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10 Ideas for Effective HVAC Social Media Posts This Year

Rogelio Rodriguez
Dec 31, 2021 2:53:46 PM

Are you an HVAC company looking for new ways to stand out on social media? You're not alone. The HVAC industry is filled with competitors, and it's hard to get noticed in the sea of social posts that are out there. This blog post will give you 10 ideas for HVAC-related content that your followers will love.

Post Idea #01: Share informative blog posts about HVAC topics.

One of the best ways to share valuable content with your followers is to write your own blog posts about HVAC topics. This will show them that you're an expert in the field, and it will keep your page top of mind when they're looking for a new HVAC company.

If you don't have a blog section on your HVAC website now, where should you start? First, read our guide on launching a successful blog page on your site. Second, you need to start writing! Here are some topics you could create content about:

  • How to select the best HVAC system
  • Tips for finding a new HVAC company
  • Maintenance schedule recommendations for homeowners
  • The cost of heating and cooling your home
  • How to reduce your energy bills

By sharing your own blog posts on social media, you'll establish yourself as an expert in the field.  And, as an added bonus, you'll generate website traffic from social media followers who want to learn even more about HVAC topics.


Post Idea #02: Share customer success stories.

When your customers are happy, they're likely to shout it from the rooftops (or at least post a review on Google or Facebook). Why not share these positive reviews on your social media channels?

These posts will show followers that you take customer satisfaction seriously, and they'll also give them reassurance that they can trust you to do a great job. Sharing this kind of content is the perfect way to promote yourself without seeming too promotional!


Post Idea #03: Showcase how you've helped customers save money with an infographic

. An infographic is a great way to show your followers how you've helped customers save money on their energy bills. You can showcase your work in an interesting and visually appealing way, and it's a perfect format for sharing statistics and data.

If you're not sure where to start with creating an infographic, check out this tutorial from HubSpot on how to design one of your own.


Post Idea #04: Organize a giveaway or contest

Giveaways and contests are an excellent way to generate some buzz about your company, as well as encourage social media engagement from followers. Think about the kinds of things you could give away - maybe it's something related to HVAC, such as a free consultation or a gift card to a local hardware store.

To make your giveaway even more enticing, consider requiring followers to do something in order to enter (e.g., tag two friends in the comments of your post). This will help you increase reach and get more people involved!


Post Idea #05: Share photos of your team in action

People love seeing behind-the-scenes content, and that goes for HVAC companies too! Share photos of your team in action as they're working on a project or servicing a customer's unit.

Not only will this give followers a glimpse into what your company is like, but it will also show them that you're a real, relatable company.


Post Idea #06: Host Live videos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Twitter chats can be an awesome way to engage with followers on social media - especially if you host them regularly! The idea is simple: ask your audience questions about their HVAC needs or challenges, then use the answers to create helpful blog posts or videos.

But what if you want to go one step further? Why not try hosting a live video on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? This will give followers the chance to see and hear from you directly, and it can be a great way to answer questions in real-time.


Post Idea #07:  Share a "day in the life" series

Everyone loves reading about other people's lives, and your followers are no exception! A great way to engage with them is by sharing a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like working for an HVAC company. You could alternate between workdays on different shifts or even show off a few different departments within your company.

This type of series is a great way to humanize your business and show followers that you're more than just a logo on their TV screens!


Post Idea #08: Launch an "Ask Me Anything" post

An "ask me anything" (AMA) post can be a fun way to engage with followers on social media. The idea is simple: you pose a question (or several questions) and allow followers to ask you anything they want.

This type of post can be a great way to get feedback from your audience, as well as learn more about their needs and challenges. It's also a perfect opportunity for you to show off your expertise and credibility as an industry leader.


Post Idea #09: Share a tutorial on how to do something for home HVAC units

From changing the batteries in your thermostat to troubleshooting different problems, there's always more than one way to complete common tasks related to HVAC maintenance. Use this opportunity to share your expertise with your followers by creating helpful tutorials on how to do things themselves.

Not only will this help you build trust and credibility with followers, but it could also lead to more leads coming your way!


Post Idea #10: Share a case study of a recent project

If you've recently completed a project that you're proud of, why not use social media to show it off? Case studies are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and showcase the results that you can produce for others. Think about sharing before-and-after photos or an interview with a client who has benefited from working with your company.

This type of post will give followers insight into what you can do for them, and it could turn into a valuable lead in the process.


When Should You Advertise Your Company Directly?

It's important to ensure your social media pages provide value to followers, and simply touting your own services isn't the right way! Our previous post ideas will help you engage potential customers and begin building trust.

You can still tout your company, though. Just use the 80/20 rule when planning content for your social media page. What is the 80/20 rule?

It means that 80% of your content should focus on providing value to followers, while 20% can be used for promoting your company.

Don't forget - you never want to look desperate or needy! There's a time and place when it comes to advertising directly, so make sure you know the difference between self-promotion and engaging with potential customers.


Need Help Growing Your Social Media Presence? Rizen Can Help!

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all of the content ideas listed here, don't worry! Rizen has you covered.

Learn more about our other smart marketing strategies with our COVID-Era Guide to Getting More Results from HVAC Marketing.

We also offer social media marketing services that tie into a larger plan designed for long-term success. We can help you grow your following and reach more potential customers!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our plans and how we can help you achieve your goals this year!

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