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These 5 Stats Show Account Based Marketing Tactics Actually Work

Posted by Nichole Mena on May 25, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Every marketer is secretly hoping for the day they discover the next big marketing strategy. Oh, how sweet it would be to be the first to stumble upon the next great thing. 

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Hubspot CRM

See It In Action: 3 Real-Life Account Based Marketing Examples

Posted by Nichole Mena on May 6, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Are you sick of wasting time, energy, and resources on general marketing campaigns that lead only to meager conversion rates? It's time to ditch old school marketing strategies that cast a wide net and try a different approach. 

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Account-Based Marketing

How Your Content Strategy Can Attract, Engage, & Delight Customers

Posted by Nichole Mena on Apr 29, 2020 3:08:09 PM

 In our digitized economy, today’s customers have the world’s information at their fingertips. The everyday person has power - the ability to make decisions without a salesperson. Customers can research a company’s reviews, stockholders, credibility, and competition. Even with this power, the average person still has so many entities trying to sell them things every minute of the day. It can create an overwhelming desire just to block everything out!

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Inbound Marketing

Phoenix Profiles: How Crocs Became Cool Again 

Posted by Nichole Mena on Apr 27, 2020 3:00:33 PM

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Rizen is introducing a new installment, "Phoenix Profiles," and will be regularly profiling several companies that found new life by making smart marketing decisions. 

Like a phoenix, Rizen's logo, these companies have "risen from the ashes." 

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Marketing News

Keep Up to Date by Subscribing to These 5 Marketing News Sites

Posted by Nichole Mena on Apr 17, 2020 8:00:00 AM
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Marketing Managers

How to Ensure Your Business Has an ADA Compliant Website

Posted by Nichole Mena on Feb 26, 2020 10:51:16 AM

Read Time: 5 min

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Growth Driven Design

How to Build an Engaging Law Firm Website

Posted by Nichole Mena on Nov 15, 2019 9:40:53 AM

Creating a website for your solo practice or growing law firm is an essential foundational marketing step. The key to continual client growth is placing yourself where the customer is, meaning a digital presence is a necessity. This idea embodies the inbound philosophy.

While establishing that online presence is an important first step in any law firm marketing plan, continually optimizing your site to attract, engage, and delight audiences are just as important.

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Law Firm Marketing Inbound Marketing Website Design

Irresistibly Clickable CTA Button Ideas

Posted by Nichole Mena on May 20, 2019 6:38:00 PM

As part of your marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to provide website visitors with an opportunity to download additional content. These opportunities should provide even more value to their visit, as they are trusting you to help solve their problem! Using call-to-action buttons (CTA’s) provides a way for you to interact with your potential customers in a more meaningful way.

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Inbound Marketing

Are You Following Your Customers on their Buyer's Journey? You Should!

Posted by Nichole Mena on May 3, 2019 7:11:00 PM
Breaking Down the Buyers Journey Revised

In today's business landscape, an endless sea of companies all compete to solve customer problems. A catalog mailed is simply one of many in a mailbox. A high-ranking search result alone isn’t enough to convince today’s consumer. These are traditional marketing approaches.

No, customers in our modern world want to know who they are doing business with. Are they trustworthy? Are they knowledgeable? Are they transparent? These are the principles the inbound methodology was built on!

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Inbound Marketing Buyers Journey

What is the Hubspot CRM? [Infographic]

Posted by Nichole Mena on Jun 15, 2018 1:28:21 PM

A Client Relationship Manager (CRM) is a very powerful tool for business to organize and manage a collection of data, namely contacts, in an efficient manner.

In the infographic below we'll guide you on how to organize and customize your Hubspot CRM for an optimal business development process.

For a more detailed explanation on how to customize the Hubspot CRM, visit our blog on Customizing the Hubspot CRM for Law Firms

Learn more about how Hubspot goes perfectly with the philosophy designed for today's customer - Inbound Marketing. Our guide covers topics such as inbound principles, keyword research, the buyer's journey, lead nurturing, and more!

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