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The WFH Movement Could be the Industry Savior of 2023. Here's Why

Jeffrey Lambert
Jan 4, 2023 12:34:19 PM

The lagging economy has pointed to a continuing slowdown in sales to homeowners. However, the work-from-home movement continues to drive demand for renovation services, and home equity remains high. That shift from the pandemic could be why your window and door sales will stay strong in 2023.

According to a study from the review site Houzz, the increase in people choosing not to move, and to continue working from home, will fuel an ongoing high demand for renovation services.

That same study shows that nearly one-quarter plan to start a home improvement project in the next 12 months, with bathrooms and kitchens being the most popular areas being remodeled and updating windows, skylights, and exterior doors as priorities for homeowners.

More than half of the homeowners we surveyed have no intention of selling or moving out of their current residences in the next 20 years — or ever.”

- Marine Sargsyan, Houzz staff economist

Although the window and door industry has seen sales hit a slowdown, there may be some hope if homeowners continue to seek ways to improve their living space while staying in place. The longer people are working from home, the more likely they will invest in their windows and doors as part of that effort to make staying at home more enjoyable.

Keep hope going into 2023. With the work-from-home movement continuing, homeowners may be looking for ways to customize their space and update their windows, skylights, and exterior doors.

Other Important Window and Door News

1) A Large Window Manufacturer Makes a BIG Environmental Investment

Eastman Chemicals Company Environmental Support

Eastman Chemical Company, a global producer of window frames and glass, has partnered with a Brazilian nonprofit to help restore the country’s rainforest. The detail calls for the company to donate 15,000 seedlings as part of a larger “Future Forests” initiative to encourage corporations to take a larger role in combatting climate change.


2) Google Helps Popularize Bird-Friendly Glass By Installing it at Their New Bay View Campus

Bay View Google Campus

Google has outfitted its Bay View campus with window and door glass designed to remain visible to birds and reduce collisions. Google says this step fit naturally into the company’s mission to “do no evil” while creating an architecturally stunning set of structures.

The glass, combining concave and convex designs with darker shades to contrast the sky, has been proven to reduce bird deaths. Tecglass, the glass manufacturer, provides digital printing solutions for bird-friendly glass applications with various patterns for different uses, such as spandrels, laminated glass, curved glass, and insulated glass units. 

You can check out the Tecglass product line to see if it might interest your target audience. 

And those are the most important quick news flashes for this week. Let’s transition into our focus story.

Growing Your Window and Door Business:

1) The Importance of Getting Top-Notch Project Footage

project photographer windows and doors

Have you stopped to evaluate the before and after project photos you've been taking? If not, consider taking a moment to do so. Here’s why - according to a Window and Door Manufacturers Association survey, 88% of homeowners say they will be more likely to hire you if they can view photos from your previous projects.

If you still need an online portfolio of before/after images or customer reviews, now is the time to build one. The idea is simple - could you take the time to show how structures look different before and after your installation services take effect? You should be! Not only does this give potential customers an idea of the transformations you can create, but it also builds trust between you and them.

We have a free checklist you can hand to your project photographer today. It will show exactly what photos to take, where to take them, and why. It's just another one of the many free resources we offer to window and door installers. 

window installation photos checklist

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