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Study: The Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

William Avila
Jun 5, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Coronavirus Marketing Study Hero

COVID-19 has DRASTICALLY altered how businesses interact with consumers. Some have been pushed into the 21st century, offering digital accessibility never before seen. Just look at the auto industry's expanded online purchasing process.

Not all coronavirus-related marketing strategies have found success though. In fact, companies have rushed headlong into campaigns, spending millions of dollars, due to this unprecedented reality of customer accessibility.

So what approaches have found success? How can businesses effectively speak to consumers during this time of isolation and digital availability? 

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1) What marketing have you received during COVID-19 from businesses you already support?


Coronavirus marketing method


While some notable companies have made splashes with audiences, the majority reported receiving NO marketing outreach from brands they support since the pandemic took hold. While businesses may have slashed efforts to rein in spending, the results are clear - there has been a lack of overall customer outreach!


2) What was your preferred medium of communication from brands you already support during COVID-19?


preferred marketing communication stats

As we've discussed many times before, email marketing isn't dead -and here's another piece of supporting evidence. Customers overwhelmingly enjoyed email communications as the main form of outreach from favorite brands.


3) I have purchased a product online during COVID-19 I would have have normally bought in person.


Customers Purchasing New products Study

Brands that built new avenues for customer interaction are seeing results! More than 60% of respondents reported purchasing products through digital means when the in-person option was gone. If your business relies on face-to-face interaction for sales, how can you recreate that experience digitally? It's worth your time to find out!


4) I would prefer online purchase options for products even after social distancing ends.


Customers Purchasing New products Study (1)

Taking the time to create a digital companion could be worth exploring for your brand. While there's no large majority identified either way, when more than 50% of consumers show excitement for a purchasing avenue, it's time to act!


5) I followed a new brand during COVID-19 as the result of a piece of digital content (social media or web).


Customers Trying New Brands Study


While some brands have just stopped reaching out to audiences, others have stepped in to fill the void in customers' lives - with limited success. Consumers seem to be playing it safe during this pandemic, either cutting back on spending altogether or simply supporting brands they are already familiar with.


6) I discovered a new brand during COVID-19 as a result of which content medium(s)?


New Brand Discovery Stats


Social media usage has skyrocketed during the Coronavirus pandemic, and brands who spent on social media blitzes seem to have had the most success in finding new audiences. 


Gen Z on social media

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