8 Secrets to Succeed at Impact Windows Marketing in 2022

William Avila
Aug 2, 2021 9:12:36 AM

Is your impact windows marketing actually attracting more customers? We bet you can do MUCH better. Cold emails, highway billboards, and yard signs just don't work as well anymore. 

Focusing on digital marketing strategies is a great way to build your online presence. Knowing how to adapt your impact windows marketing strategy to these trends is critical in helping you expand your target audience and maximize your revenue.

Is Your Impact Windows Marketing ACTUALLY Working?


Why NOW is the Golden Age for Impact Windows Companies

Keeping homes safe and protected against severe weather is always a top priority for homeowners. Now is one of the best times for impact window companies to grow their business due to people becoming more likely to transform their homes due to lockdowns. Investing in impact windows greatly increases safety, especially for homeowners living near the coast.

These impact windows also play a key role in staying in compliance with local building codes. Impact windows marketing makes it possible for you to build awareness about the benefits of these products and help you elevate your business from the competition.

Another reason why now is the perfect time for marketing is due to the ever-increasing amount of severe weather impacting communities across the nation. Hurricane season will only continue to worsen due to the effects of climate change, as installing impact windows are an excellent long-term investment for homeowners.

These windows are specifically designed to withstand the forces from Category 5 hurricanes while also keeping you protected from all of the flying debris. Many building codes are also requiring new construction to use impact windows in these regions for additional protection during hurricane season. Highlighting the effectiveness of this state-of-the-art protection is an essential aspect to impact windows marketing.

Impact windows also include many ancillary benefits for homeowners. These impact windows are an excellent way to improve the energy efficiency of your home by providing additional insulation due to their unique design.

Impact-resistant windows and doors also offer superior strength compared to traditional options, which makes it nearly impossible for criminals to break into homes. Reducing outside noise and protecting household items from harmful UV rays are other advantages of installing impact windows throughout a home.

All of these additional benefits make impact windows marketing even easier for companies.

Why Traditional Marketing is Ineffective With Today's Customers

Many impact window companies make the mistake of using traditional sales and marketing methods. These traditional methods often used intrusive advertisements, cold calls, direct mail, or pop-up ads to grab the attention of potential customers.

Unfortunately, all of these methods create a negative user experience, and it's a much greater challenge in generating interest for impact windows. Instead of continuing to focus on traditional marketing methods, it's much more effective to use a more modern approach to expand your consumer base.

In today's market, the customer holds all of the power in deciding on purchasing a product or looking elsewhere. The increasing use of smartphones and mobile devices makes it easy for potential clients to research information about a product and check out user reviews.

Developing a content marketing strategy to increase traffic to your website is essential in gaining an edge over your competition and helping your business stand out from the crowd. Creating content for impact windows marketing isn't a quick fix solution but a long-term process in establishing your digital presence and becoming a thought leader in your industry.

What a Modern Marketing Strategy Looks Like

A modern marketing strategy consists of attracting and converting more clients through online marketing services.

Secret #1: Build a (Useful) Company Website

Many small businesses don't even own a website, which causes them to miss out on many great marketing opportunities. Creating a website that highlights all of your services while keeping your blog up to date with helpful content is a great way to build the brand of your business. Continually adding new content to your website will help you rank much higher in search engines and will improve your domain authority.


Secret #2: Make Quick Communication Responses a Priority

Always responding quickly to customer inquires is also essential to a modern marketing strategy. The company that makes the first contact with a potential customer will often get the sale. Training your sales team on how to use specific strategies is important in increasing response times without causing them to do any extra work.

Using a system that highlights the experience of satisfied customers is also critical in creating social proof for your impact windows company. Making it easy for all of your customers to leave reviews is a great way to build your reputation and help you reach an even broader audience.


Secret #3: Get (and Stay) Active on Social Media

Staying active on social media channels is also a fantastic way to generate more traffic to your site while also making it easy to interact with potential and existing customers. Over time, you can build a large following, which gives you a significant edge over other companies that are still relying on traditional marketing methods.

Additionally, using paid ads on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn is also beneficial in expanding your target audience. You can easily modify these ads to target individuals from a certain location or a job title. Impact windows marketing online requires some patience and perseverance, but the results are well worth all of the effort.


Secret #4: Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

Making it easy for potential customers to learn about your impact products is an essential part of impact windows marketing. One easy way to accomplish this task is to create a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for impact windows and doors. You can include a variety of questions in one location, which makes it convenient for potential clients. All of this information helps build authority in the impact window and door industry while also creating helpful content for your visitors. 

Creating a dedicated page to answer common questions will save your team a lot of time while generating additional interest in impact-resistant windows and doors. Sharing links on social media and through your blog posts to your FAQ page is also a great way to generate more traffic to your website. Keeping this page up to date is an excellent way to rank for specific keywords, as a digital agency can help you with all of your impact windows marketing needs.


Secret #5: Build Customer-Focused Product Guides

Creating detailed product guides is another way to market your business. These products can cover a wide range of topics, such as highlighting the differences between aluminum or vinyl windows. You can also provide an overview of the various types of impact windows, such as single-hung, casement, fixed, awning, and designer fixed windows. Comparing these different styles is helpful in making it easy for potential clients to learn more about your services. 

You can also highlight all of the different brands you offer for clients interested in impact window and door products. These product guides provide a wealth of information in helping potential clients decide on which product best meets their needs. Creating blog posts on a variety of subjects is also beneficial in ranking for specific topics, such as styles for vinyl windows or how impact glass can improve energy efficiency for your home.

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Secret #6: Share Weekly Videos

Publishing content isn't only limited to blog posts or product guides, as video marketing is an effective way to build awareness for impact-resistant windows and doors. Sharing weekly videos offering tips on how to maintain vinyl windows and other home improvement tips is a great way to offer value to each visitor for your website. Following a regular posting schedule is also important in remaining consistent while providing quality content on a weekly basis.

Creating videos to offer tips on how to improve energy efficiency and advice on how to prepare for hurricane season are also great topics for videos. Over time, these videos can help you build authority and become an integral part of your impact windows marketing strategy. Adding videos is just one more way you can provide value to potential clients and help them learn more about impact windows. You can also check out this free video offer to learn more tips on how to avoid common marketing mistakes.


Secret #7: Conduct Market Research...Often

Conducting market research is another effective way for you to succeed at impact windows marketing for your business. Market research is vital in developing a marketing strategy that allows you to better focus on your target audience. Collecting data gives you additional insight into the buying patterns of your customers while also making it easier to stay up to date with market trends. 

Using market research also allows you to check out your competition, which can help you learn from their mistakes and further improve your own impact windows marketing strategy. You can also use a variety of tools to gather additional data, whether it's through surveys, focus groups, interviews, questionnaires, or customer feedback. Gather market research isn't a one-time process, but it's a continual activity to ensure your business stays up to date with the latest sales and marketing strategies for your industry.


Secret #8: Set Marketing Goals

Establishing marketing goals for your business is essential to growth. These marketing goals will give you parameters on how you can achieve results in a specific time period. Creating short-term and long-term marketing goals is also effective in helping you measure your progress over time. A few of the most common digital marketing goals to focus on include increasing brand awareness, generating high-quality leads, developing thought leadership, and providing more value to your customers. 

Taking the time to set these various goals for your company is well worth the effort in giving you direction on how to expand your business. Following the SMART method for goal setting is a great way to keep on track, as these goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Never staying satisfied but constantly looking at ways to improve your marketing services is a critical aspect to success in the industry. A digital marketing agency will work with you throughout the entire process to help you reach all of your sales and marketing goals.


Does Digital Marketing Work for Impact Windows Companies?

Many companies remain undecided about the benefits of digital marketing for impact windows due to a lack of experience in using these services. Creating a successful impact windows marketing plan is a process that requires financial investment, proper preparation, data analysis, and a growth-driven mindset. A digital marketing agency can help you throughout each of these stages to maximize your outreach and increase your bottom line.

Following a content marketing strategy for impact windows and doors allows you to create a digital presence, whether it's through blog posts, videos, white pages, or infographics. Keeping your content up to date and repurposing older content is also beneficial in ranking higher in search engines. Building a successful marketing plan requires some time and hard work, as partnering with a digital marketing agency is an excellent investment for impact window companies.


How Do You Pick the RIGHT Marketing Partner?

Finding the right marketing partner with your business isn't always an easy decision due to the variety of available options. Many companies are still using traditional marketing methods, which makes it difficult to grow your business and stand out from the crowd. Partnering with a company with proven results in impact windows marketing is a great way to gain an edge over your competitors. 

Rev Grow is one of the leaders in marketing for companies offering impact-resistant windows and doors. Our proven sales and marketing strategies can play a key role in helping you expand your consumer base while also allowing your employees to focus on other tasks while we handle all of your digital marketing activities. We can handle all of your inbound marketing needs, whether it's pay-per-click management, search engine optimization, content creation, social media, conversion optimization, or growth-driven design for your website.

Now is a great time to contact Rev Grow to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our impact windows marketing services!


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