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5 Steps to Turn Low-Performing Pool Cleaning Ads Around

Nichole Mena
Apr 22, 2024 9:09:54 PM

In an industry as competitive as pool construction and maintenance, standing out is crucial to ensure business growth and profitability. More than creating magnificent water fixtures, understanding how to advertise your services effectively is vital to your success.

If done right, pool cleaning ads offer an excellent way to increase your client base for all services, including installations and remodels. A double bonus lies in the fact that these ad types can further cement your position in the market.

Stick with us, because we'll shed light on proven advertising fixes and improvements tailored for pool builders and construction companies. Whether you're starting or have been in the industry for years, there's always room for improvement. 

"The goal here isn't just about attracting customers; it's about attracting the right kind of customers. Understanding your target audience is the first and arguably the most important step in any marketing campaign."

Why Some Pool Cleaning Ads Fail

A Facebook ad for a pool cleaning service designed to look neglected, with cobwebs symbolizing user indifference. The wide ad is cluttered with excess

Many pool cleaning ads fail due to a variety of reasons:

  • A common mistake among pool builders and construction companies is targeting the wrong audience. You may have a well-designed ad, but if it is showcased to those who do not need pool cleaning services, the advertisement will likely yield minimal returns.
  • Another common pitfall is vague messaging. Customers appreciate clarity and a direct approach. If they cannot immediately discern the kind of pool cleaning services you offer and their benefits from your advertisement, they will likely move on to competitors who provide clear solutions to their needs.
  • Low-balling your ad spending budget could be another common mistake pool builders make. Setting aside an inadequate monthly reserve for your pool cleaning ads may limit your potential reach and miss out on interested customers. 
  • Yet another reason your ads aren't converting is that you've tired out potential customers. How many clicks does it take to get to your actual offer? How about to book a consultation? If the user has to navigate multiple steps to get what's promised in an ad, they may prematurely abandon the journey.

Now that you understand the causes of why your ads might be failing, lets cover some steps you can take to turn your efforts around and generate more pool service leads.

Tip #1: Re-Target Your Swimming Pool Ads

target audience pool cleaning ads

When planning your pool cleaning ads, the first crucial step is profiling your ideal customers. There are two main segments to consider while targeting your strategies - commercial and residential clients.

For commercial clients, think of businesses such as hotels, gyms, and schools that have swimming pools. These businesses usually need regular and extensive pool maintenance. So, point out in your pool cleaning ads how your services can handle the sheer size and requirement of commercial pools.

On the other hand, residential clients, usually homeowners with personal swimming pools, may have different needs. Emphasize how your pool cleaning service can help maintain their pool's pristine condition for their family to enjoy.

What Pool Builders Need to Know About Their Clients' Needs 

Typically, residential pool owners prioritize safety features and maintenance ease, while commercial pool owners may be more concerned with compliance with health standards and the durability of materials used. Each client presents unique requirements that ought to be aptly addressed. 

For instance, residential owners may be drawn to ads that portray a beautiful, easy-to-maintain pool to complement their home's aesthetics. They may also be interested in other auxiliary services, such as upgrades and repairs, selling pool equipment, or enticing maintenance plans that promise a hassle-free ownership experience. Align your pool cleaning ads to provide solutions to these specific needs, offering benefits attractive to these potential customers

On the other hand, commercial pool owners, such as hotels or fitness facilities, might value services that promise longevity and regular maintenance to ensure regulatory compliance. They could be attracted to ads that showcase expertise and experience in pool cleaning, highlighting professionalism and reassuring longevity. Free inspections can be a solid strategy to demonstrate your commitment to maintaining high standards. 

Tip #2: Get Specific With Your Messaging


To get your pool cleaning ads to perform better, one crucial aspect to work on is what you're saying. You will see a considerable difference in ad performance by making your messages more specific and aligned with your target audience's needs and desires. 

The Key Elements of a Compelling Pool Cleaning Ad 

Your ad's messaging starts with an attention-grabbing headline. This is what your potential clients read first, and it's essential for drawing them in.

  • Begin with a headline that is brief, clear, and able to communicate the benefit your pool cleaning service provides immediately. Remember to incorporate some of your chosen keywords here for improved search engine visibility.
  • Next, the body of your ad should use persuasive language that speaks directly to your client's desires. Highlight what they stand to gain by choosing your pool cleaning service. For instance, stress the convenience your service offers or the peace of mind that comes with a clean, well-maintained pool.
  • Your ad's selling point shouldn't be an afterthought. Your unique selling point (or USP) sets your pool cleaning service apart from your competitors. It's what can make a potential client choose your service over others. This could be your extensive experience, exceptional customer service, affordable pricing, or other unique attributes about your service. Be sure to emphasize this in your ad. 

Visuals and Media That Work Best for Pool Ads 

Visual components are significant in ad effectiveness, especially for a business like pool building and maintenance where aesthetic results matter.

High-quality images of sparkling clean pools could immediately trigger the desire for your service. Ensure the pictures in your ads are professionally done and showcase your pool cleaning work's best results. Nobody would say no to a crystal-clear and debris-free pool, right?

Video content, on the other hand, can be a strong supportive element for your ad messaging. Create short but powerful videos showcasing the entire process of pool cleaning - this transparency in your process can earn potential clients' trust. 

The visual aesthetics of your ad must resonate with your prospective customers' tastes. A carefully designed ad in terms of colors, fonts, images, and layout significantly affects the audience's perception and emotional response. Maintaining a cohesive, professional visual brand throughout your ad campaigns can lead to higher recognition and increased trust.

Crafting an effective pool cleaning ad involves a fine balance between powerful, concise wording and visually appealing media stories. By focusing on these aspects, your ads can engage more prospective customers, prompting them to choose your service over others.

Tip #3: Re-Think Your Ads Budget Allocation

pool ads budget guidance

When it comes to your advertising budget, it's essential to consider your business size and expected return. A smaller budget will be more appropriate for a small pool construction company or a start-up. 

For such businesses, it's advisable to start small and scale up as you track more positive campaign results. Avoid allocating a hefty budget since it can lead to large losses if the ads are not as profitable as anticipated. This risk can be absorbed more comfortably for larger companies, thus providing more flexibility to experiment with larger budgets. 

Expected return on investment (ROI) also plays a crucial role in the ad budgeting process. Begin by estimating your expected revenue from the ad campaign and the potential gain in new clients. It's all about balance - should the expected returns justify the investment, allocating a higher budget won't necessarily be a bad move. 

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Pool Cleaning Ads 

In online advertising, measuring your ad campaign's effectiveness is achieved by leveraging diverse tools and metrics. Google Analytics, for example, is a free and powerful tool that can provide insights into your paid ad performance. Here, you can monitor clicks, impressions, and conversion rates. 

Another essential metric to focus on is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This metric reflects how much your business spends to acquire a new customer - the lower, the better. By monitoring the CPA, you can determine if the ad cost aligns with the profit gained from these new customers. 

Based on these analytics, you can work out the adjustments needed to optimize your pool cleaning ads. For instance, if a particular ad results in a high click-through rate but low conversions, it might indicate an issue with the landing page you're directing your audience to. On the other hand, a low click-through rate might hint towards a less engaging ad, necessitating changes in the ad copy or visual elements.

Remember, continuous monitoring and adjustments based on these analytics are the keystones of an effective pool construction advertising strategy. It allows for data-driven decision-making, which can accelerate your business growth tremendously.

Tip #4: Simplify the Steps to Get Your Offer

Pool Ad CTA Ideas

It's easy to ask your customers to do too many tasks.

Picture this. You're a pool builder wanting to get more consultations through a Facebook Ad. Your listing says, “Book Now!” and directs your potential customer to your website. The customer must go through your products page, find the “Booking” page, read about your services, and finally get to an online scheduler. It sounds good, but all that extra work can put people off.

The reality is that the customer clicked on your ad to book a consultation. When it turned out to be a lengthy process, they lost interest. How can you fix this? By simplifying your calls to action (CTAs):  

  • A Facebook ad that says “Book Now!” should direct the customer to a consultation scheduler.
  • A Facebook ad that says “View Our Gallery” should take the viewer right to images of your completed pool construction projects.
  • A Facebook ad reading “Get 50% Off Installation” should actually take the user to that landing page to secure that deal.

Remember, each advertisement must be consistent in its messaging and fulfill its promise to the user. So, when designing and executing your advertising for pool builders or pool cleaning services, thoughtful planning is essential. 

Wrapping Up: Final Thoughts on Boosting Your Pool Cleaning Ads

Pool service advertising ideas GoRizen

In conclusion, your success in any pool cleaning ad campaign lies in your profound understanding of your target audience—their needs, preferences, and concerns.

Once you know who exactly you’re reaching out to, crafting a compelling message based on these insights becomes easier. Your ad must combine engaging headlines, persuasive language, and your pool cleaning service’s unique selling point, seized into compelling visuals and media. 

Choosing the right channel to place your ad is equally crucial. Digital advertising can help you reach a wide audience, while traditional advertising provides that local touch. You can effectively target local clients with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Building your advertising campaign within your budget limits and monitoring its impact on your return on investment (ROI) can help you efficiently hit your targets. Employed properly, tracking tools and analytics can help adjust strategies based on the ad campaigns' performance. 

This guide aims to give you a thorough understanding of creating effective pool cleaning ads that can attract more clients, increase your business visibility, and enhance your bottom line. However, every beautiful pool you've built is unique, and so is your company. Therefore, it's vital to experiment with different strategies, be creative and innovative, and monitor the results closely. Always learn from your successes as well as your failures. 

Finding what works best for you in an ever-competitive pool cleaning business will give you the edge. Hesitation can be your adversary; kick-start your journey now. For further learning and services, check out our full guide about How Digital Marketing Helps Pool Builders 10X Leads and Grow Faster.

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