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Try This Now: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Jeffrey Lambert
Oct 6, 2020 5:46:45 PM


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About This Episode

In this episode of "Try This Now" we look at how LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a tool every sales pro should be using to grow their connections!

Episode Highlights

Large organizations, like SAP, Symantec, and the NBA’s Sacramento Kings all use this platform and love it!


Just to cover the basics, this awesome platform allows you to accomplish 3 things:

  1. Find the right people and companies to target faster.
  2. Keep track of key decision-makers and company changes.
  3. And reach and engage with high-value prospects

We'll show you some of the main ways LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes this magic happen.


Feature #1: Tracking Individuals Based on Employment History

A feature we love is you can even look for prospects based on where they used to work. Imagine the ability to search for prospects that used to work at current clients of yours.

For example, say you work at a software company and Facebook was a client.You can find employees that used to work there and moved to a new startup. You can reach out with contextual information that they probably already used your product at their previous company. 


Feature #2: LinkedIn's Powerful AI (for Lead Recommendations)

Microsoft owns LinkedIn now, and they know AI. Their recommendations are accurate and save a ton of time with prospecting.

LinkedIn’s user database offers a treasure trove of information you can use to target the right companies. Their backend AI recommends accounts that match your listed criteria, delivering suggestions right to you that you can move on immediately.


Feature #3: Plenty of Integrations With the Platforms You Already Use

LinkedIn Sales Navigator works with the software you already use. No jumping back and forth between different platforms!

Just a few of the services that work seamlessly with Sales Navigator include Hubspot, Zoho, SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce.


Additional Insight From Rizen

Overall, we used Sales Navigator here at Rizen and love it. We’ve been able to save time and better target companies that fit what we’re looking for. That’s the goal. Proper time management. 

We're big believers in the "work smarter not harder" mantra, and we've saved plenty of hours while increasing meaningful prospecting and lead acquirements. We think LinkedIn Sales Navigator is worth a try for your organization - we recommend this platform wholeheartedly!

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