How to Attract Homeowners When Selling Impact Windows in 2022

Jeffrey Lambert
Dec 7, 2021 11:56:41 AM

Homeowners are a busy bunch. They have many things on their minds and they're always looking for the best way to get things done. It's important that you do all you can to stand out from the pack and get their attention when selling your home services such as impact windows.

We have four strategies that have been tested and actually work by other impact windows companies - like yours!


Today's Homeowners Are Different - Here's Why

In 1981 the cost of a home was around $60,000. In 2016 the cost of a home is around $360,000. That's more than six times the increase in value! So it's no wonder that homeowners are busy and have their hands full. They're always looking for ways to improve their homes and make them more valuable.

The difference is in how you can reach them in 2022 compared to 1981.

For example, in 1981, homeowners would see an ad on TV or in the newspaper and they would call you. That doesn't work as well today. In fact, it's actually one of the worst ways to reach them.

Only about two percent of people who see a traditional ad of any kind will actually call the company they saw the ad for. And that's on a good day!

So how can you reach homeowners in today's busy world?


Strategy #1: Be Active on Social Media

Homeowners spend a lot of time on social media. That's where they're having conversations with their friends and talking about the things that are going on in their lives. It's also one of the best ways to reach homeowners today! But...

...using social media is a science, not an art! Engaging homeowners must be done correctly if you want them to pick up the phone or visit your website. Your social media management is not a job for your wife's cousin!

So what does an effective social media presence look like for impact windows companies?

To start, we recommend choosing two social media platforms used by your defined target customer. You can always grow over time, but keep things small to start!

Not sure what the differences are between the social media platforms? Check out our guide to WHO is using the different social media platforms.

It is important to understand where you should invest. For instance, creating a business account on Snapchat would be a waste of time considering the average user age is 10-18. You won't run into many homeowners by advertising there!

Next, follow the 80/20 rule when posting content on your social media channel. What is the 80/20 rule?

We recommend a ratio of 80 percent helpful content and 20 percent promotional offers. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it's important that your social media page doesn't come off as spammy or salesy! For example...

Posting weekly blog articles where you share tips for homeowners on how they can improve their homes is great content. Posting a link to your website and asking them to call you for more information is not as helpful.

Asking viewers of your social media page if they're looking into replacing their windows would be better than posting an ad that says "Call me today!" That's because it feels like the content on your social media page isn't just a one-way street where you're constantly selling to them.

Homeowners want to feel like they're part of a conversation, not like they're being sold to all the time. So talk more about what interests them and less about yourself.


Strategy #2: Get Involved in the Community

Another great way to get the attention of homeowners is by getting involved in the community. There are a lot of things you can do to get involved, but we recommend starting with these three ideas...

  • Host a Homeowner Event
  • Sponsor a Local Charity
  • Be Active in Online Forums and Groups (such as Facebook or Reddit)

Homeowner events in particular are a great way to connect with potential customers. You can invite them to come by your office or showroom to learn more about your company and the products you offer.

You can also give them a behind-the-scenes look at how you work! This is a great way to show off your company culture and help homeowners feel like they know you on a personal level.

When sponsoring a local charity, be sure to choose one that aligns with your company values. This is a great way to show homeowners that you're not just in it for the money – you actually care about your community!

Lastly, be active online in forums and groups related to home improvement. This is a great way to connect with potential customers who are already interested in what you have to offer! Commenting and contributing on a Facebook Group or community page where your business resides os is a great place to start!


Strategy #3: Be Sure to Answer EVERY Call and Email

It's important to stay in touch with homeowners who visit your website or reach out via phone. Don't lose them! Be sure to answer every email and call you receive from potential customers because they're not going to be calling back again.

This means that if a homeowner has reached out, it could mean that they are ready to buy! You've taken the first step by getting their attention, now it's time for you to seal the deal.

Don't forget that homeowners are looking for a service they can trust – so make sure you communicate with them on an honest level and have all of your information readily available online or in-person!

We recommend offering a free in-home (or virtual) consultation to get the conversation started. This is a great way for homeowners to learn more about your business and see how you can help them in the place where you'll be completing the work!


Strategy #4: Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up!

Following up with homeowners is essential! It's easy to get caught up in your day-to-day tasks and forget about the people you're meant to be helping. What do we mean when we use the term "follow-up?" This should apply to:

  • Initial communications from an individual (emails, phone calls, messages on social media)
  • Upcoming appointments (remind them BEFORE a consultation or installation date arrives)
  • Missed appointments (don't give up! Reach back out to re-schedule)
  • Messages on review sites (yes, even respond to the negative ones. We show you how in this FREE webinar)

For this reason, we recommend using a customer relationship management (CRM) system like Hubspot or Salesforce. These tools allow you to easily track customers and follow up with them using automated emails.

Make sure your customer success team is well-versed in how these systems work so they can help maintain strong relationships with homeowners as they go through the sales process!


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As You Grow, Remember to Update Your Flow

These strategies work. How do we know? Because we've tested them with impact windows companies like yours! All you need to do is start implementing them in your organization. While the road to perfection may take some time, remember that you're taking steps that WILL reap results!

Today's customer is different, and you're starting to speak to them like a homeowner in 2022 instead of one from 1981. As time goes on, keep that same attitude of testing, experimenting, and trying new ways to reach new generations. You'll build new connections and continually stay ahead of your competition.

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