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Digital Sidekicks: Excel at Account-Based Marketing With HubSpot

Nichole Mena
Jun 15, 2020 4:00:17 PM

Hubspot and ABM Synergy

If you own or work for a B2B company, odds are you’ve already done account-based marketing (ABM) without even knowing it.

In this article, we’ll go over who ABM works best for, what the benefits are, and why account-based marketing with HubSpot works so well.

B2B companies are naturally forced to sell to a narrow list of prospects. They use a combination of inbound, outbound, and ABM marketing tactics to reel in new prospects and sell to clients.

Ad agencies (like Mad Men’s “Sterling Cooper”) are great examples of what ABM looks like in practice.

Many agencies have a wide range of one-off, every now and then clients. But their bread and butter come from a narrow list of recurring “giant” clients providing the majority of their revenue (think the 80/20 rule). They understand account-based marketing is the key to their success.

If you’re wondering what ABM is, check out our article that covers the basics here.


ABM on a notecard

Who ABM Works Best For

Account-based marketing isn’t for everyone. But, it works wonders for B2B companies who focus on:

  • A couple of giant accounts
  • Specific accounts in specific industries

Let’s face it, if your company focuses on Fortune 500 to Fortune 1000 companies, ABM can be incredibly powerful to help you build incredible relationships and maximize revenue. It allows you to unlock the true potential of all of your target accounts, and even increase your client base by 2-3 times.


Sounds pretty good, right?


ABM is also a good option for those who have ineffective sales models.

Let’s face it… if your advertising just isn’t working, or your sales and marketing teams aren’t aligning the way you’re wanting, it might be time to try out ABM marketing.


Remember the 80/20 rule?


ABM can help you measure your marketing ROI accurately, tighten up your sales to marketing alignment, and reduce and optimize your sales force.

Let’s dive into a few benefits to ABM.

abm benefits

3 Benefits of ABM

Account-based marketing could be just the thing that takes your business to the next level. Here are 5 reasons you should consider using it.


1. Clear ROI

Turning to ABM is essentially trading a machine gun for a sniper rifle when it comes to marketing. It’s accurate, targeted, and personalized. It’s even considered to be more accurate than general inbound and outbound marketing techniques.

In fact, response rates from ABM accounts are 47% on average. (SiriusDecisions)

Plus, research shows ABM delivers the highest return on investment of any B2B strategy. (ITSMA)


2. There’s Less Risk

Scaling ABM strategies allows B2B marketers to do more with less. Smart ABM technology helps account managers scale their marketing efforts to a large number of contacts without having to hire excess managers.

This also means there’s less risk involved. You aren’t required to hire and fire based on whether an account is doing well or not. Even if you lose a contact, another can easily walk right in.


3. It’s Personal

Despite popular belief, people want to be marketed to. They just don’t want irrelevant offers. People crave personalization. And personalization is a major benefit of account-based marketing.

Proper ABM keeps the needs of a prospect at a specific account in mind. Targeted research allows for personalized marketing that customers can’t resist.


Hubspot Logo

Account-Based Marketing with HubSpot

Founded in 2006 by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan, HubSpot has been a leading marketing force for nearly 15 years.

It took off with the content marketing revolution and has been leading the movement as the top inbound marketing software solution.

However, while they are most known for their content marketing savvy, they don’t just offer a single tool. Rather, they offer a variety of solutions for a range of marketing efforts, including account-based marketing tools.


HubSpot ABM Tools Overview


Marketing Hub

Sales & Marketing Hub

Sales Hub

Enhanced LinkedIn ads integration

Company Lists

Account Overview


Company Scoring



Target Accounts Home

HubSpot Video

Landing pages




Default ABM Properties

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Smart content

AI-powered Target Account






Slack for Account-based



ABM Reports & Dashboard Library



Enhanced Salesforce Sync



Business woman hand typing on keyboard with online shopping concept

Benefits of HubSpot ABM Tools

Account-based marketing with HubSpot will help you and your team collaborate, engage high-value accounts, and create seamless sales funnels.


1. Easily Launch Your ABM Strategy

Launching your ABM Strategy doesn’t have to be hard. HubSpot tools are fast and intuitive. Use the simple workflow templates to categorize your ideal client profiles and identify accounts that match the profile. You can create default properties allowing you to tag different accounts and buying roles.

You can take advantage of AI-powered recommendations of targeted accounts, so your sales team never misses a beat. This is possible through HubSpot’s CRM that holds your current customers and qualified leads, so client information doesn’t fall through the cracks.


2. Seamless Collaboration Across Marketing & Sales

It’s not easy connecting marketing and sales efforts. With HubSpot, your marketing and sales team can use shared tools to unite your teams. Access the same data in a shared platform using the Target Accounts Home feature to track your account progress.

This platform easily integrates with Slack to further increase your collaboration. This lets both teams unite to focus on high-value accounts, create account or deal specific Slack channels, post KPIs, and communicate with ease.


3. Attract High-Value Accounts with Personalization

HubSpot’s tools help you personalize and tailor content within an account. You can access account-level targeting with the LinkedIn Ads integration. This lets you target companies based on their account tier or status or based on a subset of contacts.

Your account overview sidebar acts as your sales representative’s playbook. Plus, you also get a native integration that links your LinkedIn Sales Navigator accounts with HubSpot. This lets you forge high-level account relationships to create authentic connections with your clients.


4. All-In-One Tracking & Measuring

Understanding every step of your buyer’s journey is critical to success with ABM. HubSpot allows you to track key milestones with every account. You’ll have a detailed breakdown of exactly where each account is at in the buyer’s journey.

The account overview feature and ABM reporting dashboards will give you an easy breakdown of every account with one click. You can also use company scoring to prioritize engagement by identifying the highest value accounts.



Two  colleages discussing ideas using a tablet and computer

Collaboration is the Key to ABM

If you want to succeed with account-based marketing, you’ll need to ensure you’re using the right tools across departments to organize your efforts.



Contact Rizen today if you need help in developing data-driven strategies for reaching today’s customers.

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