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What Every HVAC Company Should Know About Facebook Ads

Nichole Mena
Jun 15, 2022 9:53:24 AM

There are currently almost 3 billion active Facebook users across the world. This high figure represents about 39% of the global population, making it the #1 most popular social media platform available.

These figures show the importance of marketing on Facebook Ads if you want to boost your HVAC company. But how does this ad platform work? How can you increase conversions when working with both B2B and B2C consumers that need HVAC services?

Read on for some basic tips on boosting both residential and commercial HVAC companies with Facebook Ads.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook Ads are the advertising platform that Facebook offers so that you can reach other individuals and businesses that are using Facebook. You identify your target audience, enter relevant demographics, and launch a pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign on Facebook's interface.

Those that you're targeting will then see ads when they are scrolling through their feed. Since the average person spends about 33 minutes per day on Facebook, this is a great way to find those interested in your services while they browse.

Choosing Who to Target

As an HVAC company, you have a very niche audience looking to get services from you. You will need to find an audience that's currently in the market for HVAC services, which means targeting those looking for AC-related keywords. It also means engaging those who have recently liked HVAC-related posts or followed direct competitors.

Still, your target market isn't just those looking for air conditioner repair or replacement. It's those individuals who need HVAC services within your area.

This specification is important because it doesn't just find random theoretical clients that can't actually call one of your technicians on-site. You'll need to target those within your service area in order to get actual clients.

Beyond location, you're going to need to use Google Analytics to see which visitors on your page are most likely to take action (such as scheduling a consultation or filling out a contact form). You will learn the average age and gender of your target audience as well as their incomes and occupations.

All of this information can be used in creating your buyer persona. This fictional rendition of your ideal client is the individual that you need to tailor most of your advertisements, too. You want to entice those as close to your ideal consumer as possible.

Targeting Facebook Ads

Once you have a strong buyer persona, it's time to begin targeting your ads to similar individuals.

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook ads for HVAC companies is that you can target those who already have shown signs of interest in air conditioner repair and replacement services.

You have the option to target users based on different demographics. This may mean targeting nearby users for local HVAC companies. It also may mean targeting people in a certain income bracket or trying to reach out to those who like competitor pages.

This is similar to the way that you target PPC ads towards those on Google Ads or other platforms. However, many of the demographic options Facebook offers are exclusive to the platform. Using Facebook Ads ensures that you target the most relevant users and make the most out of your budget.

Some ways to target users include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location (state, country, or zip code)
  • Occupation/industry
  • Interests (based on liked posts, pages followed, and words/phrases used in past posts)
  • Connections (with other people or companies similar to yours)
  • Languages spoken
  • Relationship status
  • Education level

Being as specific as possible ensures that you get the highest possible ROI from your HVAC Facebook Ads campaign. Make sure to fill in all demographics to the best of your knowledge for the most targeted and accurate results.

Choose Your Platform

At this point, you get to decide where to run your Facebook Ad campaign. This means selecting the devices that you're most interested in showcasing your HVAC advertisement on.

Options include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. You can select any combination of these locations. Instagram is usually critical for HVAC companies targeting B2C consumers rather than B2B ones (assuming that you want to reach people of all ages).

You can also choose to run ads solely on mobile devices if you want. This is a good idea for many HVAC businesses since 15% of internet users are currently mobile-only. Additionally, since people look for air conditioner repair within their area, putting your ad on Smartphones allows for GPS-based local targeting.

Set a Budget

Next, it's time to set a budget for your Facebook Ad campaign. This can be a daily limit or a lifetime limit.

Facebook Ads are pay-per-click (PPC), meaning that you only pay for the number of people who click on them. Every cent you spend went to someone who generated inbound traffic to your website and learned about your services.

This means that you'll never waste any money with the platform. It also means that you will never go over your budget since you enter a pre-set amount. The ad campaign stops when you reach the end of your budget and will not begin again until you renew it.

How Can Your HVAC Company Benefit?

There are several ways that HVAC companies can benefit from Facebook Ads, especially when used in conjunction with other marketing methods. Professionals can help you to integrate them into your HVAC company marketing strategy to maximize your ROI and profits.

Ultimately, Facebook Ads serves as a way to engage people across multiple platforms and generate interest in your business.

Diverse Ad Formatting

One of the reasons for Facebook Ads' success is its diverse options for ad formatting. There are six core options for ads to display on both laptops and mobile devices:

  1. Classic photo
  2. Classic video
  3. Immersive stories
  4. Messenger ads that directly target people via DMs
  5. Carousel ads that show up to 10 images
  6. Slideshow ads with motion, sound, and text

Video content is a great choice since 84% of people are swayed to buy services after seeing video content. If you want a larger advertisement, you can also choose a multi-image format for something eye-grabbing. There are very few limits to what you can upload to Facebook (or Instagram).


Multiple Objectives

Unlike other platforms, Facebook Ads lets HVAC companies choose from one of three objectives for their ad campaign.

The goal of "awareness" means showing your ads to people who will remember them. This means increasing your present and future prospects as much as possible rather than focusing on instant conversions. It is generally best for those with small budgets.

Consideration is an objective that focuses on driving traffic to either your official HVAC website or Facebook page. Its goals are to improve lead generation, get more reactions on your Facebook page, and find those who will DM you on Messenger.

Conversion is generally the best option for those looking to get immediate inquiries about HVAC services. It targets those who actively are looking to fix broken air conditioners or upgrade heating units. It boosts sales and encourages website engagement.

Exclusion Abilities

Facebook Ads also allow you to exclude certain members of your target audience. There's no point in showing your advertisement or offer to those who have already rejected it. You can exclude certain viewers that have already brushed past your ad and instead opt to move these leads to the next stage of the marketing funnel.

Retargeting Options

Retargeting ads also let you reach consumers that are already familiar with your brand. These people may like your HVAC company's Facebook page. They also may be those who have made purchases with you before.

You can opt to retarget users who visited your site before or have previously clicked on advertisements. HVAC social media campaigns then can grab people at all stages of the sales funnel.

CTA First Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad Tips for HVAC Companies

Engaging in a multifaceted marketing campaign can generate a lot of revenue. Just ask Rizen's users! HVAC companies are no exception to this rule, and Facebook Ads are a core part of any marketing campaign for a plethora of reasons.

But how can you generate the most interest in your ads? There are several options:

  • Use bold and clear fonts for any text on the advertisement
  • Keep things minimalist with clear lines, simple shapes, and easy-to-interpret graphics
  • Use infographics and animation to convey data in a fun and memorable way
  • Incorporate multiple images into ads
  • Build your brand with a memorable logo and slogan
  • Showcase photos of your HVAC technicians to form human connections
  • Get testimonials/reviews from satisfied clients

When you keep your ads interesting, engaging, and eye-grabbing, you have a better chance of making an impression.


Start Marketing Your Business the Right Way

CTA Home Services Marketing Solution

We're not going to lie: marketing an HVAC company on Facebook can be a challenge for beginners. Luckily, the pros are here to make your life easier and ensure that your Facebook Ads campaign is a striking success.

Now that you know the basics of HVAC Facebook Ads, it's time to begin planning your marketing strategy. Rizen's experts are happy to help you determine the next steps that you need to take to reach your target audience on social media. Contact us with any questions that you have and get information on reaching your target audience.

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