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Podcast Episode 10: Inbound Success Stories w/ Alco Windows & Doors

Jeffrey Lambert
Apr 24, 2019 1:19:00 PM


The Inbound method is changing the way business and customers interact, and there are countless success stories from brands that have made the switch. On a regular basis, we’ll be inviting business owners to discuss why they converted to inbound, how it impacted their business, and what advice they have for other companies. Today we’ll be talking to the owner of Alco Windows and Doors, Luis Alvarez. That’s next on Rizen Academy.

Episode Transcript

Jeff Lambert:                00:00                The inbound method is changing the way businesses and customers interact and there are countless success stories from brands that have made the switch on a regular basis. We'll be inviting business owners to discuss why they converted to inbound, how it impacted their business, and what advice they have for other companies. Today we'll be talking to the owner of Alco Windows & Doors based in Miami, Florida. That's next on Inbound Academy.

Jeff Lambert:                00:41                Hello everybody and welcome to Inbound Academy. I'm your host, Jeff Lambert. I'm really excited today to sit down and talk with Luis Alvarez, who's the owner of Alco Windows & Doors in Miami, Florida. Luis called in on Skype and we were able to connect by a digital means to be able to talk about his experience so he could share that with our audience. So let's get right into the conversation.

Jeff Lambert:                01:08                So Luis, thank you so much for coming on the show and making the time to be able to talk to some of our other listeners about your experience. Why don't we start off with talking about your business. What service does your business provide?

Luis Alvarez:                 01:20                We provide the sale and service of impact windows and doors. We do commercial and residential projects all over South Florida.

Jeff Lambert:                01:30                And how did you come up with your business idea?

Luis Alvarez:                 01:33                Well, I thought I saw a good opportunity, being that we're in south Florida. Pretty much over 80% of the homes here aren't hurricane-proof, and having family members in the impact window business, I saw a good opportunity, and you know, starting the business. And It's, it's going well.

Jeff Lambert:                01:53                Well, hey, that's great to hear that things are going well for you! And certainly since I've just moved to Miami, I'm realizing the importance of investing in impact doors and windows myself, especially with the increase in natural disasters that's occurring. So, talk to me a little bit about how you learned about inbound marketing and sales?

Luis Alvarez:                 02:11                Well having friends that are marketers especially like Will and Rod, they mentioned how marketing has been evolving and changing. As opposed to us putting a picture or an ad on the expressway, you know, going after the clients, our goal through inbound is instead of chasing the client we have the client look for our services. I definitely did see a better opportunity, you know, doing it that way.

Jeff Lambert:                02:50                Now, did you run into any issues or problems when you first made this switch?

Luis Alvarez:                 02:54                Well, I think like any business, having customers! But you know, I'm generating leads. That was, you know, what a starting company was I guess the main issue. But with your help, we're definitely growing.

Jeff Lambert:                03:12                Now, as you made the switch to inbound overall, did you see an impact with the relationship that you had with your customers?

Luis Alvarez:                 03:22                Well, like I mentioned before, since I'm doing the inbound approach, basically we have customers looking for our services, so that dynamic's a little different than having to cold call or chase customers. They are actually looking for us. So it's an easier sales process. And me, I come from a math background. I really didn't have a sales background. It helped me a lot. I was a lot less timid in the sales approach because I knew that this customer was actually looking for the service and product I am providing.

Jeff Lambert:                04:00                And how has the switch to inbound impacted your business growth overall?

Luis Alvarez:                 04:05                Well, I mean I am a math guy, so definitely in the past year we've over quadrupled in sales. So definitely, it's been a blessing. And we're our first quarter we basically almost quadrupled our, our first quarter from our previous year. So we're definitely growing at a nice rate.

Jeff Lambert:                04:33                Well that's certainly great to hear, Luis. I mean that is phenomenal growth that you're experiencing. For other business owners that are listening to this podcast, where do you recommend that they should start if they're interested in beginning a journey into inbound?

Luis Alvarez:                 04:48                I definitely would reach out to you guys. You guys are the experts, you know, one of the experts that you're hearing in the state of the inbound approach. And I'm teamed up with Hubspot. I think, you know, definitely reaching out to you guys and I'm going to Hubspot and watching videos that they have. I think will be a great start to having a good understanding, or a basic understanding, of what the inbound methodology is.

Jeff Lambert:                05:18                And just to give you a chance to talk a little bit more about your company for people interested in what you're selling. So where can people learn more about your company? Alco Windows & Doors?

Luis Alvarez:                 05:28                Well, I mean, definitely follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at Alco Windows. Also, go to our website. We do have a lot of great information there under the service and products we provide. And you can also follow our blog or you can reach us directly at our telephone number. (888) 877-2526.

Jeff Lambert:                05:51                Well Luis, thanks again for taking the time to come on the show and before we close, is there anything else like to say to our audience?

Luis Alvarez:                 05:59                Basically, I'm very thankful for for all your help and your teachings, and to make it a great 2019.

Jeff Lambert:                06:07                All right, well thank you again Luis for joining us on the show and to our listeners, thank you for joining us today. Remember, you can expect a new episode every weekday, always no longer than 10 minutes and always filled with advice that's going to help you grow your business. And remember, if you're looking for an experienced, friendly and results driven team that can help you market your business more effectively, check out, Rizen by going to go You can also follow them on social media. They're available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin just by searching for the username RizenInbound. Again. That's one word, RizenInbound. See you on the next episode, and thank you so much for tuning in!


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