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Unify Your Content Efforts With This Fresh Marketing Plan Example

Rogelio Rodriguez
Apr 6, 2020 2:55:53 PM

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With hundreds of marketing plans to choose from, finding an approach that produces results can be overwhelming. Your job as a marketing manager is to create a strategy and guide audiences along the buyer's journey from beginning to end.

With all the modern challenges facing management in the 21st-century workplace, you don't have time to go through numerous trial and error experiences! 

We have a solution for unifying your content and streamlining your business marketing efforts.

Where Other Marketing Plans Fall Short

Different marketing plans often have the same critical flaw - their focus is too narrow. A successful strategy must be comprehensive, with a broad range of content mediums working together towards a clear goal.

If your current marketing plan simply outlines target keywords to place in blog posts, with a simple re-marketing approach on social media - that's not enough!

Your approach needs research, A/B testing, digital content, social media, and in-person efforts, just to name a few. To help you and your team plan out a broad content strategy (and keep track of it all), we recommend a tool called a content compass.

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How a Content Compass Works

A content compass is a plan, in a spreadsheet form, to record and organize your marketing plan. How you build it is up to you - the whole system is incredibly customizable.

Also, you can start a content compass using a physical worksheet or a digital copy in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Depending on the tech-level of your team, adjust the medium appropriately.

With this one document, it's incredibly simple to create a comprehensive overview of all your content plans over 12 months. Each month contains different columns for various content types.

Add your details, from blog posts to videos, to infographics and make sure they are all working towards the same overall goal. That's it!

How to Use the Content Compass

When filling out your compass, plan out your efforts in 90-day chunks. You can always fill out more details, but remember that goals can change quickly based on statistical feedback. It's best to plan by quarter and adopt a flexible attitude to updating your marketing plan.

As a rule of thumb, always try and have your blog posts, campaign offers, and social media columns filled out for each month. Those are the most important!


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Don't Wait! Get Started With the Content Compass Strategy

While a content compass can just begin as a gridded spreadsheet, the team here at Rizen wants to share this marketing plan template with you - for FREE.

As we mentioned, we use this strategy for every client, and the bird's eye planning and tracking process has revolutionized how we deliver results to clients.


Download our content compass in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. The file also comes with a content audit page and an external event planner.

The content audit page allows you to keep a database of all published content - keeping all your efforts logged and easily accessible. Never order a piece of duplicate content again!

The external event planner helps you plan, organize, and track all occasions to breathe new life into your person-to-person marketing efforts.

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Claim your complimentary template and refresh your business marketing efforts!


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