Top Five MSP Marketing Automation Softwares

Nichole Mena
Jul 24, 2015 4:24:00 PM



If you're reading this post you probably understand how a marketing automation software can save you time and improve overall marketing performace. But which one is best for an MSP business? We've broken down the top candidates for your vertical and made our recommendation based not only on our experience but feedback from actual users.


  1. Hubspot 4.7/5

    Hubspot is the go-to marketing automation software for Managed Service Providers.  It's simple enough for most managed service providers to quickly implement, yet powerful enough to grow with and implement advanced processes and systems.  Hubspot helps MSPs quickly implement landing pages, blogs, social monitoring, keyword tracking, email marketing, analytics, and calls-to-actions that generate results.  Most recently they added a CRM functionality with call tracking and recording for sales professionals.  

    Their knowledge base and "projects" help MSPs follow a tried and MIT-tested methodology for inbound marketing.  Their pricing is simple and based mostly on the number of contacts in your database although some additional functionality is included in larger packages. Prices range from $200/mo to $2,400/mo.  

    Hubspot has some great reviews!

  2. Infusionsoft 3.6/5 

    Infusionsoft was designed for the small and mid-sized business and it's priced that way to boot.  Like most marketing automation software on the market, they boast lead management, email marketing and basic CRM functionality features.  Definitely the cheapest of the bunch but sometimes you get what we pay for. Infusionsoft is also referred to as "confusionsoft."  

    Infusionsoft stairsteps prices from $199 to $599 per month. Each package offers an increase in contacts, emails and users for the system.  Higher packages also include sales automation and/or e-commerce solutions. If you are looking for a marketing automation tool with a simple ecommerce solution to automate some of your billing, Infusionsoft is the way to go.

    Infusionsoft received the worst online reviews of this list.

  3. Marketo 4.2/5

    Marketo is a well-known and mature marketing automation tool.  It has some very advanced functionality that, quite frankly, your MSP isn't likely to take advantage of.  Given its starting price and complexity, it may be a bit out of reach for the average Managed Service Provider to successfully implement.  However, if you have the time, money and resources to invest, Marketo can be an extremely powerful marketing automation solution.

    Marketo's prices range from $895 to $3195 with up to 10k email contacts.  They differentiate their packages based on feature functionality.

    They've done a good job in the reviews as well!

  4. Pardot 4.3/5

    Pardot, now owned by Salesforce, boasts a tight integration with their CRM application. Features include email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring and ROI reporting.  Obviously a great option for companies who are already using the Salesforce CRM; however, their commitment to integrating with competitive CRMs you may be using is questionable at best.

    Pardot is also a bit pricey starting at $1000/month and stair-steps up to $3k/month, depending on the functionality you require.  Like Marketo, Pardot limits feature functionality on its "standard" package.

    Check out their reviews here:

  5. SharpSpring - 4.7/5

    Sharp Spring is the new kid on the block.  They boast an all-inclusive cloud solution for CRM, sales team automation, call tracking, and customer service support.  It's also great that they are CRM-agnostic because we weren’t too fond of their CRM module.

    They offer month-to-month billing and claim to be a third of the cost of other marketing automation software vendors.

    Of the 12 people who reviewed them they received great feedback.

In our opinion, the overall winner here is Hubspot and it's not only because of its market capitalization. They have a great Inbound community that helps MSP providers develop marketing methodologies based on Buyer Personas and what business owners are looking for.


Are you shopping for marketing automation software to help prove and improve marketing performance? Do you know the metrics that matter? 

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