5 Data Visualization Tools Worth Your Time (and Money)

Jeffrey Lambert
Jan 25, 2021 8:47:12 AM

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We’ve all been there. We spent all night chugging caffeine and finalizing a huge report for the higher-ups. The next day, you’re running through your exhaustive data, only to see blank faces staring back at you? What went wrong?

You didn’t make the report easy to follow. You assumed everyone else would speak your language. It’s time to step back and plan a better path for the next presentation. Using data visualization tools can help. We’ll show you some tools worth trying. 


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Data chart typesWhy Use a Visual Approach to Present Data?


1) Keep it simple for your audience

Less is more and a visual helps focus your objective without clouding the message with words or opinions/subjectivity. Great for measuring against company goals, employee productivity, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, etc.


2) Keep it simple for yourself

Many automated data visualizations update in realtime so there’s no need to build decks. Just grab the data and go!


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The Effects of Data Visualization: 

    • “Graphics reveal data features that statistics and models may miss: unusual distributions of data, local patterns, clusterings, gaps, missing values, evidence of rounding or heaping, implicit boundaries, outliers, and so on.” (MIT)
    • Data Visualization Market Value is on the rise and projected to hit $7.76B worldwide in 2023, up from $4.51B in 2017 (Statista)

Option #1: Google Data Studio


Google Data StudioBenefits Include:

  • Excellent integration with all things Google. If you rely on Google Docs/Sheets/Analytics, etc. this is the tool for you.
  • Like Google Docs, you can share Google Data Studio with your colleagues and collaborate on real-time updates
  • Build interactive data experiences and embed your Data Studio reports on social media 
  • It’s 100% free


Option #2: Databox


Databox LogoBenefits Include:

  • Onboarding, implementation, and dashboard customization and dashboard customization
  • Real-time data integration and goal tracking
  • Assign goals to each of your team members to ensure everyone stays on track and has visibility to see how their performance impacts the overall organization
  • Get KPI alerts wherever you are (Slack, email, push notification, etc)


Option #3: Datawrapper


datawrapperBenefits Include:

  • Focuses on mobile responsiveness first
  • Custom brand styling available (colors, fonts, etc)
  • Charts may be easily exported as HTML, PNG, PDF, SVG


Option #4: Domo


domo-logoBenefits Include:

  • An open platform  that can extend its functionality to developed app third-party integrations. 
  • A truly cloud-native solution that delivers that combines Integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for data, real-time visualizations, and predictive insights
  • With a few clicks, users can transform Domo using its integration tools


Option #5: Tableau


tableau logoBenefits Include:

  • Can manage millions of rows of data with ease
  • Tableau users can seamlessly integrate other, more complex, scripting languages, like Python or Python R.


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