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5 Low or No-Cost Ways to Market Your Impact Windows Business

Rogelio Rodriguez
Jun 15, 2021 3:43:39 PM

If you want to grow your impact windows company, you must set aside budget dollars, time, and resources for marketing. 

For Fortune 500 companies, this is not an issue. Heck, these organizations employ an entire marketing department while launching million-dollar advertising campaigns.

As a local home services company, this is probably NOT the case for your business (yet 😉). Services businesses often have tight budgets and limited time to dedicate to a consistent marketing strategy. 

Does that mean you should give up on marketing altogether? Of course not.

Home services marketing doesn't have to break the bank to be effective. Keep reading to learn five low-cost ways to market your impact windows business.


Continual Marketing Home Services Business

Why Continual Marketing Matters

It's easy to let your marketing fall to the wayside with the MANY other moving parts of your business. We've seen it time and again. 

Home services companies get excited about establishing a marketing strategy. During the first few months, they publish weekly blog posts, post daily on social media, and send monthly email newsletters.

Then slowly, other tasks start to creep in and take priority. Consultations, client appointments, and sales training make it impossible to stick to a consistent marketing schedule. Before you know it, it's been months since your impact windows company posted fresh content on your website or social media.

Does this sound familiar? Don't worry -- you're not the only organization that faces this challenge.

However, an ongoing development strategy is a critical component of any successful home services marketing program. Companies that excel at lead-generating marketing strategies earn 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost (Groove Digital Marketing). 

Without a consistent approach, your home services business will surely face the consequences. 

The Key Takeaway: 💡

A continual marketing strategy brings an impact windows company closer to increasing quality leads and loyal customers. If marketing never becomes a priority, you will lose business to competitors that do!


Man Blogging about impact windows

Strategy #1: Write Blog Posts (Seriously, it works) 

At Rizen, we often tell our clients that they should start a home services blog. More times than not, they resist the idea due to concerns around time or resources. Little do they know, blogging is one of the most cost-effective and widely used content marketing strategies. 

While social media and paid advertising can generate new website visitors, most website traffic comes from search engines. For this reason, blogging with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices is necessary. It helps improve the visibility of your website in search results, therefore attracting more potential customers. 

If you are still debating whether writing educational articles makes sense for your impact windows company, read through some of the statistics below. 

  • Companies with an established, continually updated blog generate 67% more leads every month than companies that do not blog (HubSpot).
  • Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than businesses that don't (Content Marketing Institute).
  • Inbound marketing methods like blogging generate leads that cost 62% less than leads generated via outbound methods, such as cold calling (Market Path).
  • 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers than businesses that don't (Market Path).

The Key Takeaway: 💡

When done correctly, blogging can increase lead generation and website credibility. We cover this topic at length in, How to Attract More Leads By Building a Home Services Blog.


Consultation for Impact Windows

Strategy #2: Consultation Playbooks 

Impact window businesses must have aligned sales and marketing teams. While it seems like a simple task, it is one that organizations often struggle to implement. 

The problem? Misalignment between marketing and sales teams costs companies an average of 10% of revenue per year (Review42). A great example of how the two teams can work together is with something called consultation playbooks

Sales content can be tricky. There is a natural urge to push too hard to try and win a new deal. Luckily, marketers have a knack for writing educational content that educates AND moves people along the buying journey.  

Marketing teams should repurpose this content to create a uniform set of resources for sales reps to distribute during consultations. In doing so, sales teams will stay focused on sharing their expertise and increasing brand messaging.

The Key Takeaway: 💡

When in doubt, build your playbook's resources by thinking about what the customer NEEDS. Ask yourself, "What's in it for them?" and answer that with your content.


Purple Cow Home Services Companies

Strategy #3: Create a Purple Cow 

From deceptive promotional tactics to extreme publicity stunts, marketers have always pushed the envelope when it comes to getting their product's message out. 

Regardless of how gimmicky an advertisement may be, those weird or unorthodox campaigns are usually the ones that stick in consumers' minds. 

Here are three low-cost advertising gimmicks to consider for your impact windows business.

1) Write a Memorable Slogan or Jingle

Jingles work because they stimulate your emotions or interest with rhythm and harmony. These little songs can subconsciously remind customers of your products and services. 

As a result, when they are ready to install impact windows, your company will have more brand recognition than competitors. 

2) Give Your Brand a Face

A well-designed mascot can help a local business stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of potential customers. 

It can also help boost sales and marketing efforts by helping to create a positive image for the company. 

3) Offer WORTHWHILE Specials for Discounted Services

Coupons are often an advertising gimmick that makes a consumer feel good about their purchase. They even can motivate a person to spend money that they did not have intentions of doing. 

For larger investments, such as impact windows, an annual sale can be the push customers need to make the purchase.

The Key Takeaway: 💡

Over-the-top advertising gimmicks can prove to be especially beneficial in competitive industries like the home services sector. Consider strategies such as a memorable jingle, a company mascot, and an annual sale.


Social Media Management

Strategy #4: Be Active on Social Media

Staying active on social media goes beyond sharing weekly posts with your followers. 

Use the following techniques to maximize your social media strategy.

1) Try Regular Social Listening

Social listening is the process of listening to conversations about your impact windows company on social media. It allows your team to monitor and analyze the conversations happening online. 

Whether you respond to positive comments or learn what people are saying about competitors, put this information into action! This data is a gold mine for planning future content!

2) Start Conversations with Prospective Leads

Social media is excellent for more than just promoting your products, services, and educational resources. Try incorporating posts that talk to your followers on social media just as you speak to them in person.

Start conversations on social media with your customers by posting the following:

  • Ask a question - What is your biggest challenge when preparing for hurricane season? 
  • Start a debate - Single-hung windows vs. double-hung windows: which side are you on?
  • Thank new followers - For instance, when you earn a new follower on Twitter, respond with "Thanks for following [@JohnDoe]."

3) Search for Industry Hashtags

Using hashtags to market your services is the easiest approach to growing brand awareness outside your current follower base. When using industry hashtags, people searching for those keywords can find your account and fall in love with your content. 

The Key Takeaway: 💡

To find trending hashtags in the home services industry, consider using RiteTag. It is a great tool that shows popular and relevant keywords currently in use.


Content repurposing for service organizations

Strategy #5: Repurpose Your Content

Content is king in marketing. The more resources available to prospects, the more ways they can come across your business. 

While publishing fresh and consistent content is essential, it can be time-consuming just to think of new ideas every day!

Luckily, you don't have to! Repurposing your content is a time-saving hack that gets more eyeballs on your impact windows company.

The idea of repurposing content looks something like this:

1) Film a video where you discuss and test the strength of hurricane-resistant windows.


2) Write a blog post from the transcript of the video. 


3) Use the audio from the video to produce a podcast episode.


4) Incorporate stills from the video for promotional social media graphics.

Before you know it, one piece of content turns into four lead-generating marketing materials. Don't believe me? 46% of the marketers said repurposed content brought in the best results (leads, conversions, etc.) than new content (Referral Rock).

The Key Takeaway: 💡

 Look at your website analytics to decide what content should be repurposed. Content pieces with high website traffic are those that will generate the most interest on other mediums.


impact window sale miami

You Have the Frugal Tools - Don't Wait to Get Started!

In the world of home services marketing, your options are endless. You will never know what strategy works best for your impact windows company without trying new techniques. 

With each new approach, rely on data and analytics to understand what is most effective at reaching your target demographic. This data-driven insight will provide a clear indicator of what marketing tactics your services business should continue to invest in. 

Rizen home services clipboard


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