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Why Most Window Leads Don't Turn Into Sales - and What to Do About It

William Avila
May 19, 2022 8:49:56 AM

If you're a window industry pro, you know that lead generation is key to your success. But what do you do when most of your leads don't turn into sales?

In this blog post, we'll discuss the reasons why lead conversion rates are so low for window and door companies and what you can do to improve them. We'll also provide some tips for generating more qualified leads that are more likely to turn into paying customers.

The Truth About Your Chances of Closing Window Sales

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As a window contractor, you know that generating leads is essential to the success of your business. But you might not realize that your lead conversion rate - the percentage of leads that turn into sales - is quite low.

According to data from HomeAdvisor, the lead conversion rate for companies in the home services industry is just 11.85%.

That means that for every 100 leads you generate, only about 12 will become paying customers.

What can you do to beat the national average? The first step is understanding why lead conversion rates are so low for many windows and door companies.

Reasons Why Most Window Leads Don't Convert

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There are many reasons why most window leads don't turn into sales. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Homeowners aren't ready to buy: Many homeowners requesting window installation quotes are not ready to buy. They may be considering a potential renovation, but they're unsure if they can afford it or if it's the right time to start the project.

  • You're getting bad leads: If you buy lead lists or generate leads through online directories, you may get bad leads. These leads are often low-quality and are not a good fit for your window and door installation company.

  • Your lead nurturing is poor: Once you've generated a lead, it's important to nurture it properly. This means staying in touch with the lead, providing them with valuable information, and building a relationship so that they trust you and your company.

  • Your sales process is weak: Even if you have a great lead, your sales process may be weak. This can include everything from the initial call to the final project estimate. If your sales process is poor, you will likely lose leads and fail to close sales.

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How to Get MORE Window Leads

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Now that you know why lead conversion rates are so low for window installers, what can you do to improve your own lead conversion rate?


Tip #1: Build a Sales Journey for Your Customer

As mentioned previously, most homeowner leads aren't ready to buy immediately. They might consider replacing their windows, but they aren't sure if they can afford it or if now is the best time to do it.

This is where a sales journey comes in. A sales journey is a series of steps that you take a lead through so that they eventually become a paying customer.

Here's an example of a sales journey for window leads:

1) Send a lead magnet: The first step is to send the lead a valuable piece of content, such as an eBook or guide. This content should be relevant to their needs and help them learn more about window installation.

2) Call the lead: After the lead has had a chance to read your lead magnet, you should give them a call. This is a chance to answer their questions and begin building a relationship.

3) Schedule a consultation: The next step is to schedule a consultation, which is a meeting between you and the lead. This is an opportunity to assess their needs and provide them with a custom quote.

You can use this sales journey template to create your own sales journey for window leads. Just be sure to tailor it to your specific business and customer needs.


Tip 2: Clean Up Your Lead Filtering Process

You may be getting bad leads by generating them through online directories or pe-paid lead lists. These leads are often of low quality and are not a good fit for your window replacement company.

To avoid this, you need to clean up your lead filtering process. This means being more selective about the leads you take and ensuring they are a good fit for your company.

Here are some questions to ask when filtering leads:

  • Do they live in my service area?
  • Do they own or rent their home?
  • Are they the decision-maker in the household?
  • Can they afford my services?

You can improve your lead conversion rate by being more selective about the leads you take on. In fact, we have a full lead scoring system template you can download and implement - today! Download it here.


Tip #3: Improve Your Lead Nurturing Process

Lead nurturing is the process of building a relationship with a lead so that they trust you and your company. This is important because it helps to build rapport and increase the likelihood of closing a sale.

There are several ways to improve your lead nurturing process, such as:

  • Calling leads within 24 hours
  • Sending personalized emails
  • Asking for referrals
  • Keeping in touch even if they're not ready to buy

By improving your lead nurturing process, you can increase the number of sales you close.


Tip #4: Strengthen Your Sales Process

Finally, your sales process may be weak even if you have a great lead. This can include everything from the initial call to the final window installation estimate. If your sales process is poor, you will likely lose leads and fail to close sales.

Here are some tips for improving your sales process:

  • Make sure your sales team is properly trained
  • Use a lead tracking system
  • Conduct regular sales meetings

You can increase your lead conversion rate and close more sales by improving your sales process.

Let's Start Improving Your Lead-to-Sale Pipeline. Here's How:

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If lead conversion rates are low for your window and door installation business, there are things you can do to improve outcomes. Start by focusing on building a sales journey, cleaning up your lead filtering process, and improving your overall nurturing strategy. Sales aren't won overnight, so build a suitcase of resources for the journey!

We can help you get started.

Your sales reps have to filter through A LOT of potential leads. It can be hard to know which ones to focus on first.

Our lead scoring template makes it easy to prioritize your leads and focus on the ones with the most potential. Download it today for free and take the next step to mastering how to grow your business faster.

Even MORE Growth Resources for Window and Door Installers

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