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NEWS: Apple’s September 2021 Event Had AWESOME Updates for Marketers

Jeffrey Lambert
Sep 14, 2021 5:52:39 PM

It’s Autumn! That means pumpkin picking, leaves, sweaters, and yet another Apple Keynote event. While the presentation typically caters to general audiences, updates can boost productivity and save time for marketers, too. So, let’s break down what Cook & Co. unveiled and how it affects your workflow!

iPad Updates 2021


The Skinny:

Apple unveiled two new models - the iPad (regular ol’ consumer addition) and a brand new mini version.

What’s in it for Marketers?

iPads are incredible for on-the-go consumption, whether it’s conducting keyword research, checking KPI progress, cutting through emails, or watching some pro dev videos on Tik Tok. iPads are also great for LIGHT productivity tasks like conducting a quick Zoom meeting, reviewing website copy, filming a short video for social, or writing a short blog post. 

The iPad continues the be a great device for performing these tasks. With the latest updates, you’ll have an even better device for quick tasks on the go. The biggest updates include:

  • An upgraded front-facing camera for higher-quality digital meetings and marketing videos
  • Center Stage is now included (a feature that moves the camera automatically to keep you as the focal point) comes on both devices. This used to be a “pro” device feature only.
  • Improved battery life
  • A 5G capable model (only for the iPad Mini)

See the "Center Stage" Feature in Action:

iPhone 13 for Marketers


The Skinny:

The Big #13 has arrived! In two sizes! Wait! 3 Sizes! There’s a standard iPhone model, and iPhone Mini, and two pro models.

What’s in it for Marketers?

So - there’s a 5.4 (mini) and a 6.1 inch version, so choose the size that works best for you style of skinny jeans. While there was the usual camera upgrade, it won’t make much of a difference to the normal eye. Instead, the most important update to the iPhone 13 for marketers is the battery life.

Apple squeezed in a larger battery that provides devices an increase of up to 1.5-2.5 MORE hours of battery life over the iPhone 12. That’s a big deal for a profession the deeply relies on one’s smartphone to stay connected throughout the day. Get more done with less stops to charge, you cyborg.

iPhone 13 for Marketers-1

What About the “Pro” Models?

Is there anything worthwhile from the premium device options from Apple? Nothing amazing - but you can get up to 1 TB of storage and the ability to export video in ProRes format. What’s ProRes? Apple uses AI wizardry to compress a video into a small file while retaining a lot of the image quality and color. It's a widely used codec if you shoot on a phone and then edit using software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro X.


Don’t Forget About the New “Cinematic Mode”

This will only be a big deal to marketers who shoot a lot of video on iPhone for clients. Social media managers - this is your upgrade! Apple unveiled a new software trick available on all iPhone models - Cinematic Mode. What does it do?

Basically, your camera will hold focus on one subject even when in motion. Then, when something in your footage becomes the new subject, an automatic transition occurs, shifting the focus to another part of your shot. It’s really cool. Take a look:


Apple Watch

The Skinny:

A healthy you means better results for your clients. We discuss marketer health constantly here at Rizen, because it’s so important to take care of yourself! This is a high-stress job, so you need the right tools to help you cut through the noise and remember to practice self care regularly. Apple Watch makes this goal easier. 

What’s in it for Marketers?

Just like the iPhone, the Apple Watch is getting a serious bump in battery performance. You can expect to get 18 hours on a single charge. Adding 8 hours of life when re-charging will only take 8 minutes.

What does this mean for marketers? For one, you’ll get better health tracking, including while you sleep. When you know more about your day to day health, you’ll (hopefully) make better decisions, which Apple also assists with. Guided meditations, reminders to stand, heart rate checks, and even almost instant blood oxygen level updates will let you track your well-being while you go about the many tasks of a pro marketer.

Tim Cook Marketing Genius

Anything Else? Yes! Apple’s AMAZING Presentation Formula!

When it comes to engaging events - especially in our remote steaming age - there’s no one better than Apple at building and delivering on excitement. As marketers, we need to find ways to attract, and keep, attention for our clients as well. This latest event is just another case study in how to execute on “continual engagement” 

So what are the tricks to such wizardry? Tech Insider assembled an excellent breakdown of Apple’s keynote formula. Watch and learn. Then, emulate!

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