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What are the Best Social Media Posting Times for Reaching Homeowners?

Nichole Mena
Dec 13, 2021 9:04:39 PM

You have the services homeowners need. Chances are they are on social media right now. But which platform? What should I post to attract them? When should I post? We have answers to all these questions for your home services marketing needs!

Why Invest in Social Media?

There are many reasons home services companies should invest in social media. The main reason is to reach new customers and grow your business. It's where homeowners are! Just how much?

In the U.S., social media has a 77% penetration rate. That's more than three-quarters of the population! And it's growing every day.

Global social media users will reach nearly three billion by 2021. So, whether you're in the U.S., Canada, or anywhere else in the world, social media is a powerful place to be for your home services marketing.

But it's not just about getting in front of eyeballs; it's also about building relationships, engaging with customers, and creating a group of loyal advocates who will gladly promote your company to others!


What Should I Post on Social Media?

We briefly covered this topic in our article about how to attract homeowners when selling in 2022.

In short, we recommend social media posts that educate viewers and show homeowners how you can solve a problem for them.

For example, if you're a roofing company in Columbus, OH, post pictures of beautiful before-and-after projects or new homes with captions like "How to make your home stand out in the neighborhood" or "Protect your home with these superior roof materials."

Home services social media posts don't have to be all about selling. In fact, we recommend an 80/20 ratio of helpful content vs. promotional content. That way, you'll build trust with potential customers and they'll be more likely to contact you when they're ready.


Which Social Media Platforms Should I Use?

So, what social media platforms are homeowners most active on?

According to a recent study of nearly 300 homebuyers across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, here's where these individuals spend their time:

  • Facebook is social media's dominant platform at 78% of social media users, followed by 15% on Pinterest and 11% on Instagram.

So, if you're looking to reach the largest number of homeowners possible with your social content, focus primarily on Facebook!

If you're using Facebook, it's also an easy second step to adopt Instagram since both are owned by the same company. The tight integration between the two makes management much easier.

Also, consider experimenting with Pinterest to target an audience that may be different from your Facebook followers. Pinterest users are more likely to be in the market for a new home, and they're also 40% more likely to make a purchase than other social media users!

When Should I Post on Social Media?

Now that we know which social media platforms to use, when should you post content there?

Let's start with Facebook.


facebook-iconFacebook Best Practices

In a recent social media study, we found that homeowners across the U.S., Canada, and Australia are most active on Facebook from Monday through Thursday between 11 AM - 12 PM!

More specifically:

  • Wednesday is the best day to post on Facebook. Specifically at 11 AM and 1 PM.
  • The safest times to post are weekdays from 9 AM – 3 PM.
  • Sunday has the least amount of engagement for Facebook during the week.
  • Early mornings and evenings, before 7 AM and after 5 PM have the least amount of engagement per day.

Instagram Logo FinalInstagram Best Practices

For Instagram, you should focus your efforts from Friday at 12 PM until Sunday around 12 AM when engagement is highest.

Again, more specific information includes:

  • The best time to post during the week is Wednesday at 11 AM and Friday from 10–11 AM.
  • The worst day to post is on Sunday. This time receives the least amount of engagement on Instagram.

Pinterest-logoPinterest Best Practices

Finally, Pinterest users are most active on the platform from Monday through Thursday between 12 pm-12 am.

Specifically, the best times to post are:

  • Monday at 12 PM and 11 PM.
  • Tuesday at 11 AM and in the evening.
  • Wednesday is the best day with the most engagement followed by Thursday.
  • Friday has less engagement than other days of the week.

As an interesting side note, Pinterest users are more likely to be in the market for a new home and they're also 40% more likely to make a purchase than other social media users!

These social media posting times will help you reach more homeowners and drive traffic to your site!

Construction Looking Forward

Succeeding at Social Media Does Require Some Rocket Science

You've likely seen companies across the home services industry start social media channels. Don't be intimidated. It's not as difficult as it may seem to get started.

It is, however, a science when it comes to effective social media marketing. That's why our tips and guidance can help you outpace the competition and see real results from your social media efforts!

You can get more FREE tips on smarter home services marketing with our free beginner's guide.

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