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Podcast Episode 19: The Content Audit

Jeffrey Lambert
May 13, 2019 5:27:00 PM

Today on Inbound Academy we’re going to help you get your content library in order. From A-Z, we have a plan to categorize, label, and assign relevant information to get the most out of your creations.

Episode Transcript


Jeff Lambert:                00:13                Hello and welcome to Inbound Academy brought to you by Rizen. I'm your host Jeff Lambert. As part of the content compass plan, we've been discussing a portion called the content audit. Now this specific section can be incredibly helpful in mapping out what content you already have and the gaps that you need to fill in your strategy to discuss how to perform a successful content audit. I'm joined by Will Aviila, the COO at Rizen. Will, thanks for coming by.

Will Avila:                     00:43                Thanks for having me.

Jeff Lambert:                00:45                So when should I do a content audit? Should I do it before or after I complete that content compass?

Will Avila:                     00:52                Probably best to do it before your compass so you know exactly what content you have to work with. And I wouldn't let it stop you if you already have a compass created. Content is really is an ongoing process. You know, you add the content you create to it every month after new content is created and repeat over and over. So it's an ongoing document that you have.

Jeff Lambert:                01:16                And I should probably back up a step and ask you why is it beneficial to do a content audit?

Will Avila:                     01:22                Yeah. The reason you want to do a content audit is because you want to understand the assets that you have to work with. So let's say you do the audit and you find, "wow! I'm only talking to, let's say doctors." But you're not talking to patients, and maybe you're targeting doctors and patients or maybe you were talking to homeowners, but you should be targeting homeowners, builders, general contractors. So you'll find that, "oh, I don't really address the different personas that I should be addressing." Or you may find that, "wow, I have a lot of awareness level content, but no consideration or decision." So, I help people who are researching but I don't necessarily provide, you know, a comparison of their different options. So they'll get that information elsewhere and then they may go with somebody else because you don't have that information.

Jeff Lambert:                02:14                I'm assuming too, this would prevent you from creating duplicate pieces of content, correct?

Will Avila:                     02:18                Yeah, absolutely.

Jeff Lambert:                02:20                So, so what sections, if I'm, if I'm filling out the content audit, what section should I have in that spreadsheet or in that document?

Will Avila:                     02:27                You should have the title. And this is important for filing purposes to recall later on. Format. So is it a blog post, is it a video? Is that enough for graphics? Is it an ebook? The next thing you want to cover in there is the buyer's journey. So who is this content meant to attract? Right? And what stage is that person? So you're targeting a homeowner in the consideration stage versus a homeowner in the stage marketing campaign. So is it attached to a specific initiative or drive? For example, you may have a campaign to bring in, I don't know, say 10 lawyers write 10 lawyer clients or you have a campaign too install when those for 20 houses. So, so that would be the actual campaign. And then of course the buyer persona is who are you targeting? Are you targeting the doctor? Are you targeting the lawyer? Are you targeting the homeowner? Are you targeting the modern marketer? You need to create content with language tailored to their specific challenges and goals.

Jeff Lambert:                03:40                And to our listeners, if you're interested in creating buyer personas for your organization, we have a previous episode that discusses that completely as well as we have a template on Rizen's website that you can download to be able to create that first buyer persona to have a guide to do that. So Will, I've entered all of my content as a business owner. I've included all the blog posts, the videos, the infographics, like you said. I've filled out these sections. What should I do with this information? Now that I've compiled it?

Will Avila:                     04:09                You want to look for gaps. Do you have enough content for each stage? Do you have enough content for each persona? Have you addressed the challenges and helped them figure out how to reach their goals? So that's the kind of information you're looking for. Also, I think it's good to mention that this really prevents duplication, right? Or focusing too much on one person focusing too much on one stage, which can be a waste of time and money. Especially if you're targeting other people. Just a oquick example: let's say you're a contractor. You work with the general public, but if you're a contractor, let's say that a builder or general contractor is more likely to give you more business with less problems and repeat business versus a traditional homeowner. So you want to make sure that you are focusing the content where the revenue is at for your business.

Jeff Lambert:                05:24                So, does risen provide any sort of visual way that I can get an idea for how to look at a content compass or maybe a template that I can use?

Will Avila:                     05:33                Yeah, absolutely. We use a template in Excel or Google Sheet document. We use this for all our clients.

Jeff Lambert:                05:43                Okay. So to our listeners, I'll make sure to include a link to that in the show notes so you can download the content compass, which contains a content audit in the workbook. So thank you for coming by and talking about this topic. Will, and I'm looking forward to sitting down with you in the future.

Will Avila:                     06:00                Thanks for having me.


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