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4 Marketing Manager Challenges in Today’s Workplace

William Avila
Feb 24, 2020 2:20:09 PM


Today's workplaces have evolved and grown since our grandparents - or even our parents - entered the workforce. The hierarchy of managers delegating to their employees has vanished. Instead, collaborative offices where employee culture is fundamental have flourished. Of course, we agree that the most successful businesses are ones that have adapted to modern expectations. 

For marketing managers, especially, there is no longer a handful of set methods of advertising to your audience. Although park benches and newspaper ads can still be useful, to survive in this hectic digital world, it takes much more profound dedication and creativity. It's why so many inbound marketing agencies are now titling their leaders as Creative Directors.  

We believe with the right mindset, the flexibility to change, and the knowledge to ask for expert help will keep you on the right path to success. Here are some of the most common challenges that managers face in the modern workplace.

1) Inexperienced Staff With Only Basic Digital Marketing Training 

Confused staff members

Digital marketing has become commonplace for most businesses. However, there is still staff who aren't appropriately trained in analytics, testing, or even social media etiquette to establish a unified marketing strategy. 

It's essential to ensure up-to-date training for each employee involved in the marketing process! If organizations need extra help, reach out to an inbound marketing agency to help mentor and train your team to acquire the skills that lead to meaningful business growth. 


2) A Lack of Intuitive Sofware For Sales and Marketing Alignment

Software unity illustrationIf your sales team isn't working collaboratively with the marketing team, something needs to change. If it's impossible to meet in person, software such as Hubspot is a perfect platform for connecting marketing and sales so that no lead or opportunity is missed.

According to Salesforce, only 54% of marketers say they are empowered to collaborate with sales teams. It's a common misconception that sales teams are aware of every lead and how to reach out to them. Making sure both departments are in sync is a must!

Customer Giving Almost.5 Stars3) Trouble Exceeding Customers' Expectations 

80% of customers believe the experience a company provides is just as valuable as their product or service. Most customers will expect you to reach out on social media and send emails with sales and new products. Still, it's crucial to offer audiences more than standard outreach. 

Start creating value with customers by creating experiences they wouldn't receive from your competition. Make the nurturing of relationships more important than sales. 

You'll notice more leads, higher conversion rates, and an ever-growing base of passionate brand evangelists. 


4) Inefficient Interpretation of Customer and Product Data 

Confusing Data RoadmapConversion and click-through-rates, oh my! There are so many different measurements to track when gauging the success of marketing and sales efforts. Make no mistake, though - you need to understand if your marketing efforts are working, how to reach your audience better, and strategies to grow your ROI. 

It will be almost impossible for you to strategically interpret your data points if you are unsure about what the numbers mean. Fortunately, there are inbound marketing specialists who can both train and implement strategies to leverage analytics properly. The best part? These services are relatively inexpensive!

A Marketing Manager's Next Steps 

Next Steps IllustrationAlthough challenges are a natural part of building a successful business, a manager shouldn't have to go it alone. Hiring an inbound marketing agency can help directors better streamline operations and grow their business. You'll have a trusted partner by your side, and save the time and resources that marketing managers spend trying to plan everything on their own. 


Rizen Logo Update_Final Rizen, an inbound marketing agency located in Miami, Florida, offers customized solutions to overcome all of your marketing challenges.

We've worked with clients across the United States to grow their return on investment, deliver valuable content to their audience, and streamline their marketing efforts into measurable results.

Reach out today to find out if your business qualifies. 

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