SEO Tips for Stronger Solar Marketing

Nichole Mena
Dec 5, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Solar installation is having a moment in the United States right now. Your potential sales could be skyrocketing, but competitors are popping up everywhere.

How can you beat them to the sale? Be more visible by getting on the first page. 

Showing up at the top of search engines can help. We'll show you how.

First Off- Let's Explain Solar SEO in 60 Seconds (or less)

To put it succinctly, Solar SEO is a branch of digital marketing dedicated to boosting your solar business's search engine rankings, making your company more visible, and in turn, inking more potential customer contracts. 


Why is Solar SEO Essential? 

As a business owner in the solar industry, your goal is to consistently attract new leads, convert leads into customers, and eventually grow your solar business. That's where Solar SEO, a key part of any solar marketing strategy, comes into play.

By optimizing your business website to rank highly on search engines like Google and Bing, you're essentially putting your solar company in front of potential customers who are actively searching for solar panel systems and solar installation services. 

How SEO Has Changed (and Where its Headed)

In the ever-changing digital landscape, it's important to understand that the search engine optimization (SEO) approach for solar companies has evolved significantly.

Gone are the days when stuffing your solar company website with keywords like 'solar panels' and 'solar power' would gain you the top spot on search engines.

Today, successful solar marketing strategies heavily rely on creating high-quality content that offers value to your potential customers. 

The power dynamics of the internet marketing world have shifted towards the users, which means that search engines prioritize the customer's perspective like never before. Your solar company needs to offer valuable content to your site visitors or you won't rank in search engines.

This can be through informative blog posts on solar energy, videos of successful solar installation projects, or helpful guides that educate customers about solar power and its benefits. After all, Companies that blog receive 97% more links to their website.


The Future of SEO

Conducting keyword research relevant to the solar industry is still important, but what’s evn more crucial now is the user experience on your website. As part of your solar marketing strategy, your site should be speedy, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. 

Furthermore, establishing authority has become crucial in today's SEO landscape. Google, the leading search engine, evaluates a site's credibility based on the number of quality backlinks it has. This means your solar business needs to generate organic traffic by networking with reputable sites in the solar industry and striving to get featured on their platforms.

Last but not least, remember that SEO is a long-term strategy that requires patience and persistence. It is not like paid ads where you can spend thousands and see immediate results. The solar industry can be highly competitive and it might take time before you start ranking on the first page of search results.

Given these trends' trajectory, the solar industry's future of SEO appears to focus even more tightly on user experience, content quality, and website authority. 

By incorporating these tactics into your solar marketing strategy, you not only make your website more favorable to search engines, but also establish a stronger, more meaningful relationship with your potential customers.

The Keys to Getting to Page One on Search Engines

Solar SEO is all about leveraging the power of search engines to direct potential clients to your solar company website. It's not enough to complete one of the steps mentioned below.

You must work them all into the same strategy. That's where other solar companies often fail - but you won't. 

A proper solar SEO strategy MUST include:

  1. Keyword Research: Identifying the right keywords is vital. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner can help in this endeavor.
  2. On-Page SEO: Ensure that each page on your site, from service details to blog posts, is optimized with targeted keywords.
  3. Off-Page SEO: This involves improving elements outside your website that may influence search engine results, such as building high-quality backlinks.
  4. Local SEO: Since your solar business most likely serves a specific geographical area, make sure you're ranking in local search engine results.

Let's go through each element of this solar marketing formula and uncover what you'll need to do for maximum SEO success.


SEO Tip #1: Keyword Research

Sure, generating a list of keywords with the word "solar" in them is easy. But which keywords are worth chasing AND have you expanded your search radius outside of this narrow scope? 

Let there be light on the topic of keyword expansion. Besides typical “solar” terms, think more comprehensively about what potential customers might search for. For instance, have you tried terms such as:

  1. "how to reduce electrical bill"
  2. "environmentally friendly power sources"
  3. "government solar incentives"

The key here is to cast a wider net and you could find yourself swimming in a pool of lead potential. 

Utilizing Long-Tail Keywords 

Now, let's talk about long-tail keywords. Sure, focusing on shorter, high-volume keywords can be tempting, but consider this: Long-tail keywords tend to attract more quality leads – think clients ready to sign on the dotted line.

They're more specific and, therefore, targeted towards motivated buyers. Imagine the difference between someone searching for “solar businesses” versus “solar installation services near me.” There's a clear difference in buyer intent, which you want to tap into. Some examples include:

  • "Solar panel installation services in [city name]"
  • "Cost of solar panels in [state name]"
  • "Best solar providers near me"
  • "Residential solar panel installation"
  • "Commercial solar energy solutions"
  • "Benefits of solar energy for homes in [region]"
  • "Solar panel maintenance services"
  • "Affordable solar installation providers"


Including Geographical Keywords 

In the world of solar lead generation, local is the name of the game. You’ll need to harness the power of geographical keywords. After all, you’re looking for clients in specific locales.

People often search for local businesses using geographical keywords like "solar panel installers in Arizona" or "solar services in Texas". Ensure you optimize your content to rank higher for these location-based searches. 

A Final Word on Timing 

Finally, remember that timing plays a big role in the search process. As summer approaches and the days get longer, people start thinking about the potential of solar energy. Use this to your advantage by emphasizing seasonal keywords and ramping up your marketing efforts at the right time. 

Think of keyword research as digging for gold: It’s an operation that requires both precision and a broad view. Investing time in unearthing the right keywords can serve as a powerful booster for your solar business growth.


SEO Tip #2: On-Page SEO

In the ever-competitive world of renewable energy, deciphering how to begin a solar marketing strategy for your solar company can be as intricate as designing a high-efficiency solar panel system.

It's not just about putting your solar company's name out there; it's about ensnaring potential customers and converting them into not just consumers of your product but advocates for your brand.

As an owner in the solar business, you're not just selling solar installation; you're selling a sustainable future. And the powerful tool nestled in your arsenal is a rock-solid solar marketing strategy. 

"Solar marketing isn't just about advertising or trying to generate leads, but about propelling the message of sustainable living. It's about guiding your audience through a journey from awareness to decision-making, making them advocates of your brand."


SEO Tip #3: Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a vital part of your solar marketing strategy, whether used for lead generation or to drive customers to your solar business. But, what is off-page SEO?

It's a term used for all activities outside the boundaries of your solar company website, meant to improve your site’s position in search engine results. Let’s explore some essential off-page SEO tactics. 

Social Media Presence 

To maximize reach, distribute your content across your social media channels. This includes running social media marketing campaigns monitored and managed by a proficient marketing agency or an in-house team, to reach your target audience effectively.

Remember to track the responses to your marketing efforts and make adjustments as necessary. 

Online Reputation and Reviews 

A strong online reputation can do wonders for your solar company. This process, known as reputation management, is an essential marketing tool in the digital age.

Raving success stories, excellent customer service, and outstanding online reviews can help set your business apart. 

Backlinks and Referral Traffic 

Link-building is essential to SEO, fortifying your solar lead generation efforts. Let's dive into why this digital marketing strategy outshines many others and how your solar business can draw power from it. 

In the virtual space, think of links as the electrical conductors of the internet, passing 'authority' or 'juice' between websites. Not only do these links guide the site users in their online journey, but they also help search engines understand the structure of the web and index it accordingly.

The more high-quality backlinks you can generate, the more you showcase your website's value and credibility to search engines, leading to better rankings. 


SEO Tip #4: Local SEO

In the world of renewable energy, the solar industry is a rapidly growing market. But what exactly is solar marketing? Solar marketing involves promoting solar panels, solar installation services, and other products. 

The goal is to increase visibility, attract potential customers, and grow your solar business. Given the growing popularity of renewable energy sources, there is a huge opportunity for your solar company to flourish with the right marketing strategies.

Some examples of potential local SEO keywords to chase could be (insert your own region/city):

Local SEO Keywords

Solar panel installation in [City]

Solar companies in [Region]

Best solar company in [City]

Solar services in [Region]

Solar system installer in [City]

[City] solar power services

[Region] residential solar provider

[City] commercial solar panels

Solar panel repair in [Region]

Solar panel companies in [City]


Bonus Tip: Regularly Update Your SEO Content 

The solar industry, much like the sun, is ever-evolving. It's dynamic, it's exciting, and it's constantly changing. Consequently, your content needs to reflect that. 

Ensure that you periodically update your content to stay relevant and high-ranking, as positions will change over time. Efficiently maintaining your 'content solar panels' demonstrates your commitment to providing your audience the latest and best solar resources. 

By integrating these techniques, not only will you brighten your solar lead generation strategy but your company will outshine the competition.

Bringing it All Together: Why SEO Solar Marketing Matters NOW

As we've revealed, solar SEO is a vital tool not just for elevating your solar company's online visibility but also for connecting effectively to your target audience.

Excelling at it means mastering the nuances of both on-page and off-page SEO; and while it may sound daunting, the pay-off is immense in the form of new leads, customers, and more revenue. 

Now that you've grasped the intricate world of solar marketing, why not dive deeper? 

Read our comprehensive Solar Marketing Guide for a more in-depth exploration of digital marketing strategies, current industry trends, and proven tactics to help you outshine the competition. 

Then, let's discuss leveraging these tactics to grow your solar business. Schedule a 15-minute growth conversation with our team today. We're excited to partner with you in shining light on your solar marketing strategy and, ultimately, powering up your business for success.

Looking for More Answers About Solar Marketing? 

Check out our Most Common FAQs from solar business owners about stronger lead generation:

Q: What is Solar Marketing? 

Solar marketing is a specialized subset of digital marketing that focuses on promoting solar powered products and services. It is significant for solar businesses as it helps to drive awareness, generate leads and ultimately convert potential customers into long-term clients.

This specialized field uses a variety of marketing strategies, including social media campaigns, content marketing, search engine optimization, and internet marketing, among other strategies. 

Q: How Can You Promote Your Solar Company? 

Promoting your solar company effectively involves deploying multiple solar marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies. Successful marketing starts with understanding your target audience and tailoring your messaging to appeal to them. Here are some essential steps: 

  • Optimize Your Solar Company Website: A well-optimized site ranks high in search engine results, helping boost visibility. Consider working on site visitors' experience and practicing good SEO habits for best results.
  • Use Social Media Marketing: Social media channels are a powerful marketing tool. Use social media ads to reach out to potential customers or collaborate with influences in the solar industry to increase your reach.
  • Invest in Content Marketing: Regularly produce high-quality content about solar panels and related topics. This not only adds value for your audience but helps your solar company rank higher on search engine results.
  • Manage Your Online Reputation: Engage with those who comment on your social platforms, and make sure to respond to both positive and negative reviews. Good reputation management can win the trust of your potential customers.


Q: How to Market Yourself for Solar? 

When it comes to marketing yourself in the solar industry, remember this; potential customers are continually seeking solutions to save money and transition to cleaner energy source. It is, therefore, crucial to position yourself as a trusted, reliable, and cost-effective source of solar solutions. Here are some steps to get you started: 

  1. Set yourself apart: Highlight your unique selling propositions, whether that's unrivaled expertise, top-tier solar panel systems, or excellent customer service.
  2. Join Industry Associations: Networking within the solar industry can lead to strategic partnerships and referrals.
  3. Attend Industry Events: Industry events are a great way to meet potential clients and stay abreast with industry trends.
  4. Success stories: Showcase your success stories and customer testimonies. This builds trust and provides valuable social proof to potential customers.


Q: What are the 4Ps of Marketing for Solar Panels? 

The 4Ps model of marketing—product, price, place, and promotion—is a valuable framework for your solar marketing strategy. Here’s how it applies to solar panels: 


Your product is the solar panels you offer and any associated services like solar installation and maintenance.


The cost of your solar panels must be competitive and offer clear value to the customer. Be sure to communicate the long-term savings that solar power presents clearly.


This pertains to where potential customers can purchase your solar panels, whether that’s through your business website, a physical store, or other sales channels.


This involves all your solar marketing efforts across various channels, which may include your website, social media, email, paid ads, and so on.

By tailoring these 4Ps to your solar company's unique needs, you can set up a successful solar marketing strategy that drives growth and more revenue for your solar business.


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