust your tone. With these tips, those silent leads will be a thing of the past.

We hope these strategies help - courtesy of the window and door marketing agency that helps 10x your leads.

If you need a little help crafting better follow-up responses, check out our pre-made voicemail scripts exclusively for window and door companies. Our templates can help increase callbacks and improve lead generation. Get your copy today! ⬇️

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