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3 New Marketing Manager Skills to Adopt in 2020

Rogelio Rodriguez
Apr 15, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Every marketing manager realizes that times have changed. 

The rise of the internet and the smartphone revolution have drastically changed the way we market our brands to the world. 

Marketing has evolved - and fast!


As the modern marketplace has changed, so has the workplace. And with a changing workplace comes new responsibilities for marketing managers with new marketing skills.

While many new positions are popping up to meet expanded demands, marketing manager strategies need continually evolve.

The question is, are you still using outdated methods to generate leads? Or are you keeping up with the times and expanding your skillset?

Here are four new marketing manager skills to adopt in 2020 if you want to ensure you stay ahead of the pack. 


Social Media Influencer Filming w Phone

1. Working with Influencers

Instagram famous? 

Yes, modern celebrities have become famous on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Millennials and Generation Z'ers are paying attention to them. 


And so should you. Here's why:


Influencer marketing offers a return on investment that's 11 times higher than traditional forms of digital marketing. Not only that but 94% of marketers that have used influencer marketing believe it's an effective tactic. (Invespcro)

Why does it work so well?

Influencer marketing involves brands collaborating with relevant and popular influencers in your niche to market your brand and grow your revenue. While influencer marketing technically can relate to anyone of influence, in the modern age, it refers mostly to social media influencers. 


A crowd of people on phones

There isn't a true definition of an "influencer," besides the fact that a person has a large, loyal social media following. Their followers perceive them as a voice or expert in their niche, and in turn, their recommendations for products usually increase sales for those products. 

Depending on your specific marketing goals, you can work directly with influencers to develop engaging content, host Q&A sessions, announce giveaways, and promote your products and services. 

As a marketer, you know that you need to infiltrate the mediums your audience is using to spread your message. 

Influencers are a lucrative medium option in 2020. That same study by Invespcro (above) also notes that 48% of US marketers who have used influencers to market their brands plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets. 


Man in front of video recording devices

2. Video Production


Blogs used to be everything. 

And while they're still a compelling piece of the content marketing pie, they've got a rival in video. 

96% of people admit they've watched an explainer video so they can learn more about a product or service. (Wyzowl

Video is probably the fastest-growing content marketing tool you can use to generate more leads and, ultimately, more sales. 

Here are a few stats to back up this claim: (Weidert)

● 68% of people admit they prefer to learn about a new product or service through short videos

● 84% of marketers state that video helped them increase their website traffic

● 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. In 2018 it was 81%, and in 2017 it was 63%. 


Video production needs to be a part of your skillset in 2020 and looking forward. 

Not every video needs to be picture-perfect, but if you want to make sure your brand is leading the way, you should invest in professional production equipment. If you haven't gotten started yet with video content, those traditional marketing manager skills are betraying you. Start using video more frequently!


Robot sitting with humans

3. Conversational Marketing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world in both tech and business. Marketing managers need to build their skillsets around AI systems, including machine learning, automatic content tagging, and conversational experiences. 

Detail-oriented marketing managers know the value of conversational copywriting and understand that if you want to connect with your audience, you have to write as you speak. 

Today, voice searches are the new Google search. Smart speakers like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri have shifted the way consumers search for information. 

Why pick up my phone, open a browser, and type in a question when I can say, "Hey Siri…" and have an answer in seconds.


Remember, lazy is always better. If you can take away any resistance in the sales funnel, just do it. 


Conversational marketing involves adapting your messaging to sound more like real human dialogue. The reason? 

It's easier for Artificial intelligence entities like Alexa and Siri to speak it out through their integrated devices. The easier it is to speak your message out loud and have it make sense, the more likely the devices will ensure your message gets across to the end-user. 

Using conversational marketing effectively is a crucial marketing manager skill in 2020 since voice is the future. 

Woman using voice search on phone

One important consideration is that some of these smart speakers will only give a single answer to a search query made by a consumer. For example, if someone says, "What's the best place to find deep-dish pizza in Chicago?", then the AI will only recommend a single spot.

This strategy is a lot different than Google searches because you get to see a list of the top results. In this scenario, there's a single winner. If you can get that top spot, you have incredible voice search dominance and the potential to increase market share. 

Two marketing pros high-fiving

Want to Upgrade Your Skillset Today?


It's easy to look at the way the marketing management role is evolving and feel like you need to master everything. The truth is, it's not easy to do it alone. 

Marketing managers work on their ability to adapt to new trends and become a master in new technologies on the fly. 

If you're looking to upgrade your skills and need an edge up on the competition, you've come to the right place. 


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Here at Rizen, we partner with marketing managers to oversee the growing aspects of their job and get them up to speed with the latest skills and tools to make their job easier. 

Reach out to us today to upgrade your marketing skillset and check out our FREE busy pro's handbook for marketing managers.

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