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30 Unique Pool Service Advertising Ideas to Try in 2024

William Avila
Apr 17, 2024 2:04:16 PM

As we enter 2024, business trends are changing fast, especially in the pool construction industry. Regular flyers or basic digital ads are simply not enough anymore. If you're a pool construction company owner, you must embrace innovative advertising to stay competitive. This article is here to help you do just that.

We'll share 30 unique pool service advertising ideas to improve your business visibility, attract new customers, and help shape your brand narrative. So, keep reading to ensure your business stays on top of the competition. 

Remember, advertising is not just about selling your services—it's about telling your brand's unique story and connecting with customers on a personal level. Be ready to get creative!

We've covered everything from understanding the 2024 pool-building landscape to digital strategies and traditional advertising with a unique twist. We'll also discuss building brand loyalty, a foundational element often overlooked in the advertising buzz. There's much to learn and implement, so let's dive right in!

Understanding the Pool Service Market in 2024

pool service marketing ideas

The pool service market in 2024 is deeply affected by three main elements:

  • New market trends
  • Shifting consumer habits
  • The growing role of technology.

Let's dig deeper into these topics.

1. New Market Trends

The pool service industry has seen the rise of several trends, from an increasing demand for eco-friendly pool solutions to the emergence of smart pools integrated with automated cleaning and maintenance systems

Implementing these trends into your pool services offers a competitive edge and propels clients to choose you over competitors.

2. Changing Consumer Behaviors

Customer expectations in 2024 have drastically shifted. They now seek faster, high-communicative pool construction services with excellent customer support. 

Additionally, customers are becoming more environmentally conscious, opting for green, energy-efficient pool systems. Customization is also desired, with clients wanting unique pool designs that reflect personal tastes and lifestyle needs. 

3. Impact of Technology

Without a doubt, technology is a game-changer in the pool service industry. The evolution of smart pools equipped with IoT technologies makes it easier for service providers to ensure timely maintenance. 

Additionally, augmented reality (AR) has opened new opportunities for pool design, providing virtual previews to customers before construction begins. It's essential to leverage these technologies to provide unparalleled service and to stay competitive in the market. 

Staying ahead in the pool service industry in 2024 requires businesses to stay informed about the current trends, deeply understand their customers' changing needs and desires, and capitalize on the latest technological innovations. You'll need this awareness to draw up effective marketing strategies later on.

Digital Advertising Strategies to Try This Year

digital advertising pool builders

1) Use More Drone Footage

Showcase the scale and beauty of your pool installations through breathtaking drone videos, ideal for sharing on YouTube and your website.

2) 360-Degree Virtual Tours

Offer virtual tours of completed pool projects using 360-degree video technology, allowing potential clients to explore your work in immersive detail from their own device.

3) Pool Transformation Contests

Run a contest where participants submit photos of their old pools to win a makeover. This creates before-and-after narratives that showcase your expertise and transformation capabilities.

4) Live Design Sessions on Social Media

Host live sessions with a pool designer on platforms like Instagram or Facebook Live, where they sketch pool designs in real-time while answering audience questions.

5) Augmented Reality (AR) Postcards: 

Send out AR-enabled postcards in local neighborhoods that come to life with videos of pool designs and special offers when scanned with a phone.

6) Podcast Sponsorships on Key Shows:

Look for popular podcasts related to outdoor living spaces or home improvement and offer to pay for ads promoting your company. Make the focused on the joy and value a new pool can add to a home.

7) Niche Social Media Campaigns

Target niche platforms like Houzz or Nextdoor, creating content tailored to communities interested in home improvement and luxury outdoor spaces.

8) Digital Pool Service Loyalty Program

Introduce a digital loyalty program where customers earn points for regular maintenance services, referrals, or sharing your content on social media, redeemable for discounts or free services.

9) Gamified Ad Experiences

Develop an online game or quiz related to pool care or design, with discount codes or prize draws for participation, increasing engagement and learning about pool maintenance.

10) Collaborative Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Launch a campaign promoting eco-friendly pool systems with special discounts, partnering with eco-conscious brands to enhance the campaign’s reach and appeal.

11) AI-Driven Pool Monitoring System

Promote an AI tool that predicts when a pool will need maintenance or treatment, sending automated alerts to the pool owner's phone or device.

12) Virtual Reality (VR) Showroom

Set up a VR showroom where potential clients can wear VR headsets to walk around and interact with various pool designs and landscapes, providing an immersive pre-sale experience.

13) Dynamic Weather-Triggered Ads

Implement ads that are triggered by local weather conditions. For example, on the first hot day of the season, your ads can automatically start displaying on social media and Google, reminding homeowners that it's the perfect time to prepare their pool. Similarly, offer special promotions before the forecasted heatwaves or at the end of the swimming season for maintenance and cover-up services.

14) Pool Renovation Video Web Series

Create a web series documenting the transformation of outdated or damaged pools into luxurious retreats. Each episode could cover a different project, showcasing the challenges and the creative solutions your team implements.

15) Seasonal Pool Photo Contests

Organize a photo contest where customers can submit their best pool photos during different seasons—summer splashes, autumn leaves on the pool cover, or winterized pools under snow. Utilize social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook for submissions and have followers vote for their favorites. Offer attractive prizes such as free seasonal maintenance or upgrades. 

Physical Advertising Ideas to Test This Year

pool advertising example

1) Create Pool-Shaped Mailers

Send out direct mail in the shape of a pool featuring vibrant images and information about your services. This unique shape will stand out in the mail and grab attention.

2) Showcase Pools Pop-Up Events

Set up temporary, small-scale versions of pools in popular community spaces or events, showing the quality of work and design capabilities in a live setting.

3) Sell Custom Pool Covers with Ads

Offer custom-designed pool covers that feature stylish advertisements for your services. These can be seen from above by drones, satellites, or multi-story buildings.

4) Host a Dive-In Movie Night

Sponsor a dive-in movie night at a local community pool with handouts and display ads showcasing your designs and services.

5) Get Pool Decking Samples in Home Improvement Stores

Partner with local home improvement stores to display samples of your pool decking materials, complete with QR codes linking to a gallery of your work.

6) Display Mini Interactive Model Pools in Shopping Malls

Install interactive model pools in high-traffic shopping malls where people can see and touch the materials and design elements and even hear simulated pool sounds.

7) Host a Pool Care Workshop

Host free workshops on pool maintenance and upgrades in your showroom or at community centers, providing attendees with branded materials and special offers.

8) Arrange Realty Partnership Promotions

Work with real estate agents to offer promotions or informational brochures to new homeowners or those in high-end neighborhoods.

9) Pool Safety Seminars

Organize pool safety seminars and distribute free safety gear branded with your logo, like pool covers or alarms.

10) Create Floating Billboards

Use floating billboards in popular lakes or beaches during peak seasons to advertise pool-building services.

11) Sell Branded Water Testing Kits

Offer free branded water testing kits in local pool supply stores or at events, which can help pool owners and promote your brand.

12) Host a Pool-Themed Community Events

Sponsor or host community events with a pool theme, like "Build Your Dream Pool," design contests for kids, and offer scholarships or donations to schools as prizes.

13) Invest in Bus and/or Bench Advertising

Place ads on local buses and benches in neighborhoods with high rates of pool ownership, showcasing stunning pool designs and testimonials.

14) Offer Seasonal Decoration Kits

Sell or give away branded seasonal decoration kits for pool areas, promoting your service around major holidays or pool opening seasons.

15) Create Branded Poolside Essentials

Distribute branded items such as towels, flip-flops, or sunscreen at local pool clubs or through partnerships with hotels and resorts.

Invitation for Action: Exploring More Resources on Pool Service Advertising

pool service advertising business GoRizen

Thanks for joining us on this deep dive into pool service advertising. We've tripped across the terrain of innovative advertising strategies, discussing the emergence of drone footage and virtual reality tours and how they are setting a new pace in the industry. 

You've probably got a rush of ideas flowing now, and we firmly advocate that you let them take the lead. It's fertile soil for creativity; don't be afraid to experiment and mix things up. 

Remember, the goal is to find what resonates best with your audience. It's all about capturing their attention and keeping them engaged. As customer trends evolve, keep reevaluating your strategies and stay adaptive.

If there's one key takeaway, thinking outside the pool can yield inspiring and profitable results. 

But wait, there’s more. If this deep dive into pool service advertising piqued your interest, we have a load of resources on:

If you need personalized guidance or additional insights on advertising your pool business online, reach out to us today for a free 15-minute brainstorming session with us.

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