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The Secret to Lawyer Lead Generation? In-Person Events

Rogelio Rodriguez
Dec 17, 2019 8:16:59 AM

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For the modern human, we spend the majority of our days online. Whether it's browsing on a mobile device, working in front of a laptop, or using a smart tv at home, we remain plugged in for the majority of our daily activities.

This constant reliance on the Internet has come to impact every aspect of 21st-century life - from socialization to purchasing our products. Undoubtedly, it affects how businesses attract, engage, and delight customers too.

So in an age of digital marketing, is there still a place for gathering leads and building customer relationships offline, face to face? Not only is this lawyer marketing strategy still useful, but it could also be the secret formula for success against your competition.


The Power of Face-to-Face for Lawyers

The Power of Face-to-Face  

Make no mistake - marketing has become digital in nature. In fact, Google went so far as to declare the terms "marketing" and "digital marketing" to be one in the same. While you want to keep the mindset of being where people are today (and that's online), humans still desire face-to-face opportunities. For instance:

  • A 2016 survey from EMI & Mosaic found 65% of surveyed attendees said live events helped them have a better understanding of a product or service. 
  • This same study found 70% of users become regular customers after attending an in-person event for a product or service.

In addition, the Content Marketing Insitute published a report stating that 75% of their members find in-person events to be the most effective content marketing strategy. 

In-person events can make powerful, lasting impressions on audiences - especially when an individual's well-being is at stake. This is so often the case in potential legal situations when individuals are seeking out representation options. 

Take advantage of this by working in-person events into your law firm marketing strategy.


In-Person Opportunities for Lawyers

In-Person Opportunities for Lawyer Lead Generation

While trade shows and product expos provide perfect in-person opportunities for traditional products and services, lawyers need to find ways to connect with audiences on a more local level.

A law firm's potential clients usually come from word of mouth. Create familiarity in your community by being a part of your community!

Look for every opportunity available to establish your credibility as a legal expert. Taking this step will help establish an important level of trust for individuals, whether they remember your firm in a future time of need or refer a friend or loved one who needs help now. Some examples of potential in-person events could include:

  • Speaking at a local school during career day.
  • Holding a Q&A forum at your local library.
  • Speaking at a community fundraiser or special event.
  • Hosting a networking event at a community center.

All of the above examples provide the most important result of in-person events - exposure. With a single event your firm can demonstrate their industry expertise, provide value to a target audience, and build the seeds of a future attorney-client relationship.

Tips for a Successful In-Person Event

Tips for a Successful In-Person Event

When planning an in-person event, there are ways to maximize leads and ensure a positive audience experience. While you'll need to adjust your approach based on the type of event, build a positive experience for attendees by remembering the following:

Set Objectives:
If you're hosting a Q&A session on tenant law for renters, make sure to frame your presentation to meet your objectives. Is your goal to introduce your law firm to an unfamiliar community? To walk away with scheduled consultations? To identify untapped practice areas in your surrounding area? Go in with a plan and make sure your presentation fits the objective.

Create Time for Feedback:
A wise person once said "don't talk nearly as much as you listen." There's truth to this. People come to events because they want to be a part of the experience. When presenting on legal topics, your audience will undoubtedly have questions on how your talking points relate to their own experiences. 

    • Create a link to your presentation for personal download. Uploading your presentation to any cloud service will allow you to share with attendees. Then you'll be able to measure the amount of downloads and include further contact information in the shared slide deck.
    • Scan business cards for future reference. This is especially important when holding an in-person event geared at businesses. Don't waste time writing contact information on the back of napkins or notebooks. Spend time engaging with audiences and make the network cataloging process a breeze. Need a free tool to scan those collected cards? Try Office Lens from Microsoft. The app is available on Windows, iOS, and Android. The "Business Card Mode" in the app can extract contact information from a scanned card and export it to an address book.
    • Use Digital Tools to Enhance the in-Person Experience -
      How can you measure the value of an in-person event? Did your investment provide a  proper return on investment? Thanks to digital tools, it is indeed possible to better determine overall impact. So how can you link online and offline into a successful partnership?
Follow Up:
Once the in-person event concludes, take time to send personal messages to attendees who provided contact information. Mention your appreciation for the conversation, and mention their personal situation - if mentioned. Always make sure to include contact information for future conversations and make sure to include some valuable content you created, such as a blog post, infographic, podcast, or video you created as part of your content marketing efforts. 

Marketing Diversification is Key

Growing a law firm is a challenging venture, and no one marketing strategy will deliver results on its own. Remember to diversify your efforts, and don't make the mistake of assuming the only way to generate leads is through digital means. Be the lawyer people can see, hear, and shake hands with in-person. Your physical presence can go a long way in building the connection needed to fill out your client pool. 

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