Marketer's Mailbag: How Can I Simplify My Social Media Workload?

Nichole Mena
Jul 11, 2021 3:44:11 PM
Hey there! Welcome to Rizen's Marketer's Mailbag! We answer your questions about REAL issues facing professionals in marketing, sales, and management.
Today's questions comes from Rocio, a social media manager located in South Texas.
"I am the only social media manager at my marketing agency. I am currently managing 20 clients right now. I am losing my mind. How can I make my life easier?"


Don't worry Rocio! It's all about improving your workflow as best as possible til your firm gets you more help!

Tips for Simplifying One's Social Media Workflow

Hashtag Calendar ClipartTip #1: Create a weekly hashtag calendar

  • Plan a different theme for each day of the week and relate to a popular hashtag in your industry.
  • If you oversee a pastry company plan every monday to be #mondayyumday and feature a dessert from their menu.
  • If you plan one theme each day, it'll be much easier to generate new ideas and even re-purpose older content.

Recycle Social Media ContentTip #2: Re-purpose Content!

  • Any posts 60 days or older should be cycled through your account again.
  • Make some minor design tweaks, or if they were high-perfoming, use them again with a different call to action!
  • Remember! We live in a world where people rarely remember what's not right in front of them, so don't be afraid to cycle your creations through again on a regular basis.

Taking a selfie to generate UGCTip #3: Ask for UGC

  • UGC (user generated content) can be an important part of your weekly or monthly plan. Plus, it can save you TONS of time!
  • How are customers using the products or services your client sells? You'd be surprised how much people like to share their experiences.
  • They can submit the content, and you can then feature it on your channels. You'll save a lot of time and energy getting the community to help you generate content.

Social Media Marketers Playbook Hero Final

Looking for More Tips on Social Media Management?

Check out our social media marketers playbook, a continually updated guide with tips, tricks, and reviews on how to get the most out of your social media channels.

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