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Most Make This HUGE Lead Response Management Mistake. Are you?

Rogelio Rodriguez
May 24, 2022 2:05:32 PM

If you're like most home services businesses, you're probably making this costly mistake with your lead response management. Are you?" Don't worry - it's easy to fix, and we'll show you how. Keep reading to find out more!


Why Are Lead Response Times Important?

Having quality lead response times are critical to your business' success. Studies have shown that the longer you wait to respond to a lead, the less likely you will convert them into a paying customer. One study found that lead response times of just five minutes can result in a 900% increase in conversion rates!

Lead response management is vital when you're trying to grow a home services company. Too often, companies make the mistake of not following up with leads quickly AND efficiently enough. This can lead to lost business and frustrated customers.

The best way to avoid these mistakes is to have a lead response plan. This should include clear guidelines on how quickly you should respond to leads, who should be responsible for responding, and what information should be included in the response.


How Companies USUALLY Approach Lead Response Management

Unfortunately, most companies take a very reactive approach to lead response management. They wait for a lead to come in, scrambling to get someone on the phone as quickly as possible.

This often results in rushed, disorganized, and half-hearted attempts to sell the lead on your services. It's no wonder that this approach so often fails!

Instead of taking this reactive approach, you need to be proactive about your lead response management. You need to have systems and processes in place to quickly and easily follow up with every lead without exception.


The HUGE Mistake You Could Be Making...

So now you know why lead response times are essential, and you know that the traditional approach to lead response management is often ineffective. So what's the big mistake that home services companies make?

The answer is simple: you don't have a system to track your lead responses!

Can you imagine trying to manage your lead responses without knowing:

  • HOW quickly you're responding
  • WHO the lead is
  • WHEN you're connecting with leads?

But that's precisely what most companies are doing. They're relying on manual processes and unreliable methods to track their lead responses, which means they have no idea how they're really performing.

And without this information, it's challenging to make improvements.


How to Fix This Mistake and Optimize Your Lead Response Management

Fortunately, there's an easy way to fix this mistake. You need to invest in lead response software!

Lead response software is designed specifically for tracking and managing lead responses. It includes features like:

  • Automatic lead assignment
  • Lead scoring
  • Response time tracking
  • And much more!

lead response software is a must-have for any home services company that wants to optimize its lead response management.

If you're not using lead response software, you're likely making this huge mistake. But don't worry - it's easy to fix. Just invest in lead response software, and you'll be on your way to better lead response management in no time!


The Lead Response Software We Recommend

Hubspot for home servicesWhile several worthy contenders exist, the experts here at Rizen highly recommend you invest in Hubspot.

What is Hubspot? Hubspot is a comprehensive software platform for managing a company's sales, marketing, and lead generation efforts. The suite is designed for businesses of all sizes and can be used as a whole powerhouse or modular service.

While we recommend Hubspot as an end-to-end solution, let's focus on their lead response management software specifically.

Hubspot allows home services companies to manage all lead records in one centralized database. Your team can easily track and score leads, view communication history, create segmented lists, streamline outreach, and more.

Let's get more specific about how Hubspot makes lead response management easier:

1) See Every Detail About a Lead in One Timeline

Take a closer look at every aspect of a lead in one contact profile, and see the full chronology of every touchpoint between a person and your business, including email opens, content downloads, page views, social media interactions, and more.


2) Keep Your Lead's Details in ONE Location

One central record per contact lets your teams have access to the entire context of a lead's history in order to make educated follow-up decisions.

You can do so much more than just manage contacts, too!. Make sales calls, send emails, assign tasks, leave detailed notes, and more without ever leaving the program. Automatically assign new leads to the correct salespeople and create follow-up activities as well as add new agreements to your lead's timeline.


3) Automatically Score and Prioritize Leads.

While we offer a FREE lead scoring template to use, Hubspot automates and integrates the process for its users. Automate the process of identifying the most qualified leads by assigning lead scores - automatically!

You can also choose your own custom lead scoring criteria based on any factor or behavior, or let HubSpot build a predictive lead scoring mechanism that takes into account your existing contact's data.

Use your lead scores to help you plan follow-ups with your sales team or create workflows that notify representatives when their prospects reach a certain lead score limit.


4) Organize Your Database on YOUR Terms

Hubspot's excellent AI tech makes it easy to build targeted lists, automate your email campaigns, and expand your database.

You may import existing contact information, create forms to convert visitors into leads and expand your database. Then use any data you've collected - such as properties, website visits, email interactions, and more - to separate contacts into categories.

Use these hyper-targeted segments to send emails, personalize website content, and create marketing automation actions so you may properly nurture your leads even further down the funnel.

Hubspot provides a complete solution for lead response management, and we highly recommend their software to our clients.


How Hubspot Makes Lead Response Management Easier: An Example

Roofing Company Owner Lead Management

We just threw a lot of abstract details at you about how Hubspot can simplify and improve your lead response management. But what does this software adoption look like in real life for your company? Let's look at an example:

Jack owns a roofing company serving several states in the Southeastern US. His company is growing and he now has a team of salespeople working under him.

In the past, when a lead came in from his website, he or she would be assigned to a salesperson based on their location. The salesperson would then have to manually lookup all previous interactions the lead had with Jack's company - emails, phone calls, form submissions, etc. - in order to get a complete picture of the lead before reaching out.

This process was time-consuming and often resulted in lost leads because salespeople didn't have all the information they needed to follow up effectively.

Since adopting Hubspot, Jack has been able to automate and streamline his lead response process.

Now, when a lead comes in from his website, they are automatically added to Hubspot's CRM. All of their previous interactions with the company are logged in the CRM as well, so the salesperson has a complete picture of the lead before even starting their outreach.

This has saved his sales team a TON of time and has resulted in more closed deals.

If you're still manually managing your lead responses, we highly recommend adopting a CRM like Hubspot to streamline your process. You'll save your sales team time and close more deals as a result.


Still not sure if Hubspot is the right Lead Management Tool for You?

Hubspot onboarding home services

Check out our blog post on the top CRM software options for home services companies to learn about some other great options.

If lead response management is something you're struggling with, we highly recommend adopting a CRM. If you're like most home services companies, you're probably managing your lead responses manually. This can be a huge time sink for your sales team and often results in lost leads.

A CRM can automate and streamline your lead response process, saving your sales team time and helping you close more deals. Still not sure if Hubspot is the right Lead Management Tool for You? Contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your options.

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